How to Make Money Online Blog and YouTube

This post will help you to make money online. With the increasing access to the Internet in Papua New Guinea, many young people have the privilege others never had in the past - having access to social media, blogs and other Internet sites. 

YouTube, Blog, website and Adsense

PNG subscribers on Facebook and Twitter have increased dramatically over the years due to presence of Internet data companies like Digicel, Telikom PNG and Bmobile-Vodafone. 

Start A Blog - Earn Money Online 

A good way to utilise the Internet access is to talk about our beautiful country. Start your own blog for free. An example is this blog. The reward (money you make) depends on the visitors to your blog.

In addition, the benefits that come with blogging and connecting with your social media followers, both abroad and PNG, is massive. Apart from disseminating information, you remember vital facts - facts that are relevant to matters close to your heart!

It is rewarding - both educational and monetary gains. 

    Let's have a look at the 3 ways to make money online and how to monetise your work. 

    Three Ways to Make Money Online

    Ok, here are the practical tips to start earning some rewards online. Click on the links provided to explore the opportunities.

    1. Start a Free/Paid blog

    This blog is an example of a free blog. This was started in 2014. It took 2 years before we had good traffic to monetise. 

    Bear in mind that blogging is not for the faint-hearted. It can take years before you get good traffic/visitors and monetise your work. (Two ways to monetise a blog are briefly described in 2 and 3) 

    As mentioned, focus on your interest. Make blogging a hobby and the rest will fall in place. 

    We've got great Blogging Tips with pictures and guides here: How To Start a Personal Blog  & How to A Blog on Wordpress.

    2. YouTube Channel 

    YouTube channels are a great way to showcase things you are good at. Successful YouTubers are those that have the ability to make some 'boring subject' look amazing. If you are one of them, you can do that right now. Some examples are:
    • Gardening Hobbies
    • Musical/Singing Talents
    • Producing how-to videos
    Videos eligible for monetisation are usually those that are unique. In fact, how-to and music videos are popular and get lots of view on YouTube. 

    The more videos and interest you generate from views and impressions will make you money.

    To monetise you'll need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. That means that if you put in the work now, you can monetise your video in the next 12 months, at the least. 

    3. Write and Earn Money or Mobile Credits Online 

    PNG Insight is looking for writers to write interesting articles for us. You can make money online now by submitting your first article to us. Read about the PNG Writers' Initiative

    Here are some of the work produced by PNG Writers. Take a look if you need inspiration.
    Write for us today and earn cash or mobile phone credits - your choice! The contact email is

    Two Monetisation Methods that Work

    Setting up a blog, website or YouTube Channel is the first step - only the starting point. As mentioned earlier, it can take years (if you are lucky, months) to fully monetise and start making money. 

    So, when you have generated enough traffic and interest, try these two ways to make money online. 

    1. Amazon Associate Account - Worth Trying

    Amazon associate program is one way to make money online. You can join and start immediately by referring social friends and family members.

    There are several platforms you can use to earn from Amazon. You can promote them via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc or on blogs and websites.

    Amazon has easy-to-use URL shortener and widgets to help you on your way to making extra money online.

    Please note that not anyone can become Amazon Affiliate today. Amazon has changed its Terms and Conditions and therefore it has become difficult for people in certain countries like PNG to join the program. 

    However, for anyone living overseas (Australia, New Zealand or the US) and have a membership account, you can join the affiliate program easily.

    2. AdSense - Takes Time But Works

    AdSense is Google’s technology. It shows advertisements to customers. If they click on them, you make money. The money you make online will depend on how competitive visitors keywords are; and how many people visit your website or view your YouTube video. 

    The more competitive, the higher it cost the advertisers and the more you make – from several pennies to a few pounds. 

    In fact, Google is paying you for space you make available for the advertisements. To get an Adsense account you have got to own a website or blog. So, start blogging. Get yourself a website, if you can. 

    WordPress and Google Blogger are available options. I would recommend Blogger if you are starting off.

    Here are tips to get started on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online. You can submit an article to use here - Submit Articles to PNG Insight

    Passion for Personal Development

    You can also use the opportunities to your advantage regardless of where you are, whether it be in PNG or overseas. Start something you are passionate about and reward yourself for it. Make no mistake, if you are thinking of making quick money online, you might as well try something else.

    These four words of encouragement will help you to make blogging a successful hobby: 
    • First, have a passion for what you do, focus on the big picture instead of how much you make monthly. 
    • Second, remind yourself that monetisation is second. It is advertisements.
    • Third, it will take a lot of time and effort, so be patient. 
    • Finally, do not put your whole life in it – this is not a job to be serious with, let it be a hobby – let it be passive. 

    ISB University and IBS College Student Application and Courses Info

    Acronym: IBSU
    Established: 1st December 2016
    Location: Port Moresby, National Capital District
    Vision:  To enrich lives through World Class Education, Training and Research.

    IBS University Application and course information

    The institution started as a revision centre for professional examinations in accounting and business in the late 1980s. By 2003, the IBS University has offered certificate courses in Accounting and Business for Grade 10 and 12 school leaver.

    The certificate course (Cert in Accounting and Cert in Business) has formed the basis of the institution's core studies. Here is what IBS university said about the two courses at their inceptions:
    'IBS developed and offered its Certificate in Accounting, based on the syllabus of Accounting Technicians of [the] United Kingdom in 2002. Certificate in Computing course was introduced in 2003.
    These two courses evolved as the primary wheels of IBS then.' (IBS University website)

    IBS University - 12 Mile, Port Moresby

    The IBS University (formally Institute of Business Studies, IBS) is located at the foot of Mt Eriama, opposite to Marianville Girls Catholic Secondary School just outside Port Moresby. It is about 30 - 45 minutes by PMV from Gordons Market (the bus stop), Port Moresby.

    IBS University offers certificate, diploma and degree courses at its Saraga (6 miles) campus and Eriama (12-mile) campus. More course details for the IBS College of TVET and Career Development training are given below. 

    First, here is a quick listing of programs offered at IBS University's 12-mile campus. 

    IBS University Courses

    IBSU had three faculties or schools offering four-degree programs:
    • School of Business (Bachelor of Accounting and Finance)
    • School of Accounting and Finance (Bachelor of Business and Management; and Bachelor of Economics and Development Studies)
    • School of Information Technology (Bachelor of Information Technology)
    The institution also offers other degree programs through its affiliation with the University of Southern Cross. It cost over K24,000 to enrol on one of the programs through this affiliation. 

    The programs are:
    • Bachelor of Business Major in Accounting (School of Business)
    • Bachelor of Business Major in Management (School of Business)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology Major in User Experience (School of I.T.)

    IBS College of TVET, 6 Mile Port Moresby

    The IBS college of TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) at 6 mile offers certificate and diploma courses for Grades 10 and 12 students wanting to pursue studies in business and accounting.

    The IBS college of TVET  is an education and training focused on providing primary knowledge and skills for employment in areas of Accounting, Business, and ICT and computing. 

    The IBS college is the pathway to the IBS University's diploma and degree courses offered at their Eriama 12-mile campus.

    Affiliate - Southern Cross University

    IBS University created a diploma pathway for its certificate courses. And has affiliated with the Southern Cross University in Australia to further its Technical and Vocational Education and Training

    Certificate Programs Info

    There three certificate programs offered at IBS College of TVET. Each certificate program is classified as Certificate 3 and certificate 4. That means that if you are a Grade 10 or 12 students, you’ll have to start with certificate 3, then do certificate 4.

    After completing the certificate programs, you can move on to the diploma courses at the IBS university at 12-mile. 

    IBS Certificate Programs for Grade 10 and 12 students

    The 3 certificate programs are:

    1. Accounting 
    • Certificate in Accounting 3
    • Certificate in Accounting 4

    2. Qualification in Business 
    • Certificate in Business 3
    • Certificate in Business 4

    3. Information Technology
    • Certificate in Information Technology 3
    • Certificate in Information Technology 4

    IBS College of TVET Career Development Training

    The IBS college takes the initiative to provide on the job training for its students. Here is what the college said about Career Development and Training:

    'IBS College of TVET offers Career Development Trainings programmes for the students who are looking for further practical exposure to be work-ready. 
    These programmes are focused on Certificate 3 and 4 graduates from IBS or any other institutions who would like to enhance their skills prior to joining new employment. 
    Our trainees are trained on essential skills that are required in their related field and IBS Team will guide them up to the interview process of potential employers. 
    IBS College of TVET Certificate 3 and 4 students are entitled to receive a special discount on Career Development Programmes offered by IBS College of TVET.' (IBS College Website)

    How to Apply - IBS University & IBS College of TVET

    Potential students can apply either online or by filling in the IBS Application Form. Here is some important information to consider before (and when) filling the IBS Application Form:
    • A soft or hard copy of your certificate: If you are applying online, you will be required to upload the soft copy as an attachment.  
    • Photo ID: can be driver's license, passport, National ID with a file size less than 1 MB.
    • Supporting ID such as old school ID, pastors reference letter  with a file size  less than 1 MB
    The online application does not require applicants to create an online account. You have to complete an open application by only submitting your personal details and supporting documents.

    That means that applicants must have all the requirements available at the time of completing the application form, so that all details are captured and sent online. 

    However, the best way to apply if you are in Port Moresby is to complete and manual application form and submit it yourself, either at IBS University or IBS College of TVET.

    Hilans Fres: How a Local Broccoli Farmer Helps His Community

    Editor's note

    We saw this post about Pastor Charles and how one local company helps him to find a steady market in Hagen, Port Moresby and the mining towns; and thought it was worth sharing. 

    So, we reached out to Hilans Fres on Facebook and with their permission, we are sharing this wonderful story of Pastor Charles with you. Thank you for sharing this story with us Hilans Fres!

    A story of hard work, sharing, opportunity and, above all, giving back to the community. 

    His success story starts from when he sold a small pig for K300 and with the cash purchased broccoli seeds. 

    From never working a formal 8am - 5pm job and instead solely being a subsistent broccoli farmer, he has been able to move from a traditional kunai house into a permanent fully furnished house.

    Hagen broccoli market
    (Pic: Pastor Charles & family - new house at the back) 

    He has also constructed a permanent church for his congregation, see picture below. He has been fortunate to educate his children as well as other children within his community, and pay the brideprice of his own sons and many others within the community.

    Hagen Market Hilans Fres
    Church built by Pastor Charles

    Hilans Fres Agronomical advice and local farmers network

    With the agronomical advice from Hilans Fres extension officers who visit farmers across some of highlands regions, Pastor Charles was able to further his broccoli knowledge and is now a lead farmer for Hilans Fres and has been since 2015. 

    He has his own broccoli plots which he harvests, but also has 34 faithful out-grower farmers working with him to meet the volume requested by Hilans Fres. 

    Hagen market western highlands province
    Pastor Charles Broccoli Nursery in Tambul, WHP

    Once matured, the harvest is delivered to Hilans Fres Dobel depot in crates and following Hilans Fres’ strict cool chain process makes its way to Tininga Supermarket shelves as well as supermarket shelves in Port Moresby and various mining sites around PNG. 

    Pastor Charles helps the community 

    Being a lead farmer, Pastor Charles co-ordinates his farmers’ production schedule so that supply is regular and continuous “supply mas go yet!”.  At present, he is supplying 1,500 kilograms twice a week, and even three times a week if there is a demand for broccoli. 

    Recognising the enormous opportunity, Pastor Charles has been encouraging his fellow community members to also plant broccoli. 
    So much so that he spent K22,000 on broccoli seeds to distribute within his community!

    Finding a steady market with Hilans Fres

    Before he started selling to the Hilans Fres, he would sell his broccoli at the Mt. Hagen Market. 

    Although he admits that some days he was able to get more from selling at the market the income is not consistent or guaranteed. 

    Some days he would have to bring the produce back home if there was no sale. Since 2015 with the assistance from HF and his own commitment, he is able to earn a guaranteed consistent income for himself and his farmers.

    Pastor Charles’ next dream is to buy his own vehicle so that he no longer has to rely on the two-hour (car hire) trip to get his broccoli to Hilans Fres depot in Mt Hagen.

    Story and photo credit: @Hilans Fres

    • This story was originally published on Hilans Fres Facebook page. 
    • Learn about the company's agriculture work with the locals on their website (click here).
    • Below is a Youtube video of the fantastic work they are doing with the local communities. 

    Social Media Online Money Making Tips Your Never Knew

    A young man called Gabriel said most people (especially the social media savvy generation) don’t believe you can make money doing what you love.

    They just don’t know how to.

    Here is how he intended to show you a few different ways that you do it๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ. (Reposted from Gabriel Twitter thread)

    Instagram money making idea

    First, I want to say that this isn’t some way that you’ll make millions.

    But this is a way that you can do what you love and make money.

    1. Instagram

    With Instagram, creating a page to showcase your work or sell your service can be huge.

    Instagram is a lot less work than most other platforms.

    You just have to learn how Instagram works.

    2. YouTube

    With YouTube, it’s the same concept a8 Instagram but you’re spending more time on creating content.

    YouTube is probably the hardest platform to learn but also the best.

    You don’t have to rely on sales as much because of YouTube ad revenue.

    3. Digital Products

    If you know what you love to do, create digital products around it.

    Courses, online guides, playlists, etc.

    Basically, you just have to find an area that most people struggle in.

    Then fill the gap with your product.

    Find your interest, early

    If I love music (which I do) I could create a playlist full of good songs and send it out to people.

    Once it gets enough subscribers, artists will pay to be featured.

    This is just one example, but this can be executed in almost every niche!

    Now, these are just ideas and there’s a lot more to learn about each one.

    The most important part is getting started with learning them and applying them.

    Blog note: Hope this post motivates you to harness the power and creativity in you. It is a better way toward self-realisation, instead of looking for jobs.

    Remember, what you create is yours. Working for a company or Gov't will one day come to an end.


    Grade 12 Exam Result NEAEA 2020 | Ethiopia

    We have seen a lot of Grade 12 students from Ethiopia coming into PNG Insight Blog searching for information on NEAEA Exam Results. This year we made some general information available, particularly about the Grade 12 Exam Result NEAEA 2020 to point you in the right direction.

    Recommended reading: Here is the latest info on Grade 12 Examination and Result 2020

    Grade 12 results NEAEA

    NEAEA website 

    You can get the up-to-date information on Examinations and Results at the National Educational Assessment And Examination Agency (NEAEA) and Education ministry websites and Facebook pages.

    The list below are pointers to help our Ethiopian visitors. Hope you get the information you are looking for.

    Ethiopia NEAEA 2020 Exam Dates - JUNE

    The exam dates for 2020 are available at the Ethiopian NEAEA official website in PDF format. Download the 2020 Exam Dates, PDF). This file contains the following timetables:
    • Grade 12 Ethiopian University Entrance Examinations
    • Grade 8 Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations
    *The dates are taken directly from the Ethiopia NEAEA website. Please, check the official for the latest information relating to exam dates.

    NEAEA 2020 Grade 12 Results - AUGUST

    The results are like to be released in August 2020. From the past records, Grade 12 students have to use their login details to access their Ethiopean NEAEA exam results online.

    The Grade 12 NEAEA exam result webpage is here - CHECK EXAM RESULTS

    NEAEA Results 2020

    NEAEA Latest News - 2020 Exam results

    You can confirm the dates and get the latest updates on results at NEAEA online via the website or social media - see the direct links below:

     We have updated this information, Feb 2021. Here is the latest info on Grade 12 Examination and Result 2020.