School Leadership and School Culture in PNG School - a concept paper

School fights among other student-behavioural issues are a big problem in some city secondary schools in PNG. There is a belief (education psychology dictates) that leadership is key to addressing students problems in schools. 

The introduction to the discussion and School Leadership and School Culture are available via the respective links. 

Leadership in schools must look at ways to maintain good school culture and prepare students for life. Part 1 highlights the need for a permanent solution to this problem.

The article identifies a student bad behaviour as a derivative (copy) of a school’s culture. There is a belief that a school with a strong identity, ethics and practices will pass the values onto its students. School principals are best placed to maintain school culture. Where school culture breaks down, the duty rests squarely on principals fix it.

In retrospect, the author observes that negative students’ culture thrives where the schools fail to pass on to students the positive values of the schools.

Furthermore, a school’s culture is the intrinsic (fundamental) pillar of the school. The discussion highlights that the school culture is an established facet of the school, NOT introduced by principals or headteachers. That means that it is the ‘way things are done’ at the school over time.

The PDF version of the discussion on School Leadership and School Culture is available on request. 

BSP Graduate Development Program For Final Year University Students

Developing our young people to be the next generation of leaders in our chosen markets is part of our vision to be the leading bank in the South Pacifi­c Region. 
Graduate development program png

BSP 2020 Graduate Development Program

The BSP Graduate Development Program is aligned to this vision and provides an opportunity for aspiring graduates to work for BSP, and simultaneously achieve their career goals.

Applications are now open for the BSP 2020 Graduate Development Program.

Student Qualifying

This program is open to Papua New Guinean citizens in their ­final year of study at a local or overseas university in the following disciplines:

  • Banking & Finance 
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Law

Documents Required

  • A cover letter (outlining why you wish to be on the graduate program)
  • Current CV
  • Current academic transcripts
  • Two (2) written references with contactable referees


Forward your application to:
The Manager Recruitment | Human Resources Email:

You can also apply on

Applications close 5pm Monday, 12 August 2019.

Company Description

Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP) is a modern and energetic bank with the largest branch, rural and electronic banking networks in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu and Cambodia. 

BSP is committed to providing the highest level of service combined with market-leading financial solutions to our corporate and retail customers.

Advertised: 16 July 2019
Bank of South Pacific Limited (BSP)
Company Website:

PNG Education Institute (PNGEI) Application Form and Course Information

The  PNG Education Institute (PNGEI) contributes towards the professional development and training for teachers, both in the in-service and pre-service programs. Here is some information about PNGEI application forms and programs. 

2021 pngei application form

PNGEI 2021 Acceptance List

The applicants who have been waiting for the 2021 PNGEI acceptance list, here is what the institution said
'For those who are requesting for the 2021 Acceptance Lists, we would like to advise you all that the full acceptance list of all programs should be published here (on this page) early next week. Keep eyes for more updates on our Facebook page. 
Thank you and Congratulations to those who have been selected to study here at PNGEI in 2021.' [PNG Education Institute (PNGEI) Facebook post, 8 Jan 2021]

2021 PNGEI application forms

The long-waited 2021 PNGEI Application Form is now open for the following residential programs:

1. Bachelor of School Leadership and Management - (2 yrs full-time)
2. Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching, Secondary /Tertiary (1 yr full-time)
3. Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Education (1 yr full-time)
4. Diploma in Teaching English, Primary - In-service (6 months full-time)
5. Diploma in Teaching Mathematics /Science, Primary - In-service (6 months full-time)
6. Diploma of Teaching Technical Vocational Education - Pre-service (1 yr full-time)
7. Diploma of Vocational Education Training - In-service (28 weeks)
8. Diploma in Education Junior Primary - In-service (1 yr full-time)
9.Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education - Pre-service (both School Leavers & Non-School Leavers), (2 yrs full time)

Interested applicants are advised to request for the application forms through the following email addresses:



The closing date for the 2020 application is on the 19th of July 2019. The applicants who have completed the 2020 application forms for entry into PNGEI, take note of the date when submitting your applications.

It is important to ensure the 2020 applications are sent together with the required documents before the closing date.

Send application 

The applicants must complete their applications and send them to the  PNG Education Institute using the address below:

      PNG Education Institute
      P O Box 1791
      National Capital District

Or, you can scan all your documents and send them to or

Those who scan and email documents note that at the time of registration, PNGEI will ask for your original application fee receipt.

Ensure you keep your original receipt safely and provide them at the time of registration if you are offered a space to study at PNGEI.

Programs info

Details of the courses are available through the links provided at the bottom. In brief, PNGEI offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor of School Leadership & Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Tertiary /Secondary)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Inclusive Education
  • Advanced Diploma in Teaching English Primary (In-service)
  • Diploma in Teaching Mathematics / Science Primary (In-service)
  • Diploma of Teaching Technical Vocational Education (Pre-service)
  • Diploma of Vocational Education Training (In-service)
  • Diploma in Education Junior Primary (In-service)
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (Pre-service)


Application Form and Instruction (download) 

Interested candidates wanting to study at PNGEI can now download the information package online. Get the information about the (detailed) course structure, programs requirements, finalised fees and more from the links provided below. 

Applications for 2020 intake close on the 19th of July 2019
Here are two further study programs that you might like. 

If you are a non-school leaver and want to apply to secure a university placing, check out this post - 2020 NSL Application Forms 6 PNG Universities

Join PNG Insight on Twitter and Facebook for more information on education and development. 

NCSL Poro Card, Uses and Application Members Information

NASFUND Contributors Savings and Loans Society launched the NCSL Poro Card and Poro Account in mid-June 2019 alongside the blue EFTPOS. This post provides information on popular questions like what is the Poro Card, where can members use it and how to apply for it.

PIC Credit: Post Courier 

What is Poro Card?

It is a domestic debit card like the BSP Kundu Card. The NCSL branded Poro Card would 'initially' be used on all NCSL EFTPOS in the country.

Here is what NCSL management said during the launching the 14th of June 2019.
", we have installed over 132 [EFTPOS] terminals in 29 outlets in four regions to benefit our members" NCSL Board Chairman, Ian Tarutia
It was anticipated that there are more than 200 NCSL branded EFTPOS machines procured and distributed to the regions. 

In Port Moresby, the NCSL Poro Card Holders can use their cards at the CPL outlets. 

Using Poro Card

In a report by Post Courier, NCSL planned to get a business approval for its member to use their Poro Card in any EFTPOS terminal and ATM in the country. 

That means that the NCSL members 'can' use their Poro Card to have instant access to their approved funds.

This was further confirmed in a latter report, quoted.
"The Poro Card can be used on BSP, Westpac and Kina Bank ATM following the recently launched retail electronic payment system (REPS) by the Bank of Papua New Guinea." NCSL Statement 23 Sept 2019

Transactions - EFTPOS and ATM

The NCSL Poro card does what any domestic debit card does: 
  • Change PIN
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • Check Balance at ATM
  • Cash Withdrawal at ATM
  • Use EFTPOS to purchase goods
Loans, Savings & Withdrawals
The introduction of the Poro Card means that NCSL members can now have direct access to their loans, savings and refunds on approval. That means that the members will have to ensure that they have the approved money available in their Poro Accounts prior to accessing it through an EFTPOS or ATM. 

Apply for NCSL Poro Card

NCSL members who do not have Poro card can apply for it. Here is how to apply:
  • Download the PDF Poro Application Form
  • Complete it thoroughly 
  • Send it to
  • Or, you can take the completed application form to the NCSL office near you. 
The important document is your recent ID card. NCSL requires that applicants bring the original and photocopies of 2 IDs when submitting application form for verification and record-keeping purposes. 

Examples of photo IDs: 

  • NID ID, employee ID, 
  • driver's license, 
  • passport 
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate of baptism, 
  • marriage certificate, 
  • school certificate, 
  • letter of employment
For more information or queries on Poro Card, contact NCSL on this designated email

SP Brewery Graduate Management Development Program - Business, IT, HR and Sciences

South Pacific Brewery (SPB) has been operating in PNG forover 60 years and has developed a large number of PNG’sleading professionals in the market. 

With a vision to ‘Preparefor the Future’, SPB is seeking to hire graduates with a passion and attitude to win in their careers and in their livesand build a future for themselves.

The Graduate Development Program

Over an 18 month period, commencing February 2020,the successful candidates will:

  • Work on real projects that will help build and develop the skills, abilities and mindset needed to be real winners and leaders within SPB
  • Be exposed to real-time best practices and state-of-the-art facilities in our breweries
  • Be connected to a global learning network through HEINEKEN
  • Be mentored and coached by our best managers and supervisors in Papua New Guinea

Job Requirements


The SPB Graduate Development Program targets talented Papua New Guinean citizens that anticipate completing their undergraduate studies in 2019. 

Candidates with some work experience and females are encouraged to apply. Prospective graduates who believe they have what it takes and are from the following disciplines are encouraged to apply:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human Resource
  • Economincs
  • Engineering (Mechanicall, Electrical, Electronics & Instrumentation)
  • Chemistry
  • Food Technology
  • Computer Science/ Information Technology

How to Apply (Applications close Monday 5pm, July 15th, 2019). Visit SP Brewery job board.

Email the following documents to:

  • Your updated CV with phone and email contacts
  • Scanned copies of your University academic transcript
  • Scanned copy of your Grade 12 HSC certificate and

A Covering letter outlining why you want to be part of the SPB team, and a paragraph describing where you plan to be in 5 years time.

Apply Now 


Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea

See the other graduate development programs and Internships ⇦.

Telikom PNG Self Care Signup - Check Balance

When you signup to Telikom PNG self care, you will benefit from several services they offer. Sign up to Telikom PNG self care app is FREE. 

Some of the benefits include:
  • viewing your bundle,
  • buy data bundles,
  • check balance 
  • update contact details,
  • view transactions
  • change passwords, and
  •  view usage pattern up to three (3) months.

Telikom PNG Self Care Signup in 4 steps

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Enter the defaut signup credentials: 
  • Username (Your phone number) and 
  • Password (123456)
Step 3: Important - create a new and unique user name and password only you can remember
Step 4: It is time to view enjoy the benefits of Telikom PNG self care app

Telikom Self Care mobile application

If you are using the Telikom Self Care App, you'll find these instructions helpful. Note that the how to use the selfcare app guide was REPOSTED to help Telikom PNG customers. 

To access Telikom PNG SelfCare app:

1) Press ‘SelfCare’
2) Enter your Username (your Prepaid Telikom Subscriber number)
3) Enter your Password
4) Check ‘Remember’ if you want RaitAPP to remember your username and password
5) Press Login

Check out the complete guide for mobile app users in the video clip below.

More information

For more info on how to login to Selfcare, please contact our Customer Care team on 3456789.

4G Mobile Customers Data Rate Reduction - Time to Go Rural

PNG Telikom and BmobileVodafone (bmv) 4G prepaid mobile data rates given a massive cut.

Now, mobile data users on TPNG/bmv 4G network can enjoy a reasonable data with the *new* Data Plan.

Telikom 4g cheap data plan

Type *777# and follow the prompt to see TPNG/bmv new data plan.

Read about how to signup to Telikom PNG Selfcare app HERE

Past Data Plan Expensive

Previously, bmv mobile data can be described as 'very expensive', for example:
  • K30➡️ 1.5GB ➡️ 14 days, and
  • K80➡️ 10 GB ➡️ 14 days

It is good to see bmv giving their customers something of value on TPNG 4G network.

Limited Network Coverage

However, bmv needs to expand its network, hence coverage, into the remote parts of the country like Digicel did.

No excuse.

Bvm is an SoE. It must serve the people by bringing the mobile telecommunication services to the remote areas, and not just the main centres.

After this long in the bmobile telecommunication business, what is the point if a state owned company does not reach the rural mass?

Capacity at bmv

There are, probably, enough manpower at bmv to roll out a nationwide coverage. Or, a lack of management enthusiasm to lead a program like this!

As mentioned earlier, just covering the main centres is not good enough. With TPNG 4G network passed onto bmv, the bmv management may have to lead some IMPACT changes.

Bmv should aim to penetrate the rural areas. This is the challenge. It is the right thing to do regardless of landowner issues or what-not.

Bmv Management Vision

A strategic measure to deal with landowners and combat threats has to be developed by bmv management. And, immediately roll-out a rural-coverage program with the aim to achieve 90%- 100% in 5 years. This is an example of vision for the company.

So, the question is - what is your vision bmv management?

If back-paddling on TPNG 4G network should help to reach rural majority, by all means, do it.

Take this as a challenge and improve the rural coverage.

Bmv Financial Standing

Having said that, the management can only do certain things with the money it got. It cannot 'eat more than what it can chew'.

This blog understands bmv is in-debted to Bank South Pacific and the government.

In other words, after paying its employees and expenses, it is paying off debt it owed to banks.

In hindsight, drastic cost-expense reduction within bmv needs to happen.

This means, a thorough review has to be conducted into the expenses of the company with the aim to CUT COST and divert the money toward strategic investments.

Infrustructural investment such as rolling out a rural-wide network coverage is strategic and must happen.

Is it too hard to lead an IMPACT program to cover 90% - 100% of PNG in 5 years?

Exxonmobil Graduate Management Development Program Info

ExxonMobil PNG Limited is looking for students and recent graduates who are eager to explore management development job opportunities with us. 

[Note: Reposting this from Exxonmobil PNG Facebook sponsored ad. Final year uni students may be interested in this graduate development program.]

Example opportunities include assignments in Finance and Accounting, Public and Government Affairs, Information Technology, Human Resources and Procurement.  The positions will be based in our Port Moresby Headquarters.
Exxonmobil graduate development program
Image: Facebook/Exxonmobil PNG

Program Overview

ExxonMobil offers a cross functional development program that exposes candidates to a number of short assignments in different departments and disciplines in their first 2-3 years of employment.  

Candidates will be offered assignments that develop leadership capabilities as well as a variety of technical skills.  

We are looking for candidates that are excited about a broad career and the opportunity to learn from assignments that go well beyond their academic background.


• Graduate Opportunity: Bachelor’s degree within the last 3 years or about to receive a bachelor’s degree in the following disciplines;
Business Management, Finance & Accounting, Economics, Information Technology, Computer Science, Human Resources, Journalism, Public Policy, Law, Logistics or a similar social science degree.

• Excellent academic performance

• Exceptional leadership qualities

• Strong communication skills

• Analytical and problem solving capabilities

• Flexibility and the capacity to thrive in a changing business environment

• Experience utilizing technology (including proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

For questions regarding the application only, please submit to 

Please do not submit application through the mail. We accept online application on career website only. The application close date is around July.

Company info

ExxonMobil PNG Limited is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation and operator of the PNG LNG Project, an integrated development that includes gas production and processing facilities in the Southern Highlands, Hela, Gulf, Central and Western Provinces. 

The Project commenced production in the middle of 2014 and supplies liquefied natural gas to customers in Asia.

ExxonMobil PNG Limited is committed to developing Papua New Guinea and creating long lasting employment opportunities that contribute to the success of the Project and the nation as a whole. 

The Company regards its global and long-term approach to hiring with competitive remuneration and career development as the foundation of its future success as a company.