Free Maths Past Exam Papers - Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12

PNG Insight has a comprehensive collection of past maths exam papers for Years (Grades) 8, 10 and 12. The past papers are free for students and teachers. They are the best resources for use in class or as revision guides.

How many people are accessing the past maths papers PDF?

Since 2020, many students and teachers have downloaded the free maths exam papers and answers. This is indicated by the number of downloads shown on the Maths Resources website, see the example via the link, also see the image below.

download past maths exam papers pdf

Past Maths Exam Papers PDF Collections

The past papers are from 2009 to the latest year are personal collections. 

They are categorised into two groups: 2009-2014 and 2015 to the latest maths papers.

The former is freely available to students and teachers to download, whereas the latter (2014 - latest maths papers), are also free to download, yet you will require a password. Clues for all the passwords are given.

See below how to get the password and links to the past papers download pages.

Year 8 maths exam questions with answers PDF
Download past exam papers for Year 8 at PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources website

Where to get past exam paper?

PNG Insight has the mathematics past papers. We do not have past exam papers for the other subjects. 

The other exam papers are available at the schools after the exams. This is the best place to ask for all the copies of the other previous exam papers. 

Ask your teachers, headteachers or anyone at your school to help you. So, check your schools.

How to get maths past exam papers from the PNG Insight Maths Exam Resource Website?

As mentioned, the 2009 to 2014 maths past papers for Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12 do not require a password to download them. Anyone can access them with just one click.

However, the latest maths papers PDF are password protected. That means that we have control over who gets the paper. 

You'll have to follow the 3-step instructions given to download the papers.

Why Maths Latest Exam Papers?

The past exam papers are useful materials for revision. 

We know that maths is a challenging subject, many students have difficulty in class, and it can be even harder when taking maths tests and exams. 

That is why we created these complementary maths resources for students and teachers.

The resources are personal collections with the aim to help.

Who can access PNG Insight Maths Resources?

Year 8, 10 and 12 students will find the maths exam papers useful. Also, maths teachers can use the exam questions to model test questions. 

In fact, past papers are best for revision before major exams. 

So, go to PNG Insight maths exam resources website if you need the past maths papers.

Year 10 maths exam questions with answers PDF
Download past exam papers for Year 8, Year 10 and Year 12 at PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources website
The instructions for downloading the past exam papers are easy to follow. 

Click on the blue links in this article, the links will take you straight to the respective Year 8, 10 or 12 pages. There, you can get the exam papers. 

If you have any questions, contact us or leave a message and we will get back to you. 

Cannibals of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is an amazing country north of Australia, to the west is West Papua (under Indonesia) and to the east is the independent state of Papua New Guinea. 

It's a big country in the Pacific. Now, you are here because you want to know about the Cannibals of Papua New Guinea. So let me tell you.

Cannibals of papua new guinea

Are there Cannibals in PNG?

No human is ever seen eaten alive when they venture on Papua New Guinea trips, though cannibalism was a tribal ritual practised only in certain parts of the country until the late 1900s.

These rituals are blown out of proportion with limited understanding of the practises and why they happened.

There is a preconceived idea that there are cannibals in PNG.

In fact, many of the articles are fake news. 

The articles about cannibalism proliferated by major online websites do NOT present facts. 

They are completely misleading the na├»ve readers and they do believe them, unfortunately.

Expect the Unexpected Papua New Guinea Trips

Living and working or visiting PNG can be a challenge. 

But with those challenges come great rewards. 

When you live or visit PNG, it is like travelling to a land of diverse cultures and people.

The common saying here is ‘EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED’. PNG is the land of surprises.

Papua New Guinea is a changing country. It has a thriving metro city with entertainment, hotels, parks, resorts and restaurants and games venues.

Travelling to outer parts of the country is by air. If you want to see a natural tropical paradise, you come to PNG. 

If you don't believe me, see my PNG stories here on YouTube. These clips are mainly taken from my Samsung mobile phone. 

Visitors are welcome to venture on Papua New Guinea trips and experience the diverse cultures and people of Papua New Guinea.

Online news about cannibals in PNG

Many international visitors to PNG know that the articles on cannibals in PNG are fabricated lies.

Often, the stories were retold based on some old tales, or by YouTubers and one-minute travellers who lack an understanding of Papua New Guinea.

Therefore, do not be naive and believe in online news and a social media channel that runs stories on cannibals in PNG in the 21st century.

Stories of Cannibals in PNG

Some examples of misleading stories on cannibalism in PNG.

The article titled Korowai People of Papua New Guinea (2017,2009) is a clear example of misinformation. 

The article said less about the indigenous skill and ability of the people to build houses on stilts and more about cannibalism. 

These articles showed recent photo evidence of a stilt house and none of the Korowai eating human flesh!

Korowai are not Papua New Guineans

Korowai tree house
IMAGE: @Whistling Spear

Furthermore, the people of Korowai are not Papua New Guineans. 

They are from the West Papua in Indonesia. 

And, they are not cannibals either.

Another fake article was titled Cannibals on Kokoda (2016). It receives wide online coverage because the couple nearly died whilst walking Kokoda unprepared. 

This was a trip that could have ended up in disaster because the couple was stupid.

So, next time some idiots with limited knowledge of geography and the world tell you about the Korowai or Cannibals of Papua New Guinea, tell them to FO.

Read the full story here 


The electoral commission of Papua New Guinea further deferred the polling dates for PNG National Elections 2022 by one week. All other dates remain the same, except the polling date. The polling starts Saturday on the 2nd of July 2022

PNG National Elections 2022 Countdown

PNG Insight is listing the major events in chronological order so that you are in tune with what's going on.

The countdowns are in days(d), hours (h), minutes (m) and seconds (s), each terminating at the end of the event scheduled by the Electoral Commission of PNG.

Issue of Writs/Nomination Open: Thursday 12th May 2022

A writ of election is declared on the date by the Governor-General, effectively dissolving the parliaments and calling for a fresh 2022 election.

How long before the Issue of Writs?

Nomination Closes: Thursday 26th May 2022

There is a 3 week period between the close of nomination and polling- this is the campaign period.

Polling Period starts:  Saturday  2nd July 2022 (*UPDATED)

How long before polling starts? Polling takes 3 weeks.

Polling Period ends: Friday 22nd July 2022

Counting is planned to take place in just 1 week.

Return of Writs: On or Before 29th July 2022

There you have it.  (The countdown to the major 2022 election activities across the nation)

Stay in touch with PNG Insight on Twitter & YouTube for election stats, data and information you should know.


PNG Elections Provincial and Electorates - Data Visualisation Invalid Votes

Video shows data of past PNG Elections ACTUAL Ballot Votes from 1972 to 2017. There is an increasing number of voters as indicated by the ballot votes over the years. 

However, some provinces have indicated an 'abnormal' trend as far as the voters' number is concerned - watch the video to spot the irregular patterns - it is concerning! 

There is a need for the PNG Electoral Commission to keep a good record of past elections. 

Who is the youngest millionaire in PNG?

There are many people in PNG who have a lot of money. Most of them are politicians as they amassed lots of money during their time in parliament. Some of them are long time politicians come businessmen, or businessmen come politicians.

Also, there are other hardworking businessmen and businesswomen in PNG. They are local heroes who go about their business every day. 

But, who is the youngest millionaire in PNG today?

Youngest millionaires in PNG

You can guess when it comes to the youngest millionaire in PNG, it must be a young politician. Now, politicians get about K170,000 to K350,000 per year gross pay. They also get K10,000,000 DSIP  funds directly under their control.

So, if you are asking who is the youngest millionaire in PNG, the young politicians who are government ministers would, merely, handle millions of kina in their five-year term.

But, are they the youngest millionaires in PNG? No, not really. 

Note that DSIP is people's money. It does not belong to the young MPs or any other MPs for that matter. They are only stewards (that is why they are called public servants).

On their pay and allowances alone, the young politicians do not qualify as the youngest millionaires in PNG. They play around with lots of money, but it's NOT theirs, it belongs to the people - you and me!

So, who is the youngest millionaire in PNG?

As mentioned, there are some young businessmen and businesswomen in PNG who often go unnoticed. They go about quietly, doing their business and any one of them can rightfully be the youngest millionaire in PNG.

Let us know if you know anyone young person who makes the cut in the comment.