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Grade 12 Selections 2022 for 2023 DHERST NOAS Admission Pool

The Grade 12 students in PNG can check their NOAS selection status to find out if they have been selected in one of their five choices. The Grade 12 Selections 2022 for the 2023 academic year - NOAS Status Check - is live. Also, the DHERST Grade 12 School Leavers selection and Non-school Leavers Selection list are out.

Note that DHERST TESAS (HECAS & AES) Status list will be published on the 3rd week of January according to DHERST. That is the important list that indicates students' scholarship status. Join PNG Insight on YouTube as we bring the latest updates on education and development in PNG.

  • You can check the PNG Universities SL and NSL acceptance lists PDF here.
  • Download the School Leavers (New Intakes) Selection Lists PDF for your teachers' college.

Grade 12 Selections 2022 for 2023 - selection list PDF

DHERST NOAS Admission Pool

It is important to confirm your selection to a higher institution as soon as you can. If you are not selected in one of your five choices, you may be put in the admission pool. 

If you are a student on DHERST's admission pool, you'll have to log in to your National Online Selection Account between now and before the academic year 2023 starts to see if you have been offered a placement at a university or college in PNG.

Students in the admission pool have to hope that they are considered for 6,000+ spaces, formally called quotas.

So, keep checking to see if you are one of the lucky ones from the admission pool admitted to a university or college.

Questions about Grade 12 Selections 2022

Here are some questions PNG Insight receives about selections, GPA and Admission Pool for Tertiary Institutions in PNG. We pick three common questions that many students ask and put answers to them.

Important: Note that the answers are based on experience over the years, intended to give clarity to the questions. It is in no way formal advice.
Q. I am not selected and I was put in an admission pull, will the DHERST select me according to my choices?
Brief answer: If you are in the DHERST Admission Pool, it means that you are likely to be considered IF there is a space available in the institution of your choice. Also, your GPA has to be higher than the other students in the pool to maximise your chance of being selected.

Q. I got a GPA of 2.6 and I was not selected by any of those five institutions where I should have been selected because I know that the nursing school's in the country have a minimum GPA of 2.4 and above. Why can't a GPA of 2.6 can be also selected?
Brief answer: Your GPA doesn't automatically guarantee you a selection to one of your 5 choices. Though it is the main selection criteria, there must be a spot available for you to be selected. Also, there are other students who may have a GPA above 2.6 applying to the same institutions or they may have made your second choice their first choice. They have the advantage over you. In the meantime, login to your NOAS Student Account before the academic year starts to confirm your final selection status from the Admission Pool.

Q. My GPA is 2.4 and yet I applied for teachers colleges in PNG that require a current GPA of 2.4 and above. Why I am not selected with such a GPA?
Brief answer: The current GPA of 2.4 for teachers' college is the threshold which is the borderline GPA. If you have a GPA close to the borderline GPA, you are last in the queue during the actual selection and also last in the queue in the Admission Pool. It's sad but true. Those students who have GPAs higher than the threshold with first-choice preference have a higher chance of being selected than those sitting at the borderline GPA.

Grade 12 Selections 2022 NOAS Status Check

As you read the three questions, you may have realised that the best thing to do is to get the five choices on NOAS right - spot on.

For now, if you are in DHERST Admission Pool, make sure you check your status regularly to see if there are any changes to your selection status. 

Also, check the final lists that come out on the DHERST website. 

The institution you apply to will publish its acceptance lists. You may want to check that too.

All in all, your NOAS student account is the right place to confirm your selection. If you have any questions about selections, please leave a comment below.

Non-School Leavers Selections Lists 2023

DHERST released the NSL selection list for the Teachers' Colleges and Nursing Colleges on the 21st of December 2022.

We compiled the selection lists which are responsive on mobile and PC. Check out the links for the latest NSL selections list for the institutions in PNG:

2023 Grade 12 Selection List and DHERST TESAS Award List Info

PNG Insight will continue to bring updates and information re. the Grade 12 selection and DHERST TESAS Award listings.

If you have any questions about the 2023 Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection 2023.

DHERST TESAS Award list for New Intakes (SL & NSL) and Continuing students for 2023 was released today - download the PDFs here 

DHERST TESAS LIST 2023 - Study Online in PNG

LATEST ARTICLE: PNG Universities and Colleges 2023 Acceptance List Info, TESAS, HELP Loan and Registration and Orientation - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

We also provide some background information about the 6 PNG universities here. Find out about the selections lists for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU:

DHERST Selection & TESAS Award List | PNG Universities

Important update: 

NOTE: This is an update that we bring to our readers last year - we will bring the same update on the 2023 Grade 12 selections list for universities and non-universities. Stay in touch.

  • #5 The Grade 12 (NEW INTAKES) Selection List is now published by DHERST (27/01/2021) - See the 'stats that matter 
  • #4 Notes on 2021 Continuing Students TESAS Awards List, why many students' names are not on the list published by DHERST.
  • #3 For the status updates of PNG universities' acceptance list, click here.
  • #2 DHERST has not released the 2021 School Leavers TESAS award list for HEIs. It is not clear why, but we believe the HEIs sent the Students' Acceptance Letters out already.
  • #1 As predicted in an earlier video (at the end of this article), DHERST has announced that the 2021 Tertiary Selection List will be released on Friday the 8th of January 2021.

2023 PNG Exam Results

2023 PNG Universities DHERST Selection List for all universities and other tertiary institutions should be live after DHERST publish the PDF file online.

The 2023 Grade 12 selection list for PNG tertiary institutions will not be available immediately after the release of the Grade 12 Online Results. It will take a few days for DHERST to do the online selections for each tertiary institution in the country. 

The final DHERST list will be published online in PDF format. We will let you know when the Tertiary Institutions selection comes out usually 3 - 5 days after the release of Grade 10 and 12 exam results.

NDOE Results and DHERST Selections

First, the online result will come out, released by the NDOE, through the Measurement Servies Division (MSD). 

After that, the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHESRT) will use the marks to finalise their selections for PNG tertiary institutions; and make the selection listing for 2021 available on their website. 

Here is how the online results and selection work

TESAS Awards List - Universities

The Grade 12 selection for tertiary institutions in PNG, usually, comes out during the first week of January of the new year as seen in the last two years.

However, there were administrative problems with the Grade 12 selections in 2020 and 2021. The problems were fixed and the selection lists were updated and released to the public.

Here is what DHERST said about the updated Grade 12 selections listing for tertiary institutions:

The Department of Higher Education Research Science & Technology (DHERST) wishes to advise students and higher education institutions (HEIs) that it has revised the previous TESAS awards for continuing students for 2020 academic year. The award list published on the DHERST website on the 5th of January 2020 is retracted due to some technical problems beyond our control. This has been rectified and scholarships rewarded to all eligible students. (DHERST Press release | 19/01/2020)

When will the 2023 Selection list be published?

Based on last year's experience, we would infer that the selection list would be published late in December 2022 or early January 2023. Perhaps it is important to check the DHERST website during the Christmas and New Year period for DHERST press releases regarding the Grade 12 tertiary institutions selections for 2021. 

How to Confirm Grade 12 Students' Selection and TESAS Status

The Grade 12 selection is done online and is quick. When the selection lists for all PNG Universities and non-universities are finalised, the DHERST publishes it on their website. Students, parents and stakeholders can download and check the Grade 12 student's status - whether they are selected or not!

Here is how to check the selection status (WITH VIDEO GUIDE). This article shows you how to use the Grade 12 student SLF number and search the downloaded PDF files, with ease :) So, check it out. 


About PNG Insight

PNG Insight is an education blog. It aims to highlight the key developments in the education sector in Papua New Guinea. Started in 2014 on Google's blogger (now self-hosted on WordPress), PNG Insight strives to be a platform for critical thinking and discussions; and a source of information.

We ask that you join us on FacebookTwitter or YouTube for up-to-date education info on tertiary institution selections in the country, as they happen. 

Grade 12 Exam NEAEA Results 2023 | Ethiopia

We have seen a lot of Grade 12 students from Ethiopia coming into the PNG Insight Blog searching for information on NEAEA Exam Results. This year we made some general information available, particularly about the Grade 12 Exam Result NEAEA 2023 to point you in the right direction.

Update Jan 2023: Check out the NEW information on the Grade 12 university entrance exam results in this article.

2023 Grade 12 exam updated

The NEAEA announced that the 2013 Grade 12 exam will be given around mid-October. However, the examination body is, yet, to decide on the exam day.

NEAEA said in a Facebook post that there are more than 620,000 students sitting for the examinations. There is a need to iron out some fine details such as the 
  • issue of Tigrian students, 
  • time of the university, 
  • regions are ready to give the exams, 
  • the month of September and
  • federal and the regional government's work season in this month.

The director of the Agency, Dr. Delam Autore, said the October exam will be on paper or on tablet and the agency is preparing for it to take place smoothly.

What to study in Australia? Here are the latest opportunities available for students in Ethiopia.

NEAEA 8181 Check results

If students are unable to check their results online, they can use the 8181 text code to send a message and check their results. Enter the free text message 'RTN', *space* to 8181. Here are the 3 steps you'll need:
  • Key in RTN on your phone
  • Press *space*
  • Send to 8181
This is a free text message and you'll get your result instantly.

Recommended reading: Here is the latest info on the Grade 12 Examination and Result

NEAEA 2023 results portal news today

NEAEA website 

You can get up-to-date information on Examinations and Results at the National Educational Assessment And Examination Agency (NEAEA) and Education ministry websites and Facebook pages.

The list below are pointers to help our Ethiopian visitors. Hope you get the information you are looking for.

Ethiopia NEAEA 2023 Exam Dates - JUNE

The exam dates for 2023 are often available on the Ethiopian NEAEA official website in PDF format. Download the Exam Dates, PDF). This file contains the following timetables:
  • Grade 12 Ethiopian University Entrance Examinations
  • Grade 8 Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations
*The dates are taken directly from the Ethiopia NEAEA website. Please, check the official for the latest information relating to exam dates.

NEAEA Grade 12 Results

The results are normally released in August, here is more information on Grade 12 NEAEA 2023 results.

From the past records, Grade 12 students have to use their login details to access their Ethiopean NEAEA exam results online.

The Grade 12 October NEAEA exam result webpage is here - CHECK EXAM RESULTS. 

NEAEA Grade 12 october exam 2023

Latest News - 2023 NEAEA results

You can confirm the dates and get the latest updates on results at NEAEA online via the website or social media - see the direct links below:

  • NEAEA App: (NEAEA)
  • Website: (Read Latest News)
  • Facebook (Facebook Updates)
  • YouTube Updates - Click Here
 We have updated this information. Here is the latest info on the Grade 12 Examination and Result.

2022/2023 DHERST Grade 12 Selection - Stats that Matter

Although the number of intakes increased (and Western Pacific University took in its first students last year), many students dropped out. 

In the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 Grade 12 selections, nearly 20,000 Gr 12 students did not enter a Tertiary institution (TI).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR READERS: PNG Insight compiles that data year-on-year on this page to give readers a good idea about the number of grade 12 students in the country. We know that DHERST and the Department of Education do not have a better way to compile vital data and stat over the years. This data is important for planning as well as for academia.

DHERST TESAS Award list for New Intakes (SL & NSL) and Continuing students for 2023 was released today - download the PDFs here 


2021 Grade 12 selection

  • 31, 817 students were nominated to sit the exams; 
  • 26,544 students were certified; 
  • total HEI quota for 2021 is 16,171; 
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students were NOT selected for 2022 HEI studies.

2020 Grade 12 selection

  • 30,711 sat for exams and were certified;
  • 7,000 entered a TI;
  • 23,000 Gr 12 did NOT enter a TI.

2019 Grade 12 selection

  • 9,374 entered TIs
  • 27,143 who sat for the end-of-the-year exams.

LATEST ARTICLE: PNG Universities and Colleges 2022 Acceptance List Info, TESAS, HELP Loan and Registration and Orientation - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

Information about the selection for Grade 12

You may find the hints helpful when checking for the students on the tertiary selection list for next year.

Meanwhile, the article presents five helpful information about the selection list:

1. AES and TESAS tertiary scholarships.
2. Stats of Grade 12 students selected to tertiary institutions.
3. Important notes from DHERST.
4. How to identify students on DHERST tertiary selection list.
5. Where to download the tertiary selection list PDF.

2022/2023 DHERST Grade 12 selection
2022 tertiary selection listing to be launched on 21.12.2021

The 2022 DHERST TESAS PDF list for continuing students will be available at DHERST website. Check out these recent posts here.

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If you want more information details about the Grade 12 selection listing, GPA or scholarship, refer to one of the articles below:

  • Grade 12 Online Selection for Higher Education and Exam Results - Differentiated
  • How to calculate your Grade 12 GPA using Your Results [Updated].
  • Why You Should Know Your GPA (Click here)

2022 selected students on tertiary scholarships

The 2022 Grade 12 Selection list is likely to be in one PDF file (like the past years' lists); and easy to check the selected students to tertiary institutions in the country. 

Last year DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) published the Grade 12 Selection List on the 18th of December. 

The selected students were awarded a government scholarship under two categories. The PNG government's higher education scholarship is called TESAS (the Tertiary Education Scholarship Assistant Scheme).

TESAS is classed into either HECAS (the Higher Education Contribution Assistance Scheme) or AES (the Academic Excellence Scholarship).

If a student is not awarded one of the government's scholarships, then the student is considered Self-sponsored. 

The numbers of students awarded each scholarship in 2019 - 2021 are given below.

Fact file Grade 12 students selection stats

2021 for 2022 ACADEMIC YEAR
  • 31,817 students were nominated by their schools to sit the national exams.
  • 26,544 students certified for selection.
  • 237 HEI Programs.
  • 16,171 Total HEI quota for 2022.
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies.

2020 for 2021 ACADEMIC YEAR
  • 188 secondary and National High schools in PNG
  • 32,841 Grade 12 students were nominated to sit for national exams.
  • 30, 711 Grade 12 students sat for the Grade.
  • Just over 7,000 students were selected to Tertiary Institutions in the country in 2020 for the 2021 academic year.

2019 for 2020 ACADEMIC YEAR
  • 27,743 (= *18,318 + **11,792) students registered in DHERST online selection system
  • *18,318 students in the national admission pool NOT selected 
  • **11,792 (=***9,427 + ****2365) spaces available quota/spaces in higher education institutions (205 programs in HEI)
  • ***9,425 Grade 12 students selected to tertiary institutions
  • ****2,365 spaces yet to be filled via the national admission pool

2018 for 2019 ACADEMIC YEAR
  • AES- 904 Grade 12 Students awarded scholarships under this category 
  • HECAS - 3757 Students awarded scholarships under this category 
  • SELF-SPONSORED - 3936 had not been awarded a scholarship even they were selected by the selectors. 
  • Total students selected to Higher learning institutions in PNG = 8597 

DHERST Selection Key Points

DHERST announced 3 points that selected students to Tertiary institutions should take note of. 

In a press release, the department of higher education said the students whose names appeared on the Grade 12 selection list must take note of the following:
(1) Your personal details contained within your application has been forwarded to the Higher Education Institution which has selected you.
(2) You should expect to receive an admissions offer letter directly from your Higher Education Institution (HEI). The HEI will communicate directly with you to inform you on specific details. 
(3) If your Study Program receives scholarship awards from the National Government, you may be eligible for financial support through the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS). Your TESAS status is also indicated in this National Selection List. Please log in to the NOAS ( and check MyStatus section any time before the 22nd December 2018 for further details on how to access your scholarship. [DHERST , Press Release 2019]

2022 DHERST tertiary selection list pdf

It can be fiddly to identify a student's name in the PDF selection listing. But, you can use a quick trick to solve this problem. Simply use the 'search' bar on the PDF list. 

The students' names are not on the selection list last year. Presumably, if it is the same this year, students can not use their names when searching. The best detail to use is the student's number on School Leaver's Form (SLF). 

How to quickly find a selected student on the 2022 DHERST tertiary selection pdf list

1. Download the PDF file onto your device
2. Use the search button
3. Type in student's SLF number
4. Search
5. Confirm the school against SLF #.
6. Confirm your scholarship/fee status.

2022/2023 grade 12 selection list dpf
PDF file listing by SLF number

Grade 12 selected students NOT on tertiary institutions scholarship

It is perhaps important to note that about 50% of the Grade 12 student names on the Grade 12 selection list are NOT awarded a government scholarship (AES or HECAS) last year. 

They are, therefore, classified as self-sponsored students. (Here is a list of ideas about what to do to get a scholarship if you are a self-sponsored student).

But, what if a student's name is completely NOT on the Grade 12 selection list?  Here is what DHERST had to say about it in 2019:
We would like to inform you that your application has now been moved into the NOSS Admissions Pool. 
In the event that a higher education institution was not able to achieve 100 percent yield in the National Selections, your application may be considered from within the NOSS Admissions Pool. Should this happen, please log in to the NOAS ( and check MyStatus section prior to 31st December 2018. 
Also take note that in the event that a selected Grade 12 school leaver does not accept his/her admission offer, your application may also be considered from within the National Admissions’ Pool. Should this happen, please log in to the NOAS ( and check MyStatus section throughout February of 2019. 
If you have not achieved a GPA above 2.0 it may NOT be likely that your application will be considered from within the National Admission Pool. It is therefore highly recommended that you consider upgrading your marks with an intent to re-apply for further studies as a Non-School Leaver. Do not give up![DHERST , Press Release 2019]

Where to download the 2022 Tertiary Selection List

The HEI selection lists for the past years were officially released by DHERST. Last year the list came out on the 18th day of December. 

This year DHERST will release the selection list PDF file on their website

About PNG Insight

PNG Insight is an education blog. It aims to highlight the key developments in the education sector in Papua New Guinea. Started in 2014 on Google's blogger (now self-hosted on WordPress), PNG Insight strives to be a platform for critical thinking and discussions; and a source of information.

Leave a comment and let us know about your visit. 

DHERST Online Selection - Grade 12 Online Exam Results vs Grade 12 Online Selections

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) clearly differentiated between the Grade 12 Online Exam Results and Grade 12 school leavers' online selections. 

Here is a post about DHERST Selections that provides information for Schools Leavers and Non-School Leavers.

The message below is DHERST's explanation of the two selection processes. 

"We wish to inform and clarify to the general public that the publishing and or release of Grade 12 Results is the responsibility of the Measurement Service Division of the National Department of Education and NOT the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST).

The National Online Application Systems (NOAS) is a separate system developed by DHERST for Grade 12 students to apply for further studies. The NOAS is not currently used for publishing Grade 12 Results, but rather to allow Grade 12 students to finalize their choices for further studies.

The National Department of Education have recently launched a separate system and website to access Grade 10 and 12 final results. To obtain Grade 12 final marks, please contact the National Department of Education or check their website. [DHERST Support Service, Facebook 06/12/2018].
online slf 2023 grade 12 selection
MS PPT Image

In fact, two education departments are facilitating the Grade 12 results and online School Leavers Application (SLA) at this time of the year. 

First, the results - both Grade 10 and 12 results - are the works of the Measurement Services Division (MSD) of the National Education Department. 

Anything to do with the RESULTS is through this web address Perhaps it is important to know that the results are only provisional. That means that the results and other details like name-spelling that may have errors are subject to final changes.

Check out the latest article on Grade 12 DHERST Online Selection >>> Click Here

Second, the Grade 12 online selection for the tertiary institution is the work of DHERST. And, the online selection to tertiary institutions in the country comes under DHERST. 

This web address ( links to online applications and services the higher education department provides.

Fact files: Number of students year-by-year

  • DHERST online selection began in 2017. So, the 2021 Grade 12 online selection was the 5th year of implementation. Students going to tertiary institutions in forecasted to remain at 2018 figure of ~12000 - 13000 students. 
  • 30711 Grade 12 students completed school in 2020, up nearly 1500 students from 2019. No significant increase in the number of students entering tertiary institutions in PNG.
  • A total of 29,000 Grade 12 students did the exams in 2019. An increase of nearly 5000 spaces from 2018 
  • A total of 12,234 students were selected to commence the 2018 academic year (47% of the 25,848 who applied)

DHERST and MSD Online result and selection systems

  • MSD's inaugural online platform is for checking Grade 10 and Grade 12 results. It was implemented in 2018.
  • Only two student's preferences on the SLA in 2017 (5 preferences in 2018, 2019 and 2020)
  • Students with a GPA of 2.3 or above were considered for selection in 2017 for 2018 entry to Higher Learning Institutions. The same for the 2018 selection for 2019 and the 2019 selection for 2020.
  • The students selected via the DHERST online application platform are NOT automatically awarded a PNG government's TESAS scholarship (HECAS or AES). ONLY those who receive a scholarship award letter are on TESAS. 
  • SELF-SPONSORED STUDENTS - if you are selected but did not receive the award letter from DHERST, consider yourself a self-sponsored student.

The Gr 10 and Gr 12 online results for2023

For more information on the latest results, visit PNG Insight or click on the image to go directly to the *NEW* website.
We followed the developments in education over the years and have a collection of education Apps and websites. Click here to check them out. You may also find our article on Grade 10 Online results here helpful. 

If you have any questions about the  Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection.

About PNG Insight

PNG Insight is an education blog. It aims to highlight the key developments in the education sector in Papua New Guinea. Started in 2014 on Google's blogger (now self-hosted on WordPress), PNG Insight strives to be a platform for critical thinking and discussions; and a source of information.

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