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My PNG Exam Slow: What to Do

The My PNG Exam Results.Com portal has been experiencing a significant increase in traffic, leading to slower response times and delays in accessing exam results. This surge in visitors can be attributed to the portal's popularity and the release of exam results. 

While the portal's infrastructure has been designed to handle regular traffic, the sudden influx of users has put a strain on its resources.

My PNG Exam Results.Com portal slow 

The My PNG Exam Results.Com portal's slow performance has caused delays and frustration for students seeking their exam results. Most websites on shared hosts and slow cloud servers often do not perform well under heavy traffic. 

A dedicated cloud server close to or within PNG can resolve this issue by providing exclusive resources, ensuring faster response times even during peak traffic. The education department should prioritise this migration to guarantee a seamless user experience for all.

Here are suggestions to help you check your exam results. 

Access your PNG exam results quickly and easily through the My PNG Exam Results platform, available at Get your exam results anytime, anywhere, and stay updated on all the latest information regarding PNG education.

2G/3G Network Users

If you're on a 2G network, it may be difficult or impossible to access the portal. Consider moving to an area with better network coverage, preferably near a telecom tower, to improve your connection. 

For those with a 3G or faster network, try accessing the portal during less congested periods, such as early mornings or late evenings.

My PNG Exam Result App

Smartphone users can now access their exam results with greater ease and efficiency by utilising the My PNG Exam Result App. This mobile application, available on the Google Play Store, offers a streamlined experience tailored specifically for mobile devices. 

Unlike accessing the portal through a web browser, the app significantly reduces loading times and provides a more stable connection, ensuring that you can quickly retrieve your results without the frustrating delays often encountered on the web portal.

Mobile-Laptop Hot-Spotting

If you need to access the portal on your laptop, consider using mobile data to hotspot the device. This method allows your laptop to connect to the internet through your mobile phone's data connection. 

While it may not be as stable as a dedicated internet connection, it can provide access to your exam results when alternative options are unavailable.

This uses up a lot of data, but it will work fast.

Best Practices for Optimal Performance

If the portal remains sluggish, try clearing the cache and cookies on your device before attempting to access it again. 

This simple step can often resolve temporary performance issues. Additionally, avoid refreshing the page excessively, as this can further slow down the portal.

Urgent Access for Grade 12 Students

For Grade 12 students, particularly those seeking admission to higher education institutions, accessing their exam results promptly is crucial. 

Knowing your exam results can provide valuable insights when adjusting your NOAS applications

If you have urgent needs, consider accessing the portal during off-peak hours or through the My PNG Exam Result App.

Patience and Understanding

The My PNG Exam Results.Com portal is currently experiencing congestion due to high traffic volume.

Please be patient and understanding as it will improve when internet traffic slows down. In the meantime, consider using the recommended alternative methods to access your exam results.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 for Grade 10 and Grade 12: Release Date

The much-anticipated My PNG Exam Results 2023 for Grade 10 and Grade 12 will be released on the 8th of December 2023. The Education Minister, Jimmy Uguro made this announcement during the 28th graduation ceremony of Port Moresby National School of Excellence in the National Capital District.

Want to know, exactly, how the Grade 12 selection takes place? Find out here

My PNG Exam Results 2023 

Minister Uguro stated that the results would be published online, allowing parents and students to easily access them. He also mentioned that the Education Department is currently working on a system to recognise the country's top-performing students, teachers, and schools.

First Assistant Secretary of the Measurement Services Division of the Education Department, Arulappan Packiam, said that his division is still conducting quality checks and data entry to ensure that students receive accurate marks.

MSD plans to publish the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results on the scheduled date which is the 8th of December, 2023.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 Grade 10 Exam results online

Impact of Grade 11 Selection 2023/2024

The General Education Services Division, a sister division of MSD, scheduled the Grade 11 selections for 2024 from the 4th - 8th of December 2023. However, with the release of the Grade 10 results pegged to the 8th of December, GES will have to re-schedule the Grade 11 selection. 

This means that GES selections for Grade 11 students to the National Schools of Excellence and Secondary Schools will start after the exam results come out. 

If you are a Grade 10 or Grade 12 student who wants to get your final marks (and Grades re-checked), here is how to do it.

My PNG Exam Results 2023 - Grade 12 results online

Grade 12 (DHEST) Online Selection 2023/2024

The Grade 12 students will have plenty of time to adjust their choices on the National Online Application System (NOAS).

As soon as students see their results, they can log in to their NOAS accounts and adjust their school leavers' choices by checking their ''My Back Up Programmes" and "My Eligible Programmes". Read about the difference between these two choices here.

Fr Jan Czuba, Acting Secretary of the Higher Education, Research and Science Technology Department (DHERST), stated that tertiary student selections would be made after receiving Grade 12 exam results from the Education Department.

NOAS My Back Up Programmes" and "My Eligible Programmes - DHERST

Check My PNG Exam Results

Students can check their Grade 10 and Grade 12 results online. Here is an article that explains how to check the My PNG Exam Results 2023 online.

In conclusion, the release of the My PNG Exam Results 2023 for Grade 10 and Grade 12 is eagerly awaited by students and parents. The Education Department is working diligently to ensure that the results are accurate and published on the scheduled date of the 8th of December.

My PNG Exam Results 2023: When to Expect Results

The National Department of Education in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is currently cleansing exam data for the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams. This is a routine process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of results. Once the data cleansing process is complete, the results will be uploaded to the My PNG Exam Results website (

PNG Insight Updates on: 2023, my png exam results 2023 grade 12, my png exam results 2023 grade 10, my png exam results 2023

Important Dates 2023

The following are important dates related to the release of the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results and the selection process:

The release of the PNG Exam Results 2023 is the work of the Measurement Services Division (of the NDoE). They will make an announcement about when to check the exam results before (or during) the selections.

Update 02.12.2023: Education Department has announced the Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exam Result release date, get the details here.

Grade 11 & DHERST Selections Impacts on Results Release Dates

The release dates for Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results have important implications for the selection process. MSD must meet the deadline set by its sister division, General Education Services, and Higher Education Department, DHERST.

Grade 11 selectors need the Grade 10 results before the 4th of December 2023 to begin the selection process for the 2024 academic year. Similarly, DHERST needs the Grade 12 results for selection, but more importantly, students need their results between the 12th and 15th of December 2023 to adjust their preferences during the NOAS Grace Period.

Therefore, the exam results must be released before the selections begin. Any delay in the release of the exam results will have ripple effects and cause delays in the release of the Grade 11 selection lists and DHERST Grade 12 Selection.


Ensure accuracy in your Grade 12 results by requesting a re-check or re-marking. While underutilised, this valuable service can rectify errors. To find out how to request this service, click here.

Grade 12 Exam Results 2023 PDF

Availability of Results

The exact date for the online release of Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results has not yet been announced. However, based on past release dates, students can expect their results to be available in early December 2023.

Once the My PNG Exam Results website is reactivated, students can check their results by following these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your School Leaver's File (SLF) number and name

3. Click on the "Check Results" button to login

Here is how to check the Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results

In conclusion, the Measurement Service Division of the Department of Education will communicate the exact release dates for the 2023 Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results. 

Students, parents/guardians, and educators are advised to stay tuned for official announcements for the release of the Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results for 2023.

Key Points

  • The My PNG Exam Results website is currently offline.
  • Exam results are typically available in early December.
  • Grade 11 selectors will need access to  2023 Grade 10 exam results before the 4th of December to participate in the Grade 11 National Selection.
  • Grade 12 students will need access to their results before the 12th of December to adjust their preferences during the NOAS Grace Period.

Here is a video that you will find useful. 

Grade 10 Exam, Release of Exam Results, and Grade 11 Selection 2024

The Grade 10 exam and Grade 11 selection process in Papua New Guinea (PNG) is an important moment for students. It is when they find out if they can go to Grade 11. 

The release of Grade 10 exam results and the Grade 11 selection is a three-month long process that involves many different people, including the Department of Education, school principals, and provincial representatives. 

This article will explain the timeline of events, the selection criteria, and why this process is so important for students, parents, and guardians. 

2023 Exam Results, and Grade 11 Selection 2024

Timeline of Events: Grade 10 Exam, Exam Results, and Grade 11 Selection

Here is a step-by-step timeline of the key events related to the Grade 10 exam results and Grade 11 selection process:

October: National Examinations

  • Grade 10 students across PNG take their national exams in October each year.
  • The week after the exams, selected Grade 10 teachers in each province mark the exams and record the students' scores.
  • Provincial Examination Supervisors (PESs) and provincial marking committees coordinate the making in each province
  • The PES sends the Grade 10 results to the Measurement Services Division of the National Education Department in Port Moresby.

November: Data Checks and Release of PNG Grade 10 Exam Results

In November, the Measurement Services Division (MSD) of the Department of Education checks the Grade 10 students' scores to make sure they are accurate.

This is a very important step because it makes sure that the student's information is correct before the results are released to the selections.

Once the MSD has checked the scores, they release the results for Grade 10 students to the Grade 11 selection committee and also publish the results online.

This year (2023), the Grade 11 National Selection will take place 4th  - 8th of December, 2023, according to the Education Department. But with the exam results coming out on the 8th of December, the selection will take place after the scheduled date. Stay in touch on PNG Insight as we bring you the details.

December: Grade 11 Selection

Two key education entities are involved in the Grade 11 selection process: the General Education Services (GES) of the Department of Education, and school principals or provincial representatives.

  • The MSD processes the Grade 10 exam results and makes them available online.
  • The GES and principals use these results to select students for Grade 11.
  • The selection process can take up to two weeks to finish.
  • Once the selection process is finished, the GES publishes the Grade 11 selection list on the Department of Education's website.
Click on the link to get more information about Grade 10 and Grade 12 Selections.

Grade 11 Selection: Weighted-Score System vs. Circumstance

Weighted-Score System

The weighted-score system is the primary method for selecting students for Grade 11 in Papua New Guinea. Students are assigned a weighted score based on their performance on the Grade 10 national exams, with higher scores given to more difficult subjects. Students with the highest weighted scores are selected for Grade 11, regardless of their province or other circumstances.

Watch this video to find out how the Education Department uses this system to select students.

Selection by Circumstance

In addition to the weighted score system, there are several other factors that can influence the selection of students for Grade 11. PNG Insight lists the 5 main factors below.

Academic performance: 

A student's academic performance on the Grade 10 national exams is still a very important factor in the selection process, even if they are selected based on circumstance. 

Number of spaces available: 

There are only a limited number of spaces available in secondary and national high schools.  Students may miss out on selection for Grade 11 even if they do not have the highest weighted scores.

Parental requests: 

Parents and guardians can write to school principals to explain why they want their child to go to a particular school. Principals may consider parental requests when selecting students for Grade 11, but they are not obligated to do so.

Special circumstances: 

In some cases, special circumstances such as family reasons or job transfers may allow principals to select students for Grade 11 at their schools. Principals may consider special circumstances when selecting students for Grade 11, but they are not obligated to do so.

Student preferences: 

Students can indicate their preferences for secondary and national high schools on their School Leavers Forms (SLF). Principals may consider student preferences when selecting students for Grade 11, but they are not obligated to do so.

Significance of the Grade 10 Exam and Grade 11 Selection Process

The Grade 10 exam and Grade 11 selection process is a very important event in the lives of PNG students, parents, and guardians. The outcome of this process determines a student's eligibility to continue their secondary education and pursue their academic dreams.

For students, the Grade 10 exam and Grade 11 selection process is a crucial milestone in their academic journeys. It is a time for them to reflect on their academic progress and set goals for the future. It is also a time for them to seek support from their parents, teachers, and mentors.

For parents and guardians, the Grade 10 exam and Grade 11 selection process is a time of great anticipation and anxiety. They want their children to succeed and have the best possible opportunities for the future. However, they are also aware of the challenges that their children may face in the competitive selection process.


The Grade 10 exam and Grade 11 selection process in Papua New Guinea is a critical event that shapes the academic journeys of students. The transparency and fairness of this process, along with the dedication of educational authorities, ensure that deserving students receive the opportunities they need to achieve their goals in life.



This information is based on PNG Insight's in-depth understanding of the exam process and workings of the education department's exams and selection process over the years. We are not affiliated with the education department, nor do we represent the department.

The education department does not publish the exact date for the release of the exam results and the Grade 11 selection list in the Education Calendar. It only announces the date when the results and selection lists are ready. That means that you will have to depend on news, social media, and PNG education website for the latest on Grade 10 (and Grade 8 and 12) results and selection.

Please note that this information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for official information from the education department.

Is removing Grades 8 and 10 exams a mistake?

The PNG Education Ministry and Education Department are embarking on a 10-year plan to address the growing number of students at schools and reduce the cost of educating them. 

First, let's be reminded of the past lessons:

Remember the curricular and education structural changes - SBC to OBE to SBC, and the 6-4-2 to 2-6-4 to 1-6-6?
These changes were unnecessary and a waste of time and money; and have long-term dominoe effects.

PNG Grade 8 and 10 exam results
Read my post-graduate work on Education and Development in PNG.

What is changing?

The education department has already planned to phase out - remove - the Grade 10 and 8 exams and introduce what is called National Education Quality Assessment Testing

The details of this test are not clear. In fact, no one knows how to carry out this kind of large-scale assessment. It has never been done successfully at Grade 8 and 10 levels, how the Education Ministry and Education Department are going about it is sketchy. 

It is exactly the repeat of past years - the blind (Edu Ministry) leading the dumb (Edu Dept). Sorry to say this, but not sorry it's true.

Again, the PNG politicians, education ministers and senior education officials just need to look back and see the mistakes in the last 20 years (yes, in their lifetime) so that they do not repeat the same mistakes.

In this important change, the students will continue to Grade 12 without taking the normal/external exams in Grades 8 and 10. There'll be only 1 exam in Grade 12.

Changes are good but why change an assessment that works fine? 

  • Just imagine if the SBC was not changed in 1992/1993. The PNG education curriculum would have been far better than it is today.
  • What would the education structure be like if the 6-4-2 was not changed to 2-6-4?
Obviously, no one would be talking about changing them back if these changes have not taken place 25 years ago.

The two points are wishful thinking. The damage has been done. But we know there were people (Papua New Guineans in Politics and Education circles) who did not have the brain to say:


Is removing exams a mistake?

Removing examinations at Grade 8 and 10 is going to shake the foundation of the Education System in PNG, no doubt. 

The PNG govt and the education advisors have got it wrong in the past. The 6-4-2 to 2-6-4 to the proposed 1-6-6 structural re-adjustment is one example of an unnecessary change. Another example of an unnecessary change in the curriculum change we saw lately, SBE to OBE to SBE.

There are many other changes that should not have happened in the FIRST PLACE. Removing a perfectly working examination at Grade 8 and 10 is a case of destroying what works well. 

As a country, we do not want to continue with it for some years and regret it.

Why remove exams at Grade 8 and 10?

The main reason is that the PNG govt cannot effectively conduct exams - it just costs too much. Furthermore, there are too many students in schools dropping out at Grade 8 and Grade 10 - the govt wants them to have a Grade 12 education. 

However, these are not good reasons to remove examinations (external assessments) and instead opt for classroom-based assessments. 


You see, this kind of assessment will save the govt money, but it is not as effective as it is intended to be. At present, the education department cannot rely on the internal assessment marks schools sent to Waigani.

They need the external assessment which is the Grade 8 and 10 exams.

Exams and Assessments

The parents and stakeholders need to know that the education department does *not* have to remove the exam and replace it with another assessment called National Education Quality Assessment Testing

Both can work side by side. 

There are already these kinds of literacy and numeracy (L&N)  assessments at Grades 3, 5 and 7: in the Pacific this assessment is called PILNA; in PNG there is an assessment called CSMT; and in Australia, they have what is called NAPLAN. 

These are broad-based  (literacy and numeracy competency) assessments that run alongside the main examinations.

Though these external L&N assessments are different in design and purpose, they are fundamental pillars of measuring learning. 

Therefore, removing one and replacing it with another IS NOT the right thing to do!

What you can do?

This change will affect you and your children in 20 - 50 years time. You have a responsibility to share this message and make sure everyone knows what is happening.

Talk about it now.

We cannot wait 20 years to realise it's too obvious and change things back.

Classroom assessments are NOT Exams

PNG Education Ministry and Education Department are terrible at making changes. This change - removing Grades 8 and 10 exams - should be considered carefully.

All in all, the reasons for removing the exams do not justify the need to continue with the exams at Grades 8 and 10.

Exams are pillars of a 'sustainable' education system.
Comment and share your thoughts about the planned removal of Grade 8 and 10 exams.

Top Performing Schools in PNG 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019

Since 2016, the National Department of Education has taken pride in announcing the ranks of the Top Performing Schools in PNG. Each school in the country ranks according to its performance in the national examination. 

top performing secondary schools and national high schools in PNG

Ranking the Top Performing Schools in PNG

The education department ranks the schools as the top 10 performing schools based on how well the students perform in the exams. Also, the department recognises schools that have signs of improvement over the years. 

A school can rank among the top-performing schools or as the most improved school. 

 Mean Rating Index, MRI,

The department uses what is called the Mean Rating Index, MRI, to convert students' Grades to percentages  (out of 100%) or decimals (out of 1.0). 

In simple terms, the more As (in Grade 12) or Distinctions (in Grade 10) the higher the MRI a school gets. 

The schools are then sorted in order to pick out the top-performing schools in the country.

The list of 2023 top performing schools available here.

Most improved schools 

The most improved schools are those that show signs of improvement as compared to their past performances. 

It is a good indicator of improved teaching and learning introduced recently. It is done to acknowledge and recognise a school's achievements.

Top 10 Secondary Schools and National High Schools in PNG in 2022

Here is the latest update on the top-performing Secondary Schools in PNG in 2022. 

Top Performing Secondary and National High Schools in 2021 (Grade 12)

PNG Insight created a summary table of the Top 10 Schools in PNG on our main website - check it out

Top Performing High and Secondary Schools in 2021 (Grade 10)

You can also find the summary table of the schools that produce the top Grade 10 students in the country on our main website. 

Follow this link for the latest updates

Grade 11 Selections 2024

The Grade 11 selections will take place as soon as the selection committee from the provinces get the exam results. 

Reassuringly, the 2023 results are out on the 8th of December 2023. That means that the selection should be starting now. 

It may take up to 2 weeks to complete the Grade 11 selection. Check this article for more info.

DHERST National Online Selection 2024

DHERST announced the dates for selections and release of acceptance lists on its website. Here is a brief of the dates:
  • 2024 academic year admission selection list 2023 publication – Saturday 23rd December 2023
  •  Launching of 2023 Selection for 2024 academic year - Thursday 21st December, 2023
  • NOAS Grace period – Tuesday 12th December- Friday 15th December, 2023

Check this article for more info on DHERST National Online Selection 2023

My PNG Exam Results 2023 - Grade 10 and Grade 12 Login

The PNG Department of Education and Measurement Services Division (MSD) initiated My PNG Exam Results website (URL: This is the website Grade 10 and 12 students in the country use for checking the 2023 results. It is wholly paid for by the NDoE/MSD and run by a group called Pure Maths.

This article will help you understand the exam, marking and exam data as you anticipate the  My PNG Exam Results 2023 and what to do if you have problems logging in.

png grade 12 exam results 2023 - png results pg - how do i get my png exam results?

Login and check Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exam Results 2023

Read the latest on Exams, Exam results and Grade 11 Selections on PNG Insight, follow the links.

PNG Insight has covered this topic extensively in the past four years. It has been a source of information for the Grades 10 and 12 students in the country.

You can watch the video on the PNG Insight YouTube channel or the embedded video below. It shows Grade 10 and Grade 12 students how to login to the PNG Exam Results website and what to do with their results.

What does My PNG Exam results website do?

The PNG Exam Results website is an online platform for checking the Grade 10 and Grade 12 provisional exam marks. It also has the capability for MDS data officers and provincial exam coordinators can input data into the system - but these functions have not been fully utilised at present.

The online results website started in 2018. This year will be the 5th year running. 

In brief, exam data sheets enter the MSD office after marking Grade 10 and Grade 12 exams and also from the schools in the country. The Students' Data from the internal school-based assessments and external examinations are manually entered, checked, re-checked and finalised for the final Grade 10 and Grade 12 results.

It is intensive work that the MSD officers and schools do to ensure all the marks, grades and certificates are ready.

My PNG Exam Result Website (

An external developer controls the backhand of the Exam Results website. They upload the Grade 10 and Grade 12 students' examination data files to the website. This happens after MSD's checks and balances. It is the final step before the students can check their results online.

MSD does most of the work as it is its responsibility.

Notably, the website's URL does not have like the NDoE website ( and other government departments do. 

As mentioned, the platform belongs to the NDoE and houses the Grade 12 and Grade 10 examination data. But, hosted on a different WEB-HOST and URL.

It is a matter for the education department to localise the HOST and URL. Hence, localising the students' data.

When is PNG Grade 10 and Grade 12 results coming out?

From past experience, the Grade 10 and Grade 12 results usually come out at the same time, in December every year. It is a time-bound activity that the education department (NDoE) had to get it right so that the higher education department (DHERST) could do the Grade 12 selection on time.

MSD gives the results to the Grade 11 selection committee and DHERST. They will use the results for the 2023 Grade 11 selection and Grade 12 selections.

The students can access their PNG Exam Results 2023 when (as soon as) the Grade 11 and Grade 12 selections are happening.

As for the Grade 12 student, this is the right time to log in to NAOS and make changes to your choices - this article will help you with that!

MUST do - Grade 10 and Grade 12 students

Here are three things you must do upon login to the MY PNG EXAM RESULTS website (

  • 1) You must change your password to a more secure one
  • 2) Download a PDF version of your exam results 2023
  • 3) Grade 12 students, you must log in to NOAS and make changes to your choices where necessary.

Comment and questions

If you have a question, write it in the 'comment' section. Or, follow the links to PNG Insight's videos. Get more info on Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results and Grade 11 and Grade 12 (DHERST) selections 2023.

PNG Grade 12 and Grade 10 2023 Exam Result and Selection Dates

As the 2023 Grade 12, 10 and 8 exams are taking place in October and going into the marking phases in November, you may wonder what will happen next. Here are PNG Insight's latest updates relating to the Grade 12 and 10 exam results 2023 and Grade 11 and DHERST selections 2024.

Take note of the important dates between now and December 2023, especially the results and selection dates.

Find out about Tertiary Entrance Rank, here.


Grade 12 selection list 2023 PDF

Grade 10 exam results and selections

As expected, the Grade 11 selection process in 2023 will commence shortly after the announcement of the results.

  • Following the release of the Grade 10 exam results, the selection for Grade 11 ang Grade 12 will be conducted.
  • Grade 12 students will proceed to tertiary institutions for further studies.
  • Grade 8 students will transition to Grade 9.

Other students may explore alternative options such as enrolling in FODE (Flexible Open Distance Education) or returning to their homes.

Here is further information on How to Check the Grade 10 Exam Results and How the Grade 11 Selection Takes Place.

Grade 12 Exam Results (

Based on the past experience, the Grade 12 exam results for 2023 will be released by the Measurement Services Division of the Education Department to the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) by early December 2023. This will give ample time to DHERST to do data cleansing and finetune the student's results for 2024 selections.

If you are a grade 12 student, it is important to check your results as soon as the results are available online so that you can make changes to your online School Leavers' choices. 

Usually, DHERST gives five days Grace Period for students to make adjustment/s before the National Online Selection kicks in.

Grade 10 and Grade 10 Exam results 2023 and Grade 11 Selections 2023 - my png exam results 2023

Grade 12 DHERST Selections 2024

PNG Insight has been following the Grade 12 DHERST National Online Selection System (NOSS) since it started in 2017/2018 and knows that online selection is the best thing spearheaded by the former higher education secretary.
In the years 2020 & 2021, there were administrative errors that caused a lot of inconvenience. Some of you will remember that the selection lists were recalled, updated and republished - this should be avoided. 
NOSS is fast. It takes just hours for the selection to be done automatically online. The results can be available the next day.
As mentioned earlier, the Education Department will release the Grade 12 results to DHERST early in December 2023. (the exact date is yet to be confirmed). The higher education department will then verify the data from the education department before uploading it onto NOSS for the selection to take place.

Find out how to login to My PNG Exam Results website and check the Grade 10 and Grade 12 results 2023.

Grace Period - NOAS

For Grade 12 students, you will have five days to check your marks and make adjustments to your initial choices (and preferences) for the higher institution in the country. 
You will be using two (different) systems - one from the education department (NDoE) and the other from the higher education department (DHERST).
  • To check your 2023 exam results, use the MyPNGExamResults website run by MSD. (MyPNGExamResults website -
  • And to adjust your results, use the DHERST NOAS, National Online Application System. (DHERST NOSS platform -
Also, Grade 12 and Grade 10 students can check their exam results using the MyPNGExamResults mobile app which could be downloaded via Google Play Store.

What DHERST say about the Grace Period 2023

DHERST emphasises that students should access their NOAS accounts during the grace period. This period is crucial as it is when students will begin making their choices based on their final grade 12 results. 

It is important for students to ensure that they log in to their NOAS accounts within the specified dates. 

During this time, if any of the five choices listed under "My Choices" are highlighted in red, it indicates that the student's final result does not meet the minimum program requirement set by the institution. 

In such cases, students are required to change the red highlighted choice to a different program available in their program list.

Important dates for Grade 12 students

Do take note of the important remaining dates:



Students adjust application for tertiary programmes (NOAS)

September 2023 - December 2023


Grade 12 national examinations

October 23

NOAS Grace Period


Launching of 2023 selection for 2024 academic year

Third week of December 2023

VIDEO: This video summarises the information provided in this article. 

Subscribe to PNG Insight YouTube Channel here.


In closing, PNG Insight would like to wish all the Grade 10 and Grade 12 students the best in the coming months and next year.

If you have any questions, follow the links or leave a question in the comment section.

(The contents on this blog are protected by our Copyright Policy and Google's DMCA)

Grade 10 and Grade 12 Exam Results PDF 2023 (How do I get my PNG exam results?)

Find out how to use your Grade 10 and Grade 12 school leavers numbers to log in to MyPNGExamResults website. If you are wondering ''how do I get my PNG exam results?'' this video explains how you can assess your results and download the PNG Grade 10 and Grade 12 exam results 2023 pdf.

2023 Grade 10 exam results

If you are a Grade 10 student checking on your 2023  exam results, here is how to get your PNG exam results:

  • Visit the MyPNGExamResults website
  • Click on the green button to go to my exam result interface 
  • Take note of the login format (four digits of the year, provincial code two digits, school code three digits and candidate number four digits)
  • Enter your surname, given name and the 13 characters' password
  • Click 'Get My Result'.
You will have 13 characters altogether you're a grade 10 student you should have 13 characters for your password with NO space.

Clicking on Click 'Get My Result' with the right password will give you access to the website where you can view your 2023 Grade 10 exam results and download them. 

Meanwhile, the exam results were by the NDoE/MSD on the 8th of December 2023.

If the exam results portal is SLOW, this article will help you access your results.

How do I get my PNG exam results?

If you are a Grade 12 student, you will have 12 characters for your password - four digits of the year, two digits of the province, three digits of the school, and your candidate number will be three digits.

You must get the password to access your 2023 Grade 12 Exam Results and Download the PDF file.

What to do with the Grade 10 exam results 2023 pdf?

Upon obtaining your Grade 10 or 12 exam results for the PNG 2023, it is important to prioritise securing and maintaining your exam results. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure the proper handling of your exam results:

1. Download and Secure Your Results: Proactively download the PDF document containing your exam results. Save it securely on your personal device, either a smartphone or a computer. Avoid relying on screenshots, as they lack the permanence and authenticity required for official purposes.

2. Enhance Documentation and Credibility: Present the downloaded PDF to your parents, teachers, and school principal. Request the principal's signature and stamp to validate the authenticity of your results. These documents will be crucial for Grade 11 selections and tertiary school admissions. Obtaining the principal's endorsement strengthens your position in case of any discrepancies or inquiries.

3. Prioritise Account Security: Immediately change your My PNG Exam Results account password to a strong and unique combination that only you know. Refrain from sharing your password details or your exam results with anyone, maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information.

4. Access Support Services: If you encounter any difficulties or need assistance accessing your exam results, reach out to your family, headteachers or the National Department of Education (NDoE) for support. 

What to do if you STILL need access to website?

If you cannot log in, try to interchange your surname and given name, and check your SLF number. If you have three names and have problems, try several combinations before seeking help. 

If you are really stuck, one way is to go back to your school and confirm your password by checking your SLF number with your teachers or the deputy principal and the principal of your school.

Ask them to try the combination of your password and your username. After all the attempts, if you still cannot access your results, the teachers at your school, the deputy principal or the principal will have to call MSD (Measurement Services Division) and fix your problem.

We also compiled some information about Grade 10 and 12 selection that you will find useful, check it out.

PNG National Examination Dates and Term Holidays 2024 [PNG School Calendar]

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Education Calendar for 2024 has been released, providing students, teachers, and parents with a clear outline of the academic year. 

The calendar provides important information regarding the dates for national examinations, school holidays, and public holidays in PNG. 

Check out the 2024 Gazetted Public Holiday PDF file here and download it!

2024 National Examination Dates

The dates are an essential aspect of the PNG Education Calendar. These examinations are critical for students in their academic journey as they determine whether students progress to the next level of their education.

The 2024 National Examination Dates are as follows:

  • Lower Secondary School Certificate Written Expression (Grade 10): Thursday, June 6, 2024
  • Upper Secondary School Certificate Written Expression Exam (Grade 12): Monday, August 5, 2024
  • Grade 12 STEM Exams: Tuesday, September 17 to Monday, September 23, 2024
  • Lower Secondary School Certificate Exams (Grade 10): Monday, October 7 to Friday, October 11, 2024
  • Upper Secondary School Certificate Exams (Grade 12): Monday, October 14 to Friday, October 18, 2024
  • Certificate of Basic Education Exams (Grade 8): Monday, October 21 to Thursday, October 24, 2024

School Holidays and Term Dates

School holidays play a vital role in the education of students, as they provide a break from academic work and allow students to recharge their batteries. 

The school holidays in PNG are designed to coincide with major events in the country, such as the national elections and other significant cultural events. 

1. Term Dates for TEACHERS:

  • Start Term 1: Monday, January 22, 2024
  • Start Term 4: Monday, September 30, 2024
  • School Closure: Friday, December 6, 2024
  • School Reopening: Monday, January 20, 2025

2. Term Dates for STUDENTS

  • Start Term 1: Monday, January 29, 2024
  • Start Term 2: Monday, April 15, 2024
  • Start Term 3: Monday, July 8, 2024
  • Start Term 4: Monday, September 30, 2024
  • School Closure: Friday, December 6, 2024
  • School Reopening: Monday, January 27, 2025

3. Term Holidays

Term 1 Holiday: Monday, April 1 to Friday, April 12, 2024
Term 2 Holiday: Monday, June 24 to Friday, July 5, 2024
Term 3 Holiday: Monday, September 23 to Friday, September 27, 2024

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Here is a video instruction on how to download the Grade 12, 10 and 8 maths papers and prepare for the final exams. 



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