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Vote of No Confidence in Papua New Guinea 2024: Requirements & Procedures

In Papua New Guinea (PNG), the mechanisms for holding the Prime Minister accountable and potentially removing them from office are outlined in the country's Constitution, Section 145 (screenshot). 

vote of no confidence in png 2024

While a vote of no confidence (VoNC) is one such mechanism, there are several others, including:

  • dismissal for breaching the Leadership Code, 
  • removal on health grounds, 
  • suspension pending investigation, and 
  • resignation, death, or court-invalidated election of the Prime Minister.

PNG Constitution section 145
PNG's Constitution, Section 145 (screenshot)

Key Processes and Procedures for a Vote of No Confidence

A VoNC motion in PNG follows a specific set of processes and procedures to ensure transparency and accountability within the parliamentary system. These include:

  • 1. Expressed Motion of No Confidence: The motion must explicitly state its nature as a vote of no confidence in the named Prime Minister, adhering to the constitutional provisions.
  • 2. Naming of Alternate Prime Minister: The motion must identify an alternate Prime Minister as per constitutional requirements.
  • 3. Signature of Mover and Seconder: The motion requires signatures from both the individual moving the motion and the person seconding it, following parliamentary standing orders.
  • 4. Support of Members of Parliament: Signatures from not less than one-tenth of the Members of Parliament who support the motion are necessary.
  • 5. Exclusion of Mover and Seconder as Supporters: It's crucial to maintain the distinction between those moving and seconding the motion and those supporting it.
  • 6. Correct Electorate Name and Signature Column: Accuracy in stating the electorate's name and proper completion of the proposal form are essential.
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Process Timeline: 2019 Vote of No Confidence

The 2019 VoNC in PNG provides a clear example of the process, including the timeline and duration of events:

1. Expressed Motion of No Confidence

April 11th: Finance Minister James Marape's resignation set the stage for the VoNC, indirectly expressing a lack of confidence in the existing leadership.

2. Naming of Alternate Prime Minister

May 6th: Laguna Camp named James Marape as the Alternative Prime Minister, a crucial step in the VoNC process.

3. Signature of Mover and Seconder

May 7th: Parliament convened to table the VoNC motion. Signatures of the mover (Marape) and seconder played the initial role in steamrolling the formal process.

The parliamentary session ensured the correct completion of the proposal form, including accurate details regarding the electorate's name and the appropriate signature columns.

4. Support of Members of Parliament

 May 2nd - 28th: Various party splits, resignations, and realignments occurred, influencing the support base for the VoNC motion. The People's National Congress (PNC) and Pangu Pati members played crucial roles in expressing or changing their support.

5. Exclusion of Mover and Seconder as Supporters

The distinction between those moving and seconding the motion (Marape and others) and those supporting it was maintained throughout the process.

6. Process Duration

May 28th: The VoNC voting session was initially scheduled for 7 days but extended to 21 days. This duration allowed for a comprehensive deliberation on the motion.

7. Constitutional Requirements Compliance

Throughout May: Various legal and constitutional elements were in play, such as the Attorney General applying for a Stay Order on the VoNC motion to uphold the rule of law.

8. Outcome and New Prime Minister Election

May 29th: The culmination of the process resulted in Peter O'Neill's resignation as Prime Minister and the election of James Marape as the new Prime Minister, securing 101 votes.

From the parliamentary session convened on May 7th to the final vote on May 29th, the Vote of No Confidence process in Papua New Guinea spanned a total of 23 days.

Throughout this period, various political manoeuvres, including resignations, party splits, and coalition changes, influenced the outcome of the VoNC.

To see the FULL VoNC events of 2019 recorded by dates,  CLICK HERE

Learning from the 2019 PNG VONC


The VoNC process in Papua New Guinea, enshrined in the Constitution, serves as a crucial pillar for holding government leaders accountable and ensuring democratic governance. 

PNG's parliamentary system (the Westminster System, maintains transparency and upholds the rule of law, as demonstrated by the events surrounding the 2019 VoNC. No government or prime minister is immune to a VoNC.

Road to Vote of No Confidence 2024: Updates and Events

Since independence, only two PNG PMs lasted five years: Somare (2002-2007) and O'Neill (2012-2017). Can Marape, facing the historical odds, defy the trend and become the third?

The Pangu-led coalition government's grace period expires on Friday 9th of February 2024 but is the Marape/Rosso administration truly "rock solid," as its leaders claimed.  Or will it crumble under the pressure of a potential vote of no confidence? 

As the 9th of February approaches, cracks and concerns have emerged. The first PNG parliament sitting for 2024 is on Tuesday 13th February, 2024. PNG Insight will update this page as the political drama unfolds, so bookmark it and stay tuned for the latest.

It's important to remember that a vote of no confidence is a lengthy process (Here are the events of the 2019 VoNC on PNG Insight), with the government often using its powers to frustrate, block, or even defer it. Here is what will happen for a VoNC to take place:

  • Lobbying for Formation of an 'Alternate Govt' 
  • The tabling of the VoNC,
  • Consolidation of numbers, and
  • Final VoNC session.
2024 Vote of No Confidence in Marape Govt Papua New Guinea

Is a vote of no confidence looming in 2024? 

Lobbying Intensifies: As the February 13th 2024 vote of no confidence in PNG approaches, the days leading up to the parliament sitting date, and including the weekend are critical. 

Parallels are drawn to the 2019 vote, where MPs switched allegiances between the government and alternate camps at the last minute. So, given the fluidity of PNG politics, nothing is impossible and money and ministry privileges speak volumes.

We urge MPs to resist the influence of development funds (DSIP/PSIP), Connect PNG, and government contracts. Their decisions must be guided solely by the best interests of the country.


Read about the requirements and procedure for a VoNC in PNG.

Key events in PNG 2024

With this in mind, let's start with Black Wednesday, January 10th, and other major political developments leading up to the potential vote. Here are the defining moments in 2024:

January 10: Black Wednesday

Utter chaos erupted in Port Moresby as news of a pay cut for public servants coincided with a police strike. While protests and looting rocked the capital, dubbed "Black Wednesday" in its aftermath, the PNG government quietly authorised a K350 million warrant for the Pangu Party's flagship program, Connect PNG. 

January 11: Riot Aftermath & Sacking of Department Heads

Nationwide unease gripped businesses, prompting precautions. Lae and Mt Hagen cities reported controlled crowd gatherings. The Pangu-led Marape/Rosso government declared a 14-day State of Emergency and investigations into the Black Wednesday riot. 

Four high-ranking officials were suspended for the emergency's duration: 

  • Police Commissioner David Manning, 
  • DPM Secretary Taies Sansan, 
  • Finance Secretary Sam Penias, and 
  • Treasury Secretary Andrew Oaeke.

January 12: MP Showed Dissent 

Hiri-Koiari MP Keith Iduhu resigned from the Marape-Rosso government, criticizing the government's inaction in addressing the current situation. Additionally, Chuave MP James Nomane called for Prime Minister James Marape's resignation.

JANUARY 14: MP Questioned Connect PNG Funds Released on Black Wednesday

On January 14th, Hon. James Donald questioned the Department of Treasury and Department of Finance concerning the release of K350 million in Connect PNG warrants. 

The alleged release happened on Wednesday, January 10th, now nicknamed "Black Wednesday." This information has been confirmed by the Minister for Works, Solan Mirisim, 2 days later.

January 15: PNG Govt Monitoring Social Media Accounts

The PNG government issued warnings to social media users and announced increased monitoring of both mainstream and social media platforms. 

This move has been met with concern by some, who view it as an attempt to silence media organizations and restrict freedom of speech.

PNG VoNC 2024
Screenshot: Post Courier (accessed 27th January 2024)

January 16: Governors Irate Over Provincial Grant Cuts

Morobe Governor Luther Wenge urged Prime Minister James Marape to convene a prompt Pangu Party meeting to address internal leadership concerns. He proposed placing the party leadership on the table for discussion.

In a separate development, a frustrated New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan, demanded the removal of Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey from office, citing a K40 million reduction in his 2024 budget.

The provincial governors, as a whole, are expressing discontent over cuts in their government grants.

JANUARY 17: Top Cop Sidelined

Top cop Anthony Wagambie Jnr was sidelined by Acting Police Commissioner Donald Yamasombi.

January 18: Cabinet reshuffle. 

6 new ministers:
  1. Koroba-Kopiago, William Bando, Coffee
  2. Nipa-Kutubu, Dr. William Joseph, Defence
  3. Popondetta, Richard Masere, Key Const Offices
  4. Kundiawa-Gembogl, Muguwa Dilu, Mining
  5. Obura-Wonenara, John Boito, Agri
  6. Esa’ala MP, J. Maladina, Petroleum 

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin T. was reinstated. Mr. Tkatchenko stepped down amidst controversy surrounding the UK trip with his daughter in May 2023, funded by PNG taxpayers. The trip & a subsequent viral video featuring his daughter generated significant public criticism.

January 19: Ministerial Positions Announced

  • Treasury Minister Ling-Stuckey was relegated to PM's assistant, while the PM, James Marape, assumed the Treasury role.
  • Tkatchenko was reinstated to Foreign Affairs.
  • Split Energy & Petroleum ministry; Finance & Planning ministry also split.
  • New Key Cont. Offices ministry established.
  • Sports ministry announcement pending.
Papua New Guinea goverment - 2024 vote of now confidence

January 26: Senior Minister in the Marape/Rosso Govt Resigned

Sinesine Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua, former Petroleum & Energy Minister, has resigned as Minister for Energy, a portfolio created after the split (and reshuffle on January 18th. Citing the dubious "motivations" behind his demotion from Petroleum Minister to the lesser role of Energy Minister, his emphasis also lies on the broader national interests at stake.

February 1: Paraka Co-accused in UBS Saga Name Names

JACOB Yafai (former Deputy Secretary of Finance)  co-accused of convicted lawyer Paul Paraka has revealed the names of senior Ministers in the current government that allegedly orchestrated the payments of millions of kina to Paul Paraka's lawyers. 

The former Deputy Secretary of the Finance Department named the former Minister for Treasury (now PNG PM and a/Treasurer) and former Treasurer, Don Polye, as ministers under Peter O'Neill directed him to pay the Paraka Lawyers.

Paraka was sentenced to 20 years in prison for misappropriating K162 million (Post Courier)
Post Courier 01/02/2024

FEBRUARY 2: James Marape Alleged to Have Given Approval as Finance Minister

Prime Minister James Marape responded to the accusations by former Deputy Finance Secretary Jacob Yafai. Yafai, who stands as a co-accused alongside convicted Lawyer Paul Paraka, alleged Marape's involvement in the matter. The accusations centred around Marape's purported directive regarding payments related to Paraka's firm. 

Despite Marape's rebuttal, citing his efforts to prevent said payments, questions arose regarding the authenticity of his claims. This response highlights a significant development in an ongoing investigation, shedding light on potential impropriety at the highest levels of government.
Post Courier Reported 'Marape denies allegations...'

FEBRUARY 4: Another MP resigned from Marape/Rosso Govt

William Hagahuno, Member of Parliament for Kainantu, has resigned as an MP on the government side and joined the opposition "Alternate team." This news comes amidst reports of former PNG PM and Ialibu Pangia MP Peter O'Neill and his team holding a joint press conference today.

FEBRUARY 8: Two More MPs Resigned from the PANGU-led Government

The firebrand Governor of East Sepik Province, Allan Bird, and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil Jr, held a press conference and announced their resignation from the Marape/Rosso government. 

The announcement came at the back of the PNG Prime Minister, James Marape, visit to Australia.

FEBRUARY 9: Opposition Leader resigned

Prime Minister James Marape Returned from Australia.
Opposition Leader Joseph Lelang and PNC Party strongman resigned as the leader of the opposition and from the PNG party citing a lack of consultations in meetings leading up to the VoNC. Post courier report

PNG vote of no confidence 2024

FEBRUARY 10 - 11: Pangu Pati Conference - Show of Solidarity 

Pangu Pati Strengthens Base with Two New Members. The ruling Pangu Pati has solidified its position in Papua New Guinea's Parliament with the addition of two new members, bringing its total to 56. Francis Alua, MP for Salt-Karamui Nomane, and Raphael Tonpi, MP for Mendi Munihu, officially joined Pangu Pati today.

Both MPs previously belonged to opposition parties – Alua with the PNG National Party and Tonpi with the United Labour Party. Their decision to switch allegiances follows their respective party leaders' move to the opposition benches.

FEBRUARY 13: Parliament Sitting (Motion on Vote of No Confidence 2024 filed)

The first Parliament sitting of 2024 started at 2 pm.

Opposition files the VoNC with the office of the acting Speaker. The opposition nominated Allan Bird as the Alternate Prime Minister.

FEBRUARY 14: James Marape challenges Allan Bird's Nomination as the 'Alternate Prime Minister 

The government has submitted an application to the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of the recent vote. The government seeks clarification from the Supreme Court on the eligibility of Allan Bird, an independent Member of Parliament, who has been nominated as an opposition candidate for the position of Prime Minister in Papua New Guinea.
PNG VONC 2024 - The government has submitted an application to the Supreme Court regarding the constitutionality of the recent vote. The government seeks clarification from the Supreme Court on the eligibility of Allan Bird, an independent Member of Parliament, who has been nominated as an opposition candidate for the position of Prime Minister in Papua New Guinea.

FEBRUARY 15: Third Day Parliament Sitting - Govt Remained Steadfast

On February 15, during the third day of Parliament sitting, the government stood firm, contesting the appointment of Alternate PNG, Allan Bird, in court. 

Entry to the chambers was restricted due to a power outage.

Despite opposition MPs briefly boycotted the 'Vote of Confidence on the Prime Minister', debates ensued.

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Forced Resignation of Peter O'Neill and New Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea 2019 James Marape - EVENTS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

Here is a compilation of the events dating back to Hon James Marape's resignation as the Finance Minister. This compilation of events will go down in the history of Papua New Guinea like the 1997 Sandline Crises when Sir Julius Chan was forced to vacate the Prime Minister's seat. This time is Peter O'Neill who was forced to resign after 7.5 years. 

Check out the analysis on the latest on VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE HERE 

History tells us that the PNC-led coalition snatched power from the NA led government when Sir M. Somare was hospitalised in Singapore and left the country under a cabinet that was called the 'Kitchen Cabinet'.

This time, the main dividing factor was misguided loyalty to Peter O'Neill and lack of trust in his leadership which saw disintegration within that Peoples' National Congress party. 

The events leading up to Peter Oneill's resignation are in reverse chronological order. As you read, bear in mind that there were twists and turns. But, all led to a forced resignation.

I'll park the events in order here so that in 30-odd years time, the children can read it and understand how these elected representatives - so called the leaders - behaved when it comes to changing the Prime Minister of the country.

PNG Prime Minister


30th May 2019

PNG has a new Prime Minister Hon James Marape Member for Tari-Pori
Vote count result 

Hon James Marape - 101

Sir Mekere Morata - 8

Wednesday 29th May 2019

“The Prime Minister has resigned so what it means is that there is now a vacancy in the office of the Prime Minister....this now means the Vote of No Confidence motion is no longer viable.” Political analyst and researcher Dr Joseph Ketan

With a vacancy available after the resignation of Peter O'Neill as Prime Minister, intense lobbying is underway before Wed at 10.00 am.

The Members of the People's Progress Party, People's National Congress Party and Pangu Party met at Crowne Hotel.

Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill has announced that he delivered his letter of resignation at 9.45am to the Governor General, Sir Bob Dadae.

Minutes earlier, the Speaker also told the house,  as the first order of business, that the Opposition had also filed a motion for a vote of no confidence.  

Mr O’Neill in welcoming the motion said it was an honour to serve as Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

“We have had some profound achievements. We have delivered significant developments, particularly in the most remote areas through our DSIP and PSIP.

“We have constructed many teachers colleges and nursing colleges. These are some of the  things that we are very proud of.”

But the announcement was not satisfactory for  Madang MP, Bryan Kramer, who raised a point of order and asked for proof that Peter O’Neill had indeed resigned.  

“While I acknowledge the announcement by the Prime  Minister, there is a process in place and the process says that the Prime Minister will deliver his resignation to the Governor General and the Governor General will inform you.  I have not heard that from you,” Kramer said to the Speaker. 

“I want to know if the Governor General has confirmed the resignation.”

The Speaker then produced an acknowledgement letter from the Governor General’s Office.

“I want to let the house know that I have a letter from the Governor General.  I received it at 10.45am.  I want to tell this honourable house and the people of Papua New Guinea that the position of the Prime Minister is vacant. 

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Parliament Speaker, Job Pomat refuses to entertain Opposition motion, to remove him as Speaker.

⏳Opposition Leader and Aitape- Lumi MP, Patrick Pruaitch has been nominated as a candidate for the alternative Prime Minister ahead of Tari-Pori MP, after a secret ballot.

The results:
Patrick Pruaitch - 37 Votes
James Marape -  28 Votes

This comes ahead of this afternoon's Parliament Sitting.

An urgent Supreme Court application filed by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill seeking legal clarification on the process in relation to the proposed Motion on the Vote of No Confidence has been adjourned to this Friday. 

A three-man bench is of the view that the application was not urgent when it was listed for hearing this morning.

⏳Former Chief Justice Sir Arnold Amet speaks about the legality of the Supreme Court Application filed by Prime Minister Peter O'Neill describing it as 'abuse of process'.

Sir A. AMET “The suggestion that  Prime Minister can appoint a  caretaker PM or acting PM is wrong and unconstitutional.

Monday 27th May 2019

⏳Opposition yet to choose the Alternate Prime Minister.

⏰Sir Julius Chan has stated that he is not acting Prime Minister, although honoured to be considered as the Governments alternative when the resignation of the PM takes place.

“The existing Prime Minister has no power to nominate a new Prime Minister of his choice, Peter O’Neill simply designated me the provisional caretaker of the Government Coalition”

Sunday 26th May 2019

⏰ A planned conference by Sir Julius Chan at 11am this morning at the Ela Beach Hotel in Port Moresby has been moved to the Crowne Hotel where the Prime Minister's PNC led coalition is camped.

Peter O'Neill steps down as Prime Minister. Sir Julius takes over.

Peter O'Neill:  "I will be stepping down as Prime Minister.  Over the next few days and I will be visiting the Governor General. I want to say that it has not been easy."
#VONC #Handover #Oneill

⏳All three Oro MPs in Opposition after Masere joins Laguna camp, official headcount at 63.

⏳ Ijivitari MP, Richard Masere, was welcomed by James Marape. Masere said he made the decision to move on his own will because of continuous calls his people made in the last three weeks.

  Environment and Conservation Minister, John Pundari has joined the Opposition. 

Saturday 25th May 2019

Three days before the Vote of No Confidence the PM  Peter O'Neill PNC led government has 49 members. The Alternate Government claimed to have 62 MPs.

It is not clear who the new choice for Prime Minister from the Alternate  Government, yet.

Surely the number and momentum are on the Opposition/Alternate Government side.

Friday 24th May 2010

⏳The biggest partner in the O'Neill-Abel Government has moved to the Opposition.
William Duma and his United Resources Party made the announcement this afternoon after arriving at the Laguna.

⏳Mori move to alternative government

Commerce and Trade Minister,  Wera Mori, has announced his move to Opposition in the latest defection before Parliament sits on Tuesday. Wera Mori is the latest cabinet minister to leave the PNC-led coalition citing his dissatisfaction and lack of confidence in Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Thursday 23rd May 2019

⏳Pangu Pati members showing support for the Alternate government

Former leaders of PANGU Pati have urged current parliamentary members to stand united in their efforts to change the country’s top political leadership. 

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and Sir Rabbie Namaliu made this call when meeting with current PANGU Pati members in Port Moresby today.

⏰Minister for Fisheries and Kabwum MP, Patrick Basa, says he will remain loyal to the current O’Neill- Abel Government.

This is in response to comments made by people from his district, saying the Member needs to make his stance clear.

Tuesday 21st May 2019

Kabwum MP, Patrick Basa, is being urged to return to the district to explain his stance in the upcoming Vote of No Confidence. They say, the people deserve an explanation on what their elected representative will opt to do, come the VONC. His people feel overlooked in spite of the current political climate surrounding the Vote of No Confidence.

Monday 20th May 2019

⏳Opposition withdraws VONC motion and Marape steps down as Opposition's PM nominee.

The Opposition has withdrawn the vote of no confidence motion and in the same news conference,  Tari-Pori MP, James Marape,  stepped down as the alternative  Prime Minister candidate for the opposition.

The Opposition  Leader, Patrick Pruaitch, says the decision was reached after a consensus was reached between all factions of the  Laguna camp.

“In so far as the vote of no confidence is concerned, we have decided,   and I as the mover of the motion, have written to the clerk to withdraw the motion with the concurrence of our prime ministerial nominee, James Marape,”  Patrick Pruaitch said.

James Marape also released a separate statement saying his decision to step down was made in consultation with other members of the group.

Sunday 19th May 2019

⏰In a move that has been strongly criticised, PNG’s Attorney General applied for a stay order to stop the looming vote of no confidence motion in Parliament.

The Government says this is because they want to uphold the rule of law and the doctrine of the separation of powers.

On the political front, the interpretation of the move is many from the opposition - its a ploy to delay the vote. From the Government - they're simply upholding the rule of law.

Tonight we take a closer look at the legal intricacies and look at how all this might play out on the 28th when parliament resumes.

Friday 17th May 2019

⏰Attorney General, Alfred Manase, has instructed government lawyers to apply for a stay order on the vote of no confidence motion until all matters relating to the doctrine of the separation of powers are dealt with by the Supreme Court. 

The Attorney General stated that the urgent application is not to stop the vote of no confidence but to ensure the rule of law is respected and observed at all time.

“I want to announce to you and the people of Papua New Guinea that yesterday I filled an urgent application in the Supreme Court seeking an order from the court to stay the Parliament from entertaining the Notice of Motion of no confidence until the Supreme Court makes a final determination of a Supreme Court reference my predecessor, Davis Steve, file in the Supreme Court on 3rd of December 2018 (SCR 5 OF 2018)

⏰The Melanesian Alliance Party headed by Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Sam Basil, opened their official office today.

The new Melanesian Alliance office was formally used by PANGU Party in the past.

Basil and members of MA were present at today’s opening.

⏰Rigo MP, Lekwa Gure, has officially taken on the responsibilities of the Civil Aviation Ministry from Alfred Manase.

At a formal hand-over-take-over meeting at the Civil Aviation Authority Headquarter in Port Moresby, heads of various regulators and entities provided updates to Minister Gure.

The new Minister is not new to the industry, having been an experienced airline pilot for over 30 years prior to entering politics.

He says his focus will be on strengthening the industry and enforcement to make the industry safer for the travelling public.

Thursday 16th May 2019

⏰New Attorney General, Alfred Manase has directed Government lawyers to apply for a  Stay Order on the Vote Of No- Confidence Motion by Parliament.

⏰ Forestry Minister and Member for Kiriwina-Goodenough, Douglas Tomuriesa, held a reconciliation ceremony to apologize for briefly siding with Opposition and renouncing his distrust in O'Neill let government.

⏳Member for Tari-Pori, James Marape is urging the Ombudsman Commission to table UBS Loan Report in Parliament, amidst speculation by the public.

Wednesday 15th May 2019
In anticipation to avoid the government playing delay tactic or avoid sitting on the 28th of May 2019, Rabaul MP Dr Alan Marat cautioned the Speaker.

⏳The Rabaul MP, Dr Allan Marat, has cautioned the Speaker of Parliament,  Job Pomat to remain independent and not adjourn Parliament prematurely when the house resumes on the 28th of May.

Dr Marat’s comments come after a media conference by the Parliamentary Clerk’s office in which it was stated the vote of no confidence will not happen this month if parliament doesn’t sit for a full week.

Tuesday 14th May 2019

⏰Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill says, his coalition still has the numbers heading into the next Parliament sitting on the 28th of May 2019.

He made these remarks at Government House during the announcement of new members joining his cabinet.

⏳Sir Puka Temu, former Health Minister and Member For Abau, resigned from the People's National Congress Party and has returned to the "Our Development Party." He feels the people of the Central Province should have benefited more under the Government.

Monday 13th May 2019

⏰Major reshuffling of PNC government ministerial portfolios.

  • Yangoru-Sausia MP, Richard Maru is now the Minister for  Finance and  Rural Development. 
  • Sam Basil, has been moved from the Finance Ministry to National Planning.
  • Elias Kapavore has been moved from Public Service to the  Health Department to fill in the vacancy left by Abau’s Sir Puka Temu.
  • Replacing Kapavore is Dei MP
  • Wesley Nukunj who has been given charge of the Public Service Ministry.  
  • Sumkar MP, Chris Nangoi, is now Transport Minister
  • Kundiawa-Gembogl MP,  William Onglo has been given the Defence Ministry. 
  • Former Air Niugini Pilot, Rigo MP, Lekwa Gure, is now the Civil Aviation Minister.
  • Lagaip-Pogera MP, Tomait Kapili, has been appointed Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Bougainville Affairs. 

Friday 10th May 2019

⏳James Marape and other members of parliament who defected from the People’s National Congress have accepted an invitation to join Pangu Pati. One week ago, Pangu was effective without a Party without a Parliamentary wing after 15 MPs resigned.

Thursday 9th May 2019

⏰Chaos in Pangu Pati as members split up. Morobe governor new Pangu Pati leader. Sam Basil joined Melanesian Alliance and remained with PNC government.

Tuesday 7th of May 2019

Parliament met for 2 hours. The tabling of Motion of Vote of No Confidence in PNC Gov't leadership.

⏰PM Peter O'Neill said after the Motion of VoNC “The government is well and truly solid, intact and we are ready to work.  As you can see with the partners led by all our coalition leaders, Sir Julius, Peter Yama,  Minister Duma, Minister   Basil and former Prime Minister Paias Wingti. We have shown courage to support a government that is working for the people of this country.

⏳The Opposition’s nominee for Prime Minister,  Tari-Pori MP, James Marape, was also furious at the manner in which the speaker ruled against an early resumption of Parliament.
James Marape also told the media that the government removed opposition MPs who were on a  Parliamentary Private Members committee that decides on the validity of votes of no confidence motions.

Parliament extended for 1 week and resumed on the 14th May for the actual VoNC to take place. Later, the parliament privilege committee extended the voting session for 21 days - VoNC session to take place on the 28th May 2019 (THIS DID NOT HAPPEN)

Monday 6th May 2019

- Laguna Camp named Hon. James Marape as Alternative PM.

- Nine former Pangu Pati members, led by Bulolo MP, Sam Basil have joined the Melanesian Alliance Party.

- Hon. Douglas Tomuriesa Member for Kiriwina Goodenough returns to Crown after spending time at Laguna.

- East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga rejoins his party in the PNC led coalition despite turning up at Laguna camp this morning.

- Enga Governor, Peter Ipatas, joins Laguna camp.

- Parliament Speaker Hon. Job Pomat just arrived in Crown Plaza camp.

Sunday 5th May 2019

- All 5 Sandaun Province MPs including the Governor, Tony Wouwou, are now at the Laguna camp. They are Belden Namah (Vanimo-Green), Joe Sungi (Nuku), Patrick Pruaitch (Aitape-Lumi) Solan Mirisim (Telefomin).

Saturday 4th May 2019

- Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel in the company of a lone Milne Bay governor (and after 5 hours delay) announced his continued support for Peter O’Neill.

- Laguna camp announced 57 MPs in camp and planned to review all agreements concluded recently by the O'Neill-Abel Government.

Friday, 3rd May 2019

- Douglas Tomuriesa, Member for Kiriwina-Goodenough, urges more Papuan MPs to join their cause.

- Member for Telefomin, Solan Mirisim, pushing for young leaders to make a stand.

- Dr Puka Temu, Member for Abau Open, joins the growing list of MPs dissatisfied with the Prime Minister. 

Sir Puka Temu said they have made a decision to move because of internal disagreements over how the country is being managed.

- All 15 Pangu MPs have resigned. 7 MPs have joined the 'Laguna' camp which now claims to have 51 members in total. It is unclear, what the Basil led faction is planning to do at this stage. 

Thursday 2nd May 2019

- The People's National Congress says the party has resolved "to back" Peter O'Neill as Prime Minister in the coming vote of no confidence. The party posted photos on its Facebook page claiming 38 members are intact. The caucus meeting initially planned for 6 May was moved to 1 May to counter moves by the opposition and defecting MPs. 
More updates to come. 

Monday 29th April 2019

- Tari Pori MP, James Marape, has announced that he is officially leaving the People’s National Congress citing lack of confidence in PNC party leader and PM O'Neill.

- Manus Governor, Charlie Benjamin and Okapa MP, Saki Soloma have also announced their formal exit from The People's National Congress Party.

Sunday 28th April 2019

- Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, has arrived back in the country from China

Friday 26th April 2019

- Governors Sir Peter Ipatas (ENGA), William Powi (SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS) and Phillip Undialu (HELA) resign from PNC

Friday 11th April 2019

Hon James Marape decided to resign as the Finance Minister. 

PNG Vote of No Confidence 21 days Delay - What Next?

The Papua New Guinea parliament adjourned for 21 days after one hour debate and tabling of the Motion of 2019 Vote of No Confidence. The parliament will resume on the 28th of May 2019 when the VoNC will take place. 

Check out the analysis on the latest on VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE HERE

png ministers portfolios list 2023 pdf - current members of parliament in png 2023

Numbers Stack

Out of the 111 seats in the PNG parliament, 2 (Simbu Regional and Goroka Open) are vacant, 50 in the opposition and 59 in the government.

The opposition needs only 5 MPs to tip the balance in the 2019 Vote of No Confidence.

What Next - Government Camp 

21 days is a long time. However, Mr O'Neill mentioned that he'll need the time to rebalance his government. That means that he will award the 'goodies' where it's due. As reported by ABC resident correspondent
He [Peter O'Neill] says the adjournment is to allow him to appoint new ministers and to give them time to get across their portfolios. Nathalie Whiting
The defaulting ministerial positions are NOT vacant: Finance (filled), Attorney General (filled), and Defence (vacant). If new appointments are made, it means only one thing - there is like to be a major reshuffle within the ranks and file of the PNC party-led government in the coming weeks before the  2019 Vote of No Confidence

This will result in the former Pangu Parti and People's Progress Party members being rewarded with a ministerial portfolio. Others will be looked after very well till the 21 days lapse. There are enough beds and breakfasts in the government's house. 

Meanwhile, a full tummy and a nice bed will keep a government MP happy for 20 days until the  2019 Vote of No Confidence.

What Next - Opposition Camp

As for the opposition camp, they need only 5 members to defect from the government and join them. Opposition with 50, add 5 will give them 55 to the government 54.

There are more than 5 members in the government camp who are at liberty to move at their own will such as Douglas Tomuriesa. Another group that can tip the balance of power is the provincial governors. 

The member for Bulolo and his 9 MPs were, once, a long-time opponent of the Prime Minister. Some PNC members are not settled for what they have. 

So, if the opposition plays its cards right, it might just topple the PNC-led government in 21 days' time. 


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Leverage the loses in opposing camps 

Gaining number is what matters for the opposition between the 7th and 21st of May 2019. Of all the MPs at work, there are Magnets, Dealers, Golden Oldies, Straight Shooters, Whisperers, Power Brokers and King Makers. 

This is how the 111 MPs can be classified.

  • Magnets are the prime minister candidates seen by the people and MPs as potential leaders; 
  • Dealers are also called the briefcase carriers who will do anything to open it; 
  • Golden Oldies are dinosaurs of PNG politics; 
  • Straight shooters are the young MPs who want a better future for PNG; 
  • Whisperers are the shadowy politicians, especially the MPs who did not make their stance clear yet. 

The next two classes of MPs are a class of their own: 

  • ↣Power Brokers are different from Dealers - Power Brokers leaders. They have great listening skills. When they speak, other MPs listen in return; and
  • ↣King Makers are a combination of Magnets and Power Brokers. They are good listeners. Their actions are too selfless.
On this note, in the  2019 Vote of No Confidence, you can classify your MP as a Magnet, Dealer, Golden Oldy, Straight Shooter, Whisperer, Power Broker and King Maker



Latest on Vote of No Confidence in Papua New Guinea 2024

Latest on Vote of No Confidence in Papua New Guinea 2024