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Tips and Layout for Writing Killer Resume - Get Shortlisted for Current Job Vacancies

Writing a resume or Curriculum Vitae to search for a job can consume a lot of energy and also take a lot of time. I would like to share some important details for writing a good resume and get shortlisted for current job vacancies in PNG.  

But, first what is a resume or CV? Both documents are used for job applications. 

UPDATED: An updated version of this post looks at how you can write a CV that delivers scores the job for you. It provides detailed information on writing a CV to get shortlisted for Interview and taking control of your first interview. Read it here

The three differences are: 
  • Length, 
  • Purpose and
  • Layout
A resume is short usually 1 to 2 pages, concise and laid out with bullet points. Whereas CV can span up to 3 or 4 pages, detailed. In a good number of PNG job vacancies, the employers specify the number of pages. If the employers (recruitment agents) ask for 1 or 2 pages they are probably asking for your resume, instead of a CV.

IMPORTANT: Ensure only details relevant to the job you are applying for are included: must be condensed, concise and informative. 

Here is an example of a layout of a resume. (Hints for writing a good cover letter will be available here shortly)

(Contact detail here)

Career overview  (in bold) 

Briefly state your career profile. For example ‘An administration support staff with nine years of work experience in both public and private sectors. Last employed at Giveme More Ltd in Port Moresby. Have strong computer and social skills. Determined to make a difference. Currently pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration’.

Career history, key responsibilities and achievements   (in bold)                           

Year, Job, Company/Organisation (In italics)

Key responsibilities: (relating to the job advertised)
·                …………………..
·                …………………..
·                ………………….
Achievements: (the additional task you've done for employers, note that meeting a target is not an achievement. Doing the 'extra' is)
·                ………………….
·                …………………..
·                ………………….

(List the other key responsibilities and achievements)

Education and qualification 

Contact referees                                   

(Don’t have to attach reference unless asked for, instead write 'references available upon request')

Additional information
·                ………………
·                ………………

·                ………………

·                ………………

Good luck with your job search. 

Photo Tips for DIY Bookcase

Following the first bookcase I built and wrote about on the 17th of March, I am taking this one-level up. This is a 120 cm by 120 cm bookcase.

Step 1. 21 lots of 4x3 sawn timbers

Step 2. build 2x leg stands 

Step 3. Nail 3 timbers (first shelf)

Step 4. Nail top timbers to place 
Step 5. Nail the other timbers in

Step 6. Put in the brace & support
Perfect fit - from timbers to a bookcase

Australian Tourist Visa: How To Apply Online – So Easy, Yet So Hard

This post aims to help Papua New Guineans who are intending to obtain Australian tourist visa for short stay. It is an experience I share to help others. In fact, I was very annoyed when I started the application. Two things went wrong. First, I realized that the whole application process changed, it was not like before where you submit the visa applications at the Australian High Commission’s office. The visa submission process was left in hands of agents. You have to go to an agent to get it sorted for you, or do it yourself online.

The later was easy, but the wireless internet connection at home (and at the agent too) was not working. I’ve tried in vain for two straight days though I had all the required and recommended papers. Simply because a major Internet cable was said to have been sabotaged.

At the agents, I completed the application form – form 1419. In addition, I had less than 10 working days to get a visa before leaving on a booked flight. It was stressful. Sounds all too familiar?

So how did I, finally, submit my application?

To make it clear I have not got a visa yet. The decision to grant me a visa is out of my control having applied, I am writing in waiting. Let me answer the question. The ‘break-through’ came when a friend mentioned that I could use a mobile phone as router (or Internet Access Point). So, I did and submitted my application online. It cost K3 to get a Digicel’s data bundle (60MB) to upload all the documents. Here is the link to a step-by-stepguide on how to connect your mobile phone and laptop. So you can do that anywhere in PNG. It takes up to 10 working days to get response. If you haven’t got one after that period, give them a follow-up call.

There is a list of required document you must produce. Use this PDF link to see more. The common documents are a passport photo (doesn’t have to be signed), copy of passport biography page, bank statement, Form 54 Family Composition, etc.

I would recommend using the online application. It costs Au$136.46. For fees and charges information, refer to Costs at the agents are indicated on the image above.

A 300MB mobile data would be enough  to launch your application online.

Important tips/docs for online application:
-Ensure that all your documents are less than 5MB before uploading
-Passport page/s
-Passport photo, taken in the last 6 months
-Bank statements
-Evidence of assets in country of residence. E.g. recent share value cert.
-Family Composition (Form 54)
-Check list PDF
*Visitors with different circumstances may provide extra docs, use this as a guide