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2022 UPNG Acceptance List Now Out - NSL, New Intake, Contining, Re-enrolled Students

The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) has now released all the 2022 acceptances lists including the DHERST new intakes selections list. As of the 19th January 2022, students can access the lists at UPNG's website.

2022 UPNG Acceptance list now out
Arrow showing where to get the lists

How to download 2022 UPNG acceptance lists

To download the list you can go to the main page. Alternatively, click on the links below:

How to find your name?

  • Download the PDF file. 
  • Search the PDF - use your SLF number.

NSL, re-admit and continuing students TESAS status

For the non-school leavers, readmit and continuing students, you'll have to confirm your TESAS status. That means that you need to know if you are either on AES or HECAS.

In addition, you should find out how to apply for HELP - the PNG govt's students loan scheme. 

This article shed some light on TESAS and HELP - you will find the information useful.

If you have any questions, leave a message or comment and let us know what you think.

University of Papua New Guinea New Intake Selection List Now Out

DHERST has released the NEW INTAKE name list for the HEIs including the University of Papua New Guinea's (UPNG) list. Note that the actual  2022 Acceptance List is NOT out yet.

This listing does not show the new students' TESAS statuses. Instead, it only contains the names of the  2021 Grade 12 students who are selected to UPNG and other higher education institutions (HEIs) in the country.

2022 UPNG Selection list

New Intakes, NSL, readmit and continuing students TESAS status

For the non-school leavers, readmit, school leavers and continuing students, you'll have to confirm your TESAS status before the end of January 2022. 

Here is what DHERST said:

Be advised that the TESAS list will be published before the end of this month (January 2022). Students whose names do not appear on the TESAS Award list should consult their respective institutions’ directly and confirm their admission status for 2022. [DHERST press release, 11/02/2022]

In addition, you should find out how to apply for HELP - the PNG govt's students loan scheme. 

This article shed some light on TESAS and HELP - you will find the information useful.


To download DHERST's New Intake 2022 list you can visit the website. [Source: DHERST, 11/12/2021]

Note that some smartphone visitors to the DHERST website have difficulty viewing and downloading the New Intake PDF list. If you have the same issue, you can download the list directly from the link below.

How to find your name?

  • Firstly, go to the DHERST website,
  • Secondly, download the PDF file, it is 139 pages and 5MB. 
  • Then, do a PDF search (use your SLF number or your full name to search and confirm your name on the list)

Check DHERST website or download the 2022 DHERST New Intake Selected Students HEIs PDF List 👈via this link.

We keep a checklist for the other universities. Find out if the other 2022 acceptance lists are out.

If you have any questions, leave a message or comment and let us know what you think.

PNG 8th Uni: PM Marape Pledges Support for Lutheran University - Press Release

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has pledged Government support for the establishment of the long-overdue Lutheran University in Lae.

png university lutheran
Image: Facebook | PM & NEC page

Key points added for clarity
  • Lutheran Church in PNG, the second largest church behind Catholic Church, does not have a university yet.
  • PNG has 6 operating universities and one (the Western Pacific University) is in development stage.
  • Two universities are run by the churches in PNG (Pacific Adventist University run the the Seventh Day Adventist Mission and Divine Word University run by the Catholic Mission)
  • UPNG, Unitech, UoG and UNRE are public universities.
  • Western Pacific University in the Southern Highlands Province is a working progress - deadline for intake was 2020. However, progress was slow. 
Recommended read

How PNG's Social and Economic Development Trends Changed 20 Years after Independence 

Press release cont...

He announced this in front of thousands of Lutheran faithful at the 32nd Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG Synod at Boana in Nawaeb, Morobe, today.

PM Marape urged the Synod to continue working on the concept of the Lutheran university.

"Please refurbish this concept of a Lutheran-based university," he said.
"We have talked about this previously, but it has slowed down.
"The Lutheran University must come to pass, as a memorial of this 32nd Synod.
"I want to throw it on the floor here, that someone in the crowd pick it up.
"Lutheran is the second-biggest church, so I ask you please, let's work on this.
"National Government will pick up the university that the church wants, and we'll get it going.
"Starting 2020, we'll work on it and Hopefully by 2025, when the nation celebrates 50 years of Independence, our Lutheran University can lift its flag up and fly, and take students in by that time.

Prime Minister Marape supported a call by Morobe Governor Hon. Ginson Saonu for the establishment of a Lutheran elementary teachers' college.

He said the Government had allocated K1 million for this. He also told the Lutheran Church to come up with plan for a university to get Government assistance.
"We will start a 10-year programme that will create the genesis of a Christian-based education system being run in our country.
"To make this country truly identified with Christian principles, our education system must be run by Christian churches,” the Prime Minister said
He (the Prime Minister) called for closer partnership between churches and Government in education and health.
"The Lutheran Church is the second-largest church in the country," Prime Minister Marape said.
"We (Government) are ready to work in partnership with you in the areas of health and education.
"You are already established in society; you are with the people."Our Government stands ready to embrace churches in the areas of health and education.
"These are two key services in the country that I want churches to play a bigger role in,” PM Marape said.

Source: Facebook, released Sunday 12th January 2020

We also provide some background information about the 6 PNG universities here. Find out about the selections lists for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU:

2022 UPNG Non-school leavers and school leavers acceptance (Info)

The information presented below is a compilation of news and instructions from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) website. The information is for non-school leavers (who have applied to UPNG) and school leavers who applied through DHERST's NOAS (National Online Application System). 

2022 Acceptance list Study Online in PNG

Important selections note

If you are a non-school leaver and have applied to UPNG, the university (UPNG) will inform you when you are accepted into their program. For example, you submitted the 2022 UPNG non-school leaver application, you'll hear directly from UPNG - not from DHERST.

The university will directly inform you via the acceptance letter and/or by publishing the acceptance list on their website. Then, you must accept the Offer Letter and let the uni know about your intention to take up the offer immediately.

Acceptance lists for 2022

The University of Papua New Guinea offers Diploma, Bachelor, Bachelor (Professional), Bachelor (Honours), Post-Graduate Diploma, Master, PhD and D.B.A. programs.

The University selects among the School leavers (Grade 12 school leavers seeking admission in the next immediate year) and Non-School leavers (Grade 12 passed-outs, other than school leavers) for admission into its Diploma, Bachelor and Bachelor (Professional) programs.

Non-school leavers acceptance list 2022

Due to limited space and resources, the University can only admit a limited number of new students into various programmes of study. As a result, competition is very high and priority is given to those with higher GPAs. 

Those seeking enrolment must satisfy the UPNG admission requirement.

The Non-School Leavers are selected based on their application in response to the University’s advertisement every year. The university does the selection and informs the students by publishing the 2022 non-school leavers acceptance list on each university's website. 

If you have any questions about the 2022 Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection.

School Leavers Acceptance List

School leavers are selected based on their options provided through the Department of Higher Education. DHERST does the selection online and informs the students of their AES or TESAS statuses.

The 2022 school leavers' selection list will be published on the DHERST website like it did in the past unless things have changed. However, it seems that the selection will continue as normal this year. 

So, check this blog post here or the DHERST website for the latest info in regards to the 2022 school leavers online selection list.

UPNG postgraduate programs

The University advertises for postgraduate programs such as Bachelor (Honours), Post-Graduate Diploma, Master, PhD and D.B.A. programs. Candidates with a good Bachelor degree are eligible to apply for Bachelor (Honours), Post-Graduate Diploma and Master programs. 

Candidates with a good Master degree are eligible to apply for the PhD program and D.B.A. program. The University selects the candidates for these programs from among those who apply against its advertisement every year.

Acceptance letters

The University sends offer/acceptance letters to all candidates selected for various programs in addition to advertising the names of selected candidates for various programs in the prominent newspapers in the Country. 

The candidates who accept the offer letters are requested to pay the relevant yearly fee in full and register themselves for the program for which they are accepted usually in February of the year concerned. 

The process of admission ends with the registration of the students for the program for which they are accepted.

If you have any questions about the 2022 Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection.

UPDATE August 2021
We have received an overwhelming response in regards to the UPNG NSL application form for 2022. We were able to give a response to individuals who have subscribed to our newsletter. If you have not joined us via our newsletter, please check out this Latest Post on Online Universities Application - UPNG.

What are the top MBA programs in Australia and PNG?

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) offers prospecting students, business owners and top managers an opportunity to develop their business management skills and knowledge. Though it can be expensive, the benefits of attaining an MBA may outweigh the program cost. Perhaps it is important to note that getting an MBA at a reputable university, in Australia to Papua New Guinea, is the best way to invest money. 

An MBA can be done online or on campus. Check out the top universities in Australia or PNG if are thinking about doing an MBA or Master in Business. A list of some universities is provided in this post.

MBA Online in Australia and PNG

MBA Core Units

The core units in an MBA program cover a variety of business subjects such as: 

  • Leadership and management, 
  • Human Resource Management, 
  • Business communication, 
  • Business ethics, 
  • Accounting, 
  • Statistics, 
  • Finance, 
  • Business law, 
  • and entrepreneurship. 

As mentioned earlier, earning an MBA can enhance the career path, or help secure a high-paying job. In fact, it can be expensive. Some companies and government bodies invest in their workforce where long-serving employees get to benefit from such schemes. 

If one cannot afford the cost or juggle work and study, there are fortunately other good options to consider such as a Master's degree in Finance or Economics or related business disciplines. 

Benefits of MBA

In hindsight, getting an MBA helps prospective students gain business skills and can accelerate their careers by helping them to break into the highly competitive business related work.

MBA Duration 

A full-time MBA program can last two years. Part-time and executive MBA programs, which are designed for working professionals, may vary in length. It depends on the number of credits taken each semester.

PNG Universities MBA Programs

The MBA program at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) is the Master of Business Administration-certified Practising Accountants offered by the School of Business. 

Furthermore, the other postgraduate programs in the business discipline include the Master of Business Administration, Master of Human Resource Management, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration. 

The Divine Word University (DWU) offers two MBA strands: Masters in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance).

Here is what DWU has to say about the MBA programs
DWU MBA program is a program of the Faculty of Business and Informatics offered in collaboration with Macquarie Graduate School of Management of Macquarie University, Australian Catholic University and the University of Western Sydney. Divine Word University is renowned for the high quality of its graduates. 
For more information, check out the School of Business and Public Policy at the UPNG or Faculty of Business and Informatics at DWU. 

Recommended reading: Top Universities in Australia and PNG 

Australian Universities MBA Program

Some Australian universities offer world-class MBA programs. One's choice of university and study, whether online or on-campus, depends on their personal, financial and work situations. 

As mentioned earlier in this post, if you want to invest in an MBA program for career development, the top universities provide better MBA online and on-campus programs. The top universities in Australia by World Rank 2019 are:
  • University of Melbourne (=32 in the World)
  • Australian National University (49)
  • The University of Sydney (=59)
  • The University of Queensland (69)
  • Monash University (=84)
  • University of New South Wales (=96)

Readers note: If you think that there is a better MBA provided by a PNG, Australia or overseas university, please leave a comment. The readers would be happy to know about your university's MBA program.