2023 Non-school Leavers Applications: UPNG, UOG, UNRE, PAU, DWU, WPU and UNITECH

The 8 PNG Universities application forms for entry into the 2023 academic year should be available online, or in pdf, anytime from June/July 2022. New Non-school Leavers and dis-continued students should consider applying for study next year. 

The dates for the release of the non-school leavers' application forms for 2023 are usually released by the institutions. Below is some information to point you in the right direction.


2023 Non-school leavers (apply directly to the universities)

Be reminded that at the beginning of a new academic year, many of the undergrad study programs in-country would have been filled by the  Grade 12 intakes.

That means that any Grade 12 students from the last five years (with good grades, or upgraded grades, who wish to apply directly to the universities) may have to wait until June or July 2022 to apply to the universities for consideration in the 2023 academic year. 

The post-grad students - both part-time and full-time - have this time before the academic year 2023 starts to apply. To download application forms or apply online to one of the six unis in PNG, follow the quick and direct links.

2023 PNG Universities Acceptance List - General  info

Application info such as the tuition fee and application due dates for 2022/2023 can be obtained from the universities. 

You must check with the university of your choice for the 2023 non-school leavers application forms, acceptance list, admittance, registrations and academic calendar.

Applications for PNG Universities 

Perhaps it is important to note that UPNG, Unitech, DWU and WPU are accepting new applications online. Applicants must use the online portals to apply.

The other PNG universities are collecting applications in pdf form. Applicants will have to complete the applications offline and send them to the respective universities via email or mail. You can also hand-deliver your application if you are living nearby.

Check out the latest article on the NSL Online Application offered by PNG Universities for 2023 intakes. 

PNG Universities information pages 

In response to the requests for NSL and SL selection lists for the 6 PNG universities year-on-year, PNG Insight has included some *new* information about PNG Universities to help. Some useful details include:
  • the academic calendars
  • course information
  • contact numbers
  • schools and faculties 
  • Admission and acceptance listing info
Click on the link to the universities info pages on our main site:

The Western Pacific University in Southern Highlands had admitted students, for the first time, in 2021. The new university, WPU, 2023 Non-school Leavers Application is now open - you can apply online

2023 Non-school Leavers Application: Meanwhile, let us know what you are specifically looking for in the comment. And as soon as we have the right info, we will let you know. 

June Update: 2023 Non-school Leavers info

Over the years, PNG Insight has seen a lot of you visiting us to get information about PNG Universities and PNG Colleges. Therefore, we have started researching and collating info that we thought would help you. We hope that you'll find them useful. 

We understand that the 2023 non-school leavers application for, Unitech Lae, UoG Enga Campus and Divine Word University Madang are open in July or August.

For the non-school leavers wanting to study at a PNG University of College, check out the info-links below:

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Unknown said...

I need a NSL application form for 2022 from upng.

Unknown said...

Please I need Non School Leaver application form for University of Papua New Guinea-PO campus.

Unknown said...

Please i need non school levers form.Any one to assist me.
You can email me mariasteven072@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment (PNGUNRE) 2022 NSL form available. If anyone interest email me at taugenfelix@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Please I desperately need upng nsl for 2022 intake.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

2022 UPNG NSL /re-enroll online application was to become live on the 31st July to 30th September, according to the office of the registrar. Still waiting. nrumint@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Please I desperately need upng nsl application for 2022.can anyone assist me please!

raymond,gabby said...

please i really need the nsl application form for 2022 intakes,can kindly forward the application for to raymondedawi@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Is the 2022-NSL form for UPNG updated?
Any info.ta

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm are upgrading student and I'm interested to continue my studies at PAU...can you please forward the application form please.. you can send it to my email.. baiwansamuel3@gmail.com.. thank you..

Unknown said...

Need 2022 nsl application form for upng

Unknown said...

I need non school leaver for management in diploma

Unknown said...

Please could you please send me nsl application form for 2022 please? Thank you.

Gwen said...

For applications to UPNG Open Campus, do we complete the same Online Application for UPNG or does Open Campus have a separate Application Portal.
I'm a non school leaver wishing to take further studies at UPNG Open Campus in 2022 and have been checking their website for the Non School Leaver 2022 applications for the last couple of months. Please email me on gwennarava@gmail.com and advise.

raymond,gabby said...

Please i really need the non school leavers application forms for 2022 intakes,here is my email adress, raymondedawi@gmail.com..your response will be highly appriciated...

Unknown said...

Is all application form closed already?

Unknown said...

Dear all

Is acceptance list for NSLS applying to pngunitech published or not yet.

Please we need classification.


Unknown said...

Please can you notify me the lates information for NSL 2022 new intake list.


Julz said...

When will the 2022 acceptance list out? And will the acceptance letter email to us for those of us who apply online NSL UPNG

Unknown said...

Can someone help me with an application form for 2023,please.

Unknown said...

Dear sir/ madam

I Casper George kindly requesting for the non school leaver application form
2021/2022 for the police recruitment

Please send it via my email caspargeorge8@ gmail.com

Thankyou for your time and consideration.

Your's kindly
( Applicant)

Unknown said...

Kabaleo NSL result

Unknown said...

When is the NSL acceptance list for 2022 new intake be publish?

Melinda Takilin said...

I already applied and how can I follow up, my upgrading Mark's are with me now .
Seeking help

Unknown said...

When is St Mary's nursing college non school leavers acceptance list of 2022 coming out?

Unknown said...

May u send me application on humanities please?

Unknown said...

Please whenever the application is released,may I have one,please.

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