Who is 2020 PNG Hunter's New Coach?

2020 PNG Hunters new coach, Matthew Church, is a not new to rugby League. He has been fundamental in the development of young talents in the under 15, 16, 18 and 20 levels

He is an experienced assistant coach at junior levels and head coach at East Tigers under 20 and Meninga cup under 18.

Matt has a long coaching career at the junior levels. He seems to be the kind of person to go to when you wanted to develop young talents.

2020 PNG Hunters New Coach a Fan Fav?

However, Matt may be new to the PNG RL politics and fans. He may need time to adjust to the madness of rugby League when things go well.

He also will have to prepare for times when things do not work out right. In fact, there is a a ‘big shoe’ to fill and the expectations are high.  Matt is probably aware of it!

It is important that Matt sets his direction for the Hunters early on – where he wants to see the players and team by the end of 2020 season. 

The direction can be in several  ways, but importantly success of individual players is also the success for the team as  whole.

Direction for PNG Hunters in 2020

One way to set a direction and measure it is to successfully connect players to the QRL (Intrust Super Cup) ,NSWRL, NRL or other international competitions.

Another direction can be for the team to be successful in the QRL competition. And that is to not fall below the precedence set by the previous players and coach.

Having said that, Matt is focused on the PNG Hunters in 2020 with his sight on the Digicel Cup comp.

He said
"I'm just looking forward to developing those players and the staff in and around the Hunters and hopefully working in the Digicel Cup (domestic competition in Papua New Guinea) as well to raise coach education,".
We wish him and the 2020 PNG Hunters all the best in the Intrust comp.

NCSL Value Back Loyalty Program - Offers 10% Discount

Home More located within the CPL Complex at Waigani Central, Port Moresby. The Home More loyalty program offers 10% discount on regular priced items to NCSL Members, under the NCSL Value Back Loyalty Program.

NCSL Loyalty program
LINKEDIN: Members' Notice
NCSL Members are eligible for 10% discount off all cash payments, upon presentation of Member ID Cards.

This includes Kids Saving Account holders with membership IDs.

Members can also be able to use their Poro Cards on the NCSLPOS Terminal already installed in the shop.

A BIS ( Biometric Identification System) Kiosk, is also located within the Home More shop for NCSL Members, to easily view account details and also lodged applications.

Here are some examples of regular priced items at CPL complex, Waigani Central.
NCSL CPL Waigani

The original post appeared on LinkedIn.

Coronavirus Contigency Plan for School Closure - No School Closed Yet


Many countries closed their schools and universities because of the fear of infections among their students. Nearby, Australia has closed some schools in several states. 

Fiji and the Solomon Island are taking steps to CONTAIN the spread of the Coronavirus, COVID-2019. 

PNG has also restricted flights and visits coming into the country. But, has the country and the Education Department spell-out any contingency plans in the event schools closed?

We asked the question in our latest article - "Will PNG Schools Close Because of Coronavirus?"

Click the link to the article and participate in the discussion.

Stay safe. 

HELP Loan Application Form Tertiary Institutions


The government has released a total of K220 million for the Higher Education Loan Program or HELP.

The department made an initial submission for a K350 million but was only given K220 million.

Higher Education Secretary Fr Jan Czuba said the release of funds is for implementation in April this year.

Fr Jan Czuba stated that this amount is sufficient and would not often be fully used and whatever remains can be rolled over to next year’s allocation.

The Secretary made this known when providing an update on the HELP program to NBC News.

NBC News was told a temporary declaration form which is similar to a loan application form has been issued by the Secretary’s office to all tertiary institutions and colleges in the country.

Fr Jan explained that students who wish to apply for this loan will have to fill the form and leave them with their respective administration for enrolment purposes.

The Higher Education Secretary said three options have been discussed and looked at as the avenue where this fund will be managed.

He said they are considering options that are going to be transparent and also to ensure the money grows instead of being used up.

Pacific Secondary School Scholarships Program - PNG Secondary School Students Apply Now

PNG Students Apply Now
PNG Students Apply Now

To be considered for the Pacific Secondary School Scholarships Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

Be a resident in, and citizen of, one of the seven participating Pacific island countries.
Not be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

At the time of application, be enrolled in and attending school. If you are selected, you must continue to attend school until you move to Australia to start your scholarship.

Be at least 15 years of age as at 1 March 2020 and have not turned 18 years of age on or before 31 December 2020. This means you must still be 17 years of age at 31 December 2020.

Have the signed approval of one of your parents or legal guardians and a written report from them explaining how they will support your performance and well being while you are on scholarship in Australia. If you are selected for an interview, you must bring the written approval of both parents or legal guardians.

Submit two written reference reports from your principal and a community representative, and a school report. 

Meet the English language requirements for direct entry to a New South Wales or Queensland state government public high school in Australia. This means you have completed schooling taught in English for a minimum of two years.

If you have not studied under an English language curriculum, you may be required to undertake an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test and meet the relevant minimum score, or agree to attend an Intensive English Centre in New South Wales or a High School Preparation Course in Queensland if selected.

Meet any country-specific eligibility criteria, if required.



The new Pacific Secondary School Scholarships Program is a prestigious Australian Government financial award. The scholarships provide an exciting opportunity for high performing Pacific island students to attend an Australian secondary school, gain a quality education and develop leadership skills. 

The Program builds on the Australian Government’s strong commitment to deepen education links between Australia and the Pacific.

By completing senior secondary school in Australia, students will have the necessary academic and leadership skills to pursue further education, training or employment pathways upon return to their home country or elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region. 

Students will also develop lifelong connections with Australia and their fellow Pacific alumni.


ZIMSEC Portal Results 2020 Online Login: Grade 7

This article attempts to help our visitors from Zimbabwe with information about ZIMSEC portal and Grade 7 results for 2020. If you are visiting this blog from Zimbabwe, we hope you find the info helpful.

  • ZIMSEC - Zimbabwe School Examination Council 
  • O level - Ordinary (O) level 
  • The Council/Board - Zimbabwe School Examination Council 
  • Portal - Online platform for login & accessing examination results (See links in article)

ZIMSEC Grade 7 results portal login infographics

2021 Update: ZIMSEC Grade 7 Results for 2020

In an online conference on Friday 5th February 2021, ZIMSEC (Zimbabwe School Examinations Council) board chairman Professor Mwenje announced 2020 Grade 7 results were out. The students can access their ZIMSEC results for 2020 via the board's, www.zimsec.co.zw

ZIMSEC arranged the 2020 Grade 7 results in 10 regions, R1 to R10. Check out the 2 steps infographics for more info. (Note: If you need to register, or have lost password, read on to find out how you can get help).

Readers can go here to select your region or direct to ZIMSEC Result Portal.

Download the Grade 7 Results User Manual (PDF, 11 pages)>> Click here.

Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC)

zimsec portal result 2020

ZimSEC result portal is an initiative of the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC)  started in November 2018. ZIMSEC the examination board of Zimbabwe. The board is responsible for examination and assessments; and certification at different levels of schooling. 

Students can access their Ordinary (O) level exam results where there is an internet connection using their computers, smartphones or devices that supports the internet.

The O level results for November is in view mode only. That means that students cannot download or print the ZimSec portal results but only view their results online. 

Register to access 2020 results

To access and view the 2020 O level results, students must register by creating a user's name and password. Here are steps for creating a new user name and password:

1. Register as a new user- Go to 'register centre'
2. When you have created your login details, you'll have to go to the 'home page' and sign-in to ZimSec Portal to view your Results

The students who have got the ZimSec Portal login details can go straight to the 'home page' and sign-in.

How to Register on ZimSec online portal

Here is how to register on the ZIMSEC online portal. You will need your examination details (Statement of Entry) to create your account. 

1. Visit zimsec.co.zw Online Portal 1 or Portal 2

2. Enter the 6 digits Centre Number

3. Enter your 4 digits candidate numbers

4. Choose the correct session, level, year

5. Enter the Candidate Name as it appears on your Statement of Entry (You will have problem IF the Candidate Name is NOT the same as the name of the SoE)

6. Enter the date of birth in the format dd/mm/yyyy

7. Enter  User and 'strong' Password

8. Confirm password

9. Click on 'Register'

You can now go to the 'home page' and login to ZIMSEC portal to view your result. 

What to do if you have problem login to ZIMSEC portal

If you cannot create an account as a new user, the best thing to do is to check the details on your Statment of Entry again. Make sure the 6 digits of the Candidate number and your name are correct. Also, check ALL the registration requirements on the ZIMSEC online portal you have entered are correct. 

If you'd tried everything and you still have a problem, get in touch with the fantastic staff at ZIMSEC. They will be able to help.