Papua New Guinea Police Application Form and Recruitment info

Police recruitments in Papua New Guinea have been an ongoing initiative the  Government of Papua New Guinea has put in place. The main purpose of PNG police recruitments is to increase the police force in the country.   

The police department through the Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary (RPNGC) has taken the responsibility to recruit new officers every year. We provide some information on Police Recruitments you should know before applying.


Police Recruitments Eligibility Criteria

Application Form & Requirement: To be eligible for consideration for police recruitment into the RPNGC, you must meet the following eligibility criteria. You must

  • complete Grade  12.
  • be  18 to 23 years old
  • be physically well built.
  • not hold criminal records.
  • have good behaviour records
  • complete Grade 12 in the last two years, and your height must be at least 164 cm and above.
Being a policeman/woman is a higher calling. It is a call to serve the people. It is about respecting the public. 

How to apply to become a policeman or woman

Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment 2021-2022: Applications are open for recruitments twice are year. Usually, call for recruitments are published in the local newspapers or you can write directly to the headquarters in Port Moresby for the latest application forms.

  1. Write to the Police headquarters for application forms. If the application forms are available in the newspapers, cut out the form.
  2. Fill out the forms and attach two references and all your academic transcripts and certificates. 
  3. Send your applications to the address given below.

Shortlisting and Interview: If you are shortlisted for an interview, the officer in charge of the screening process will notify you either by phone or through print media.

  • First, you will be interviewed
  • Second, you will do an entry  test

If you pass both the interview and the entry test, you will be shortlisted to undergo training at the Bomana Police college for six months.

Check out how to get a police clearance check certificate and the info about the application for PNG Police reservist.

Contact for police application forms, recruitments and queries

The address for the police recruitment is given below. You can use this address to do the following:

  • Request for the latest police application form, 
  • send the complete application forms and documents
  • For applications and general queries. 
Write to

Recruitment  Officer

Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Police Headquarters

P O Box  85


Papua New Guinea

You can also call the phone:  322 6100 /321 1222

Tips for successful application Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment 2021-2022

The best way to apply for the PNG Police Recruitment is to get as much info as you can. Once you know what to do, you can do it right the first time. So, call or write to the police HQ or, better still, contact the recruitment officer directly. 

When you deal with recruitment officers (or proxies) DO NOT pay a bribe. This is a community service - the officers are public servants - and they'll help you. 

Attach all the necessary documents. Take your application to your teacher, pastor, policeman, magistrate or senior citizen to check before you make the submission. When you have submitted the application form, follow up immediately. Ask when the selection list is coming out.

Hope this helps you when you are applying for the Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment 2021-2022. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. 


Unknown said...

Thank you for your information. When are you going to recruit the NCD applicants who have successfully completed the screening process and their recruitment was put on held till now. There are no proper information given by the authority in regarding the matter, whether to continue or not for what reason. The NCD applicants are still waiting in patience for commissioner to look in the matter...

Unknown said...

Will we use the same email to send our application?

Admin said...

This question and others are have answers in the FAQ here

Unknown said...

I was trying to send my applications through this email,policereservistapplications@lelink, .But the link is invalid.Ikept on trying until the closing date.My applications are still with me.

Unknown said...

Dear sir
I'm one of the applicant applying for police and I'm not sure when will police recruitment be put/ come out can you inform me

Unknown said...

Att: Officer

Dear, I'm a primary school teacher by profession and taught for 11 years.
I would like to join the police force apart from my carrier.
However, any possible advice please do not hesitate.

Interested Applicant

Petson MEYA (SHP)

Unknown said...

I Mandihina Willie wish to express my utmost interests to apply to become a regular police.

Therefore,firt application form for this year 2021 I was missed out so if the second one comes out please let me know with this email

Unknown said...

Please when Will be The second application form out for the recruitment?

Unknown said...

Very interested to take up that responsible as a policeman to enforce the law and order problem in our community and the country for the betterment of this young nation PNG ,there for am asking for am application form please do send me on my email

Thanks and looking forword to it.

Unknown said...

I am very interested to join police, please send me application on my email address

Unknown said...

To protect law and order and upold it, is a commitment and I really want to be part of this team. Keeping law and order in place help keep people safe. Please let me know the due date

Unknown said...

Iam very interested to become a police because our country is becoming corrupt.. said...

When will be Reserve police name list bai kam out, I already applied so please notify me on my gmail address

Unknown said...

Dear Sir/Madam
Concern applicants eager to know when actually will the promising twice a year recruitments be updated. Pardon me if I am too loud.
Wondering applicant

Unknown said...

Dear sir I want to apply for a police person so when will the application come out please send me messages through my email address