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PNG MPs Salaries 2010 to 2022: How much is your MP Earning In Gross Pay and Allowance?

Here is a compilation of Papua New Guinea MPs Salaries from 2010 to 2022, calculated. We know from past experiences (2011 & 2016) that PNG MPs normally give themselves massive pay increases before the election. Either that or they somehow conjure some excuse to get ridiculous increases.

(In case, you see any witchcraft happening, here is what you should know.) Take a look at how much each of these MPs is receiving and if they are, actually, worth the money!
  • Prime Minister
  • Speaker
  • DPM
  • Opposition Leader
  • Govt Minister
  • Non-govt MPs
  • Governors
  • Assembly Members

Margin of error

Calculated - these salaries are correct to the nearest 100 kinas, which means that the figures may not be the exact received by all the MPS as some MPs received more, others less.

However, we followed the increases in 2010/11 (see the article links below) and are confident that the GROSS Salaries are accurate to the thousands received annually.

PNG MPs' Salaries

There were several adjustments to make this calculation relevant;
  • first, the figures published in the National Newspaper in December 2010 and the PNG Insight's calculations in 2011 based on those figures;
  • second, the exact Ordinary MPs pay published by Madang MP Bryan Krammer on his Facebook wall in 2017 and
  • third, the recent (2019) leaked Salary Advice Slip for PNG Parliament Speaker.

PNG MPs Allowances

We know that the MPs' salaries to allowances ratio is 31.6 to 68.4 split. They earn an unusually ridiculous allowance. This work EXCLUDES overseas/travel allowances.

On overseas travels, the MPs including the PM get over US$500 per day as their travel duty allowance. Read more about it in the Post Courier article here.

All in all, it gives us an accurate representation of the MPs' salaries. SOURCE LINKS
1) 2010 increases:
3) Madang MP Salary, Facebook

Additional info
  • Salary to allowance ratio 31.6: 68.4
  • *adjustments 2011, 2017 and 2019 base/gross salaries
What do you think? Leave a comment. See more election data on PNG Insight YouTube Channel

12 PNG MPs and Statesmen Passed On in the Last 3 Years

An unusually high number of PNG MPs, Statesmen and Public Figures passed on from 2019 to 2021. But, note that many have passed on due to old age and illnesses. 

Six serving Members of Parliament (MPs), 6 Statesmen and Sirs, and 5 former MPs passed on. It was an end-of-an-era for nearly 20 PNG public figures in the last 3 years.

6 Serving PNG MPs Passed On

1. Sam Akotai (serving MP, December 2021)

2. Johnny Ananias Alonk (Serving MP, November 2021)

3. Roy Biyama (Serving MP, September 2021)

4. Richard Mendani (Serving MP, March 2021)

5. Sir Mekere Morauta (Serving MP, December 2020)

6. Thomas Pelika (Serving MP, October 2019)

6 Senior Statesmen Passed On

1. Sir Paulus Matane (Senior Statesman, December 2021)

2. Sir Dannis William Dux (Businessman, December 2021)

3. Justice Danajo Koeget (Senior Judge, December 2021)

4. Sir Peter Lus (Former MP and Senior Stateman, October 2021)

5. Sir Silas Atopare (Former PNG Governor-General, September 2021)

6. Sir Michael Somare (Retired, Founding Father of Papua New Guinea, February 2021)

Businessmen and Former MPs Who Passed On 2019 - 2021

1. Amkat Mai (Former MP, November 2021)

2. Mafuk Gainda (Former MP and Deputy Governor, March 2021)

3. Mal Kela Smith (Businessman and former MP, April 2021)

4. Steven Koimanrea (Former MP, November 2019)

5. Vincent Auali (Former MP, June 2019)

If you know of any Statesmen or women, MPs or local heroes who are NOT mentioned and you thought should be recorded in this segment, please comment below. 

A record of PNG's history 

Lest we forget, this is a collection of names that will surely go down in the history of Papua New Guinea. 

PNG Insight hopes that the mainline news media can do something similar but go into detail and really nail this part of PNG's HISTORY that is gone so that the future generation know who they are and how they live and die.



PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12

PNG Insight Maths Exam Resources for Grade 8, 10 and 12