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How to Apply to Goroka Technical College | Grade 12 School Leaver and Non-school Leaver

Goroka Technical College, previously known as Goroka Business College, is located in North Goroka, in close proximity to the campus of the University of Goroka. Goroka Technical College offers two main courses. 

In this article, we will provide you with information about the courses available and guide you on how to apply to Goroka Technical College as a Grade 12 school leaver and also as a non-school leaver

Courses at Goroka Technical College:

Goroka Technical College admits 200 Grade 12 school leavers annually through the DHERST national online application system (NOAS). Also, if you are a former Grade 12 student or have completed studies through FODE, you can also apply as a non-school leaver to the college. 

The courses offered at the college include:

1. Diploma in Business Studies

2. TTC Vehicle Trade

There are 150 spaces available for the Diploma in Business Studies program and 50 spaces for the TTC Vehicle Trade program. These figures are based on the recently released Grade 12 School Leavers Intake list by DHERST. 

If you are a non-school leaver, please visit Goroka Technical College or contact (see contact details below) the institution directly to obtain the application form and find out more about the application process for non-school leavers.

To get more information on Technical and Business Colleges in PNG, click here


Goroka Technical College application form PDF 2024

How to Apply to Goroka Technical College

For Grade 12 students, the application process involves using the DHERST National Online Application System (NOAS). It is important to discuss your interest in studying at Goroka Technical College with your school's deputy principal (Academic). 

The deputy principal will provide guidance as you complete the online school leavers form. 

Remember, you have the opportunity to select five choices, so be sure to include Goroka Technical College as one of your choices.

As for the non-school leavers, you will need to apply directly to the institution. Therefore, we recommend contacting the school to obtain an application form and additional information on how to apply to Goroka Technical College.

Contact Goroka Technical College

If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please feel free to get in touch with Goroka Technical College using the contact details provided below:

  • Phone: +675 532 1039
  • Mobile: +675 72483051
  • Email:

Course details

1. Diploma in Business Studies:

This course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a dynamic business environment. Throughout the program, students will learn fundamental principles of business, including management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.

By enrolling in the Diploma in Business Studies program, students can develop essential skills such as:

  • effective communication, 
  • critical thinking, 
  • problem-solving, and 
  • decision-making. 

These skills are highly valued in the business sector and can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities. 

Graduates of this program can pursue careers in business administration, marketing, human resources, finance, and other related fields. 

The graduates can also continue to universities in PNG to study business-related courses.

2. TTC Vehicle Trade:

The TTC Vehicle Trade program offered at Goroka Technical College is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry. This program focuses on developing practical skills and theoretical knowledge related to vehicle maintenance, repair, and servicing.

Students enrolled in the TTC Vehicle Trade program will gain hands-on experience in areas such as:

  • engine diagnostics, 
  • electrical systems, 
  • brake systems, 
  • suspension, and 
  • general vehicle maintenance. 
The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including automotive technology, workshop safety, vehicle inspection, and customer service.

Upon completion of the TTC Vehicle Trade program, graduates will have the necessary skills to work as automotive technicians, mechanics, or service advisors in automotive repair shops, car dealerships, or other related industries. 

This program provides students with a solid foundation for a successful career in the automotive sector.

Note: For more detailed information about the specific courses, including course duration, admission requirements, and curriculum, please contact Goroka Technical College directly using the provided contact details.

Study at Goroka Technical College 

Whether you are a Grade 12 school leaver or a non-school leaver, the college offers courses that can help you build a successful career. 

Take the necessary steps to apply and seize the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge at Goroka Technical College.

PNG Vision 2050: A Roadmap for a Prosperous Future - Where to Now?

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Vision 2050 is a development roadmap that aims to transform the country into a smart, fair, and prosperous nation by the year 2050. 

The vision was launched in 2009 and has been updated in 2016, with a strategic focus on creating a sustainable economy, society, and environment.

The mission and vision of PNG Vision 2050

The mission of PNG Vision 2050 is to create a society that is smart, fair, healthy, wealthy, and happy. 

It seeks to transform the country by leveraging its rich natural resources and human capital to achieve 

  • sustainable economic growth,
  • social development, and 
  • environmental protection.

PNG Vision 2050

The strategic vision of PNG Vision 2050

PNG Vision 2050 identifies eight strategic visions that the country should focus on to achieve its long-term development goals. These strategic visions are:

Human Capital Development: 

To create a highly educated and skilled workforce that is productive, innovative, and globally competitive.

Wealth Creation: 

To promote sustainable economic growth by leveraging the country's natural resources, developing industries, and creating job opportunities.

Institutional Development: 

To build strong and effective institutions that promote good governance, accountability, and transparency.

Infrastructure Development: 

To develop modern and efficient infrastructure that connects the country's regions, promotes economic growth, and enhances the quality of life of its citizens.

Environmental Sustainability: 

To protect the country's rich biodiversity and natural resources by promoting sustainable development practices.

Security and Stability:

To ensure peace, security, and stability in the country, promoting social cohesion and a sense of national identity.

International Participation: 

To engage actively with the international community and promote Papua New Guinea's interests in the global arena.

Spiritual, Cultural, and Community Development:

To preserve and promote the country's diverse cultures, traditions, and values, and strengthen the sense of community and national identity.

Urgent actions to meet PNG Vision 2050

To achieve its long-term development goals, PNG needs to take urgent actions in various areas. These actions include:

Strengthening institutions: 

PNG needs to build strong and effective institutions that promote good governance, accountability, and transparency.

Investing in human capital: 

The country needs to invest in education and training to develop a skilled and productive workforce that is globally competitive.

Developing infrastructure: 

PNG needs to invest in modern and efficient infrastructure that connects the country's regions, promotes economic growth, and enhances the quality of life of its citizens.

Promoting environmental sustainability:

PNG needs to adopt sustainable development practices that protect its rich biodiversity and natural resources.

PNG Vision 2050 achievements and the road ahead

PNG has made some progress towards achieving the goals of Vision 2050 in the past decade. 

From 2009 to 2019, the country achieved an average annual economic growth rate of 2.7%, reduced poverty from 39% to 37%, increased the literacy rate from 60% to 63%, and expanded access to basic services such as health and education.

Recently, the ADB economic forecast for PNG shows that the country's GDP is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2022 and 4.9% in 2023 and inflation rates forecasted at 6.5% in 2022 and 5.1% in 2023

png vision 2050 - ADB economic forecast for PNG shows that the country's GDP is expected to grow by 3.5% in 2022 and 4.9% in 2023 and inflation rates forecasted at 6.5% in 2022 and 5.1% in 2023

Address challenges immediately

Despite ADB's positive forecast for 2023, much more needs to be done before 2029, 2039, and 2049 to achieve the goals of PNG Vision 2050 fully. 

The country needs to address challenges such as 

  • corruption, 
  • inadequate infrastructure, 
  • low human capital, and 
  • environmental degradation. 
Papua New Guinea's government must continue to invest in its people and infrastructure, promote good governance, and work towards building a sustainable future for all its citizens.

Medium-Term Development Plan and Actions

The PNG government has recognised the importance of Vision 2050 and has outlined a Second Medium Term Development Plan for 2018-2022 to help achieve its goals. 

The plan prioritises the development of infrastructure, education, healthcare, and the private sector, with a focus on improving the livelihoods of the rural population and promoting inclusive growth.

Moreover, the government has launched various initiatives to support the realization of Vision 2050. For example, the National Development Bank of PNG provides loans to support small and medium-sized enterprises, and the Tuition Fee-Free policy has increased access to education for many children in the country.

Despite these efforts, the country still faces significant challenges. For example, PNG has one of the lowest human development indexes in the world, and poverty remains a significant issue, with over a third of the population living below the poverty line.

PNG Government Urgent Action Prior to 2029, 2039 and 2049

To address these challenges, the PNG government ( prior to 2029, 2039 and 2049) needs to continue 

  • investing in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, promoting good governance and accountability, 
  • developing sustainable economic models, and 
  • addressing issues such as climate change and environmental degradation, which pose significant threats to the country's long-term development goals.

Conclusion -  PNG Vision 2050

PNG Vision 2050 provides a roadmap for PNG to achieve sustainable economic growth, social development, and environmental protection. 

While the country has made progress towards its long-term goals, much more needs to be done to ensure that Vision 2050 is fully realized. 

Above all, the PNG government needs to continue investing in infrastructure, education, and healthcare, promoting good governance and accountability, and developing sustainable economic models to build a better future for all its citizens.

Unemployment in PNG 2023 Update: Causes, Effects, and Statistics

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a country with abundant natural resources and a diverse culture. Despite its rich resources, the country faces high unemployment rates that have become a significant concern. 

This article explores the unemployment situation in PNG, including the causes, effects, and statistics related to unemployment in the country.

Unemployment in PNG 2023 Update: Causes, Effects, and Statistics

What is the unemployment rate in PNG?

The unemployment rate in PNG has been on the rise in recent years. However, PNG statistical office does not have the latest (and up-to-date) facts and figures.

According to Trading Economics, the unemployment rate in PNG was at 4.87% in 2019, which increased to 7.12% in 2020. 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic downturn have contributed to this increase in unemployment rates.

What are the causes of unemployment in PNG?

  • Lack of economic opportunities in the country: There are several causes of unemployment in PNG. One of the primary reasons is the need for more economic opportunities in the country. The country heavily relies on extractive industries, such as mining and logging, which do not provide enough jobs to meet the demand. Additionally, PNG has a limited market, which makes it difficult for businesses to expand and create more job opportunities.

  • Lack of education and skills training: Another cause of unemployment in PNG is the lack of education and skills training. The education system in PNG is underdeveloped. Many people do not have access to education or vocational training, which limits their job opportunities. Furthermore, the country faces a high rate of youth unemployment due to the lack of job opportunities and a mismatch between the skills of young people and the demands of the labour market.

How many people are unemployed in Papua New Guinea?

The number of unemployed people in PNG is a significant concern. According to Macrotrends, the number of unemployed people in PNG was 238,000 in 2020. This figure includes both the unemployed and those who are underemployed or working in part-time jobs.

In a recent article, the Post Courier article highlighted the high unemployment rate in the NCD, which was reported to be over 20% of the city's population, according to the National Statistical Office. The article cited a lack of job opportunities and skills training as major factors contributing to the problem, and calls for urgent action to address the issue.

What is the female unemployment rate in Papua New Guinea?

The female unemployment rate in PNG is higher than the male unemployment rate.

According to PNG National Research Institute (PNG NRI), the female unemployment rate was at 10% in 2019, which is significantly higher than the male unemployment rate of 6.2%. 

This is due to several factors, including gender inequality, lack of education and skills training, and the cultural bias that favours men over women.

Examples and facts about unemployment in PNG

PNG NRI has reported that the youth unemployment rate in PNG is high, with approximately 17% of young people aged between 15-24 years being unemployed. This is a concern, given that young people make up a significant portion of the population in PNG. 

The report also highlights that the lack of job opportunities for young people is a major concern, as it can lead to social unrest and increased crime rates.

In another report by ABC News, it is revealed that the youth unemployment crisis in PNG has been exacerbated by the booming youth population in the country. 

The report states that the number of young people in PNG is expected to double by 2040, which highlights the urgency of addressing the youth unemployment issue.


Unemployment in PNG remains a significant concern, with high rates of youth and female unemployment. 

The lack of economic opportunities and education and skills training are among the primary causes of unemployment in the country. 

It is crucial for the government and other stakeholders to address these issues and create more job opportunities for the people of PNG. By doing so, the country can harness its vast resources and create a prosperous future for all.

Mapex Training Institute Application Form 2023 PDF

Are you considering applying to Mapex Training Institute in 2023? Here's everything you need to know about their application process, the courses available, and how to contact them.

How to Apply

There are two ways to apply to Mapex Training Institute in 2023: 

  • online or 
  • by downloading the application form and completing it manually. 

If you choose to download the form, you can find the Mapex Training Institute Application Form 2023 PDF on their website.

However, the most reliable way to get the application form is to personally visit their training offices in your location and ask for it. This is because their website is often slow, and they do not update their social media feeds regularly with the latest information.

Mapex Training Institute Application Form 2023 PDF

Courses Available

Mapex Training Institute offers a range of courses in business studies, plant operation, and motor vehicle courses. You can find a list of their courses on their website or Facebook page. 

They are recognised by DHERST and are on the National Online Selection for current Gr.12s and HELP Loan.

Limited Spaces Available

It's essential to apply quickly because Mapex Training Institute has limited spaces on their four main campuses. 

You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to study at this prestigious institution.

Contacting Mapex Training Institute

If you need more information about the application process, acceptance letters, or course information, you can contact Mapex Training Institute by email at or by phone at 4300065/73469311. 

They also offer accommodation, including meals, on a separate fee for the Port Moresby campus only at K800.00/month.

About Mapex Training Institute

Mapex Training Institute is a customer-focused training institution that prides itself on delivering timely, appropriate, and quality training services. 

With four main campuses in Kokopo, Lae, Hagen, and Moresby, they offer a range of certificate and diploma courses in business studies, plant operation, and motor vehicle courses.

If you're considering applying to Mapex Training Institute in 2023, you need to visit their office in your location and ask for the Mapex Training Institute Application Form 2023 PDF. 

Don't hesitate to contact them if you need any help or further information.

Apply for the Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024

Are you a young and enthusiastic Papua New Guinean graduate looking to build a successful career in the oil and gas industry? The Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024 could be the right one for you. 

This prestigious program aims to develop top-tier professionals through comprehensive training, mentoring, and hands-on experience. It provides a  solid foundation for a rewarding career path within Kumul Petroleum.

Check out KPA application announcement for 2023 intake for the 2024 commencement of studies, click here, and download the application form. 

kumul petroleum academy application form 2023 pdf

Acquiring Business Knowledge

The Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program is designed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge of Kumul Petroleum's operations, background, and industry practices within the oil and gas sector.

Graduates will gain a deep understanding of the company's goals and objectives. Also, they will build expertise in their respective roles in technical units or other business-support teams.

Realising Potential as an Employee of Kumul Petroleum

The Kumul Petroleum GDP goes beyond just technical skills, as it aims to develop graduates into productive and high-performing employees. 

Through coaching and mentoring, participants will be guided in embracing the necessary skills and attitude to succeed in their roles. And make meaningful contributions to the organisation. 

Graduates will be encouraged to take ownership of their professional development. They are expected to become responsible employees within Kumul Petroleum, and responsible individuals within their communities.

Promoting Personal Development

The Kumul Petroleum GDP recognizes the importance of personal growth in building a successful career. 

Participants will receive professional mentoring to help them shape their career paths and become respectable and responsible professionals. 

The program provides ample opportunities for learning, growth, and improvement, fostering a culture of continuous development.

Managed by Peopleconnexion PNG

The Kumul Petroleum GDP application process is managed by Peopleconnexion PNG, a reputable human resources management firm. 

The application process for the last intakes opened in June 2023 and the training started in March 2024 for new intakes. (This gives you an idea about when to enquire about the program for 2024).

Interested applicants can visit the Peopleconnexion PNG website to find out more about Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024

If you have any questions about the Kumul Petroleum Academy Application Form 2024  PDF for 2024 training,  leave a comment below. 

Recruitment Process

The Kumul Petroleum GDP follows a rigorous selection process, which may involve initial screening, assessments, interviews, and reference checks. 

Only candidates who meet the stringent criteria and demonstrate exceptional potential will be selected to join the program.

Joining a Prestigious Alumni Network

Upon successful completion of the Kumul Petroleum GDP, graduates will become part of a prestigious alumni network of Kumul Petroleum graduates who have gone on to make significant contributions to the company and the industry. 

This network provides opportunities for further professional growth and networking.

Apply for the Graduate Development Program 2024

If you are a motivated and ambitious new graduate seeking a world-class program to launch your career in the oil and gas industry, the Kumul Petroleum Graduate Development Program 2024 is the perfect opportunity for you. 

Keep an eye out for an announcement in June, don't miss the chance to apply and take the first step towards a successful career with Kumul Petroleum.

ITI PNG Selection List, Courses and Fees 2023

The International Training Institute (ITI PNG) is a private training provider for Grade 12 school leavers and working-class people. ITI opened its first campus in Lae in 2004, today ITI PNG has 10 campuses (and 1 distance learning centre). 

It provides entry (certificate and diploma) courses in IT, Human Resource Management and accounting. 

ITI Diploma Programs are accredited by DHERST.

ITI PNG Courses and Fees 2023

Check out 2023 ITI Non-School Leavers (NSL) Selection List here.

International Training Institute (ITI PNG) Courses and Fees 2023

ITI PNG website has the latest details on its entry certificate courses which are partway to ITI diploma courses. 

PNG Insight picks out the courses that are fitting for Grade 12 non-school leavers. 

Read on to find out about the PNG ITI courses and fees for 2023.

Certificate entry courses for Grade 10 Non-school Leavers

The Grade 10 non-school leavers entry courses are full-time courses. The courses have a duration of 17 weeks. ITI PNG takes in students twice a year - February and July.

There are five courses, and each requires students to complete five units. 

According to ITI PNG, its course fee 2023 for the certificate courses is K3,400 (K1,200 on registration, followed by approved installments.)


ITI Certificate courses 

After completing the entry Certificate courses, students can enrol on the Diploma programs. Here are the 5 ITI PNG entry courses for Grade 10 non-school leavers:

  • Certificate in Accounting
  • Certificate in Business
  • Certificate in Sales
  • Certificate in Computing
  • Certificate in Human Resource Management

As mentioned, all the certificate courses fee is K3,400. You must pay K1,200 on registration, followed by approved instalments. The Entry Requirements: You must have successfully completed Grade 10 with passes in English and Mathematics. The course duration is 17 weeks, starting twice a year, in February and July.

ITI Diploma Courses

ITI students completing the certificate course that meet the entry requirements can proceed to diploma courses. Also, ITI accepts Grade 12 school non-school leavers who can apply for diploma courses. 

Here are the courses for the non-school leavers for February and July intakes:
  • Diploma in Business Accounting
  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Human Capital Management
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Diploma in Information and Communication Technology
To apply for the diploma courses at ITI PNG, you must have a certificate or be a Grade 12 with C or above in English and Maths. A grade D grade in Advanced Maths is eligible for Diploma in Business programs and for Diploma in ICT.

The duration of the Diploma Courses is 17 - 34 weeks.

International Training Institute Selection List 2023

ITI PNG releases the selection list of intakes before February and July every year. If you submit your application, check before ITI academic year starts. 

You can also contact the ITI office for more information on 2023 application forms, acceptance lists and courses and fees for 2023.

Note that ITI PNG courses and fees are quoted at the time of this article. This may change. So, check the ITI website for the latest courses, fees and admission information you need before the academic year commences.

ITI Campus in PNG

ITI PNG has 10 campuses in the country that offer certificate and diploma courses to both Grade 10 and Grade 12 students. 

Here is the complete list of the International Training Institute (ITI) campuses. You can also find the contact details and know the campus close to you.

Technical Colleges Acceptance and Admission 2024 Info

Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) provides relevant practical skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding relating to the skills needed in various sectors of the formal and informal economy in Papua New Guinea.

There are nine functioning technical colleges in Papua New Guinea taking in grade 12 school leavers, matriculation students and non-school leavers annually. 

This article gives insights into Technical Colleges School Leavers' and Non-school Leavers' Acceptance Lists 2024.

Technical Colleges School Leavers' and Non-school Leavers' application form PDF

How many Business Colleges are in PNG?

Note that we left out over 134 vocational and technical schools on this list. 

The 9 business technical colleges below are well-run and recognised technical institutions we thought you should know.
  • 1. Don Bosco Technological Institute
  • 2. Port Moresby Technical College
  • 3. Madang Technical College
  • 4. Don Bosco Simbu Technical College
  • 5. Mt Hagen Technical College
  • 6. Goroka Technical College
  • 7. Poly Technic Institute of Papua New Guinea
  • 8. University Of Technology Bulolo Campus (Forestry)  
  • 9. Don Bosco Simbu Technical College
The Technical and Business Colleges in PNG offer courses full-time courses for those who have completed Grade 12. They also offer extension courses for apprenticeship training and short courses to provide further opportunities for youths and those already in the workforce.

Check out the complete list of colleges in PNG. There is a lot of information for Grade 12 and non-school leavers who are looking for study opportunities.

2024 Acceptance List for Business Colleges

The 2024 acceptance lists for the technical colleges in PNG usually come out at the earliest in January or latest in February every year.

If you are a non-school leaver, you'll have to check with the college. As for the Grade 12 school leavers, you must check the DHERST acceptance list 2024. 

Business Colleges School Leavers and Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2024

DHERST acceptance list 2024 will have the names of the 2022 Grade 12 students who apply through the National Online Application System (NOAS). 

The Grade 12 students who applied to one of the business colleges in PNG must check their names on the PDF list that DHERST releases.

Check with the college if you are a non-school leaver and applicant from FODE and Open College. 

The original Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2024 will be available at the college. The college selects the non-school leavers and gives the names to DHERST. The final TESAS Awards list often comes out at the end of January or early February.

DHERST School Leavers and Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2024

The acceptance list is the final PDF list of school leavers' and non-school leavers' names. On this list, you'll see the TESAS scholarship status of students selected to study at a business college in PNG.

The list shows the students' names and indicates whether the students are sponsored or self-sponsored. 

If you are a sponsored student, you come under TESAS (either as AES or HECAS). 

The students who are not under TESAS are considered self-sponsored students. That means that you'll have to pay the fees before admission. Pay early to secure your spot early. 

Career pathways from schools to TVET to employment 

The TVET courses are developed in close consultation with the National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board, National Training Council, Industry, Provincial Governments and the community. All courses are accredited through the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

There are career pathways from schools to TVET to employment and for some further higher education and training.
Though is an increasing awareness of the need for relevant skills training, the PNG government need to do more in this area.

TVET: Technical, vocational education and training are key to developing Papua New Guinea formal and informal sectors.


There is NO COST to apply for a course at APTC, here is some info on ATPC Application Form 2023. 
You will need to complete a separate Application for Admission for each course for which you wish to apply. Remember, you will need a valid email address to apply online.

Am I eligible to apply for an APTC Course?

To meet the eligibility for entry to an APTC course, you must:

  1. be 18 years of age or older to apply, AND
  2. meet the course entry requirements as listed under Entry Requirements in the course information, AND
  3. after submitting your application, successfully complete a:

  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment to check you have the required level of English and Maths to cope with the study demands of the course, AND
  • Vocational Knowledge Assessment (VKA). A VKA is either a written test or an interview to determine if you have the base knowledge and skills required to cope with the level of the course.

APTC is committed to diversity and inclusion and encourages eligible candidates from diverse backgrounds, including women, LGBTQI persons, individuals from rural remote communities, and persons living with a disability, to apply.

In addition, APTC is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of children and adults as part of its vision, mission and goals. If you will be living and studying in a country other than your home country, OR if you are applying for any course that requires a Police Check, you must not have any convictions for any serious offence, especially violence against children or adults.

The following courses currently require a Police Check:

  • Certificate II in Community Services
  • Certificate III in Community Services
  • Certificate III in Education Support
  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community)
  • Certificate IV in Community Development
  • Certificate IV in Disability
  • Certificate IV in Youth Work
  • Diploma in Counselling

How can I apply to APTC?

You can apply in one of three ways:

  • Online. You will need a valid email address to register and create an account first. Then you will need continuous access to the internet to apply online but can stop and save at any time;
  • By mail or email (complete the ATPC application form on your computer and email; OR 
  • Print a hard copy of the PDF form and mail it or deliver to your nearest APTC Country Office.

Can I work while I study?

Studying an APTC course requires absence from the workplace for extended periods of time. Refer to the link below to Course Information brochure for information on the length of each course. If you are currently employed, this means you will need to seek the support of your employer to take time off to attend classes and complete course work.

What if my contact or other details change?

Applications remain valid for 12 months from the time you apply. It is important that APTC can contact you at any time. If you wish to update your contact or other details during the 12 months, please let us know by sending an email to or contacting an APTC Office. After 12 months APTC will contact you to ask you to update your application.

APTC Fees?

There are three options for funding your course.

  1. Employer funded – where your employer pays your fees for you.
  2. Self-funded – where you, or a donor (other than your employer), pays your fees.
  3. APTC bursary (which is a financial grant awarded to students to enable them to study). Note that bursaries are limited. There is no guarantee you will be granted a bursary, and chances of being offered a place are higher for the employer or self-funded applicants.

More information about APTC Course Fees can be found here.

If you are not a citizen of, or not currently residing in one of the eligible Pacific Island countries, you may apply as an International Student. International Students are not eligible for any financial assistance, stipend or accommodation, and will pay international student course fees.

Checklist – Required Documents

Additional supporting evidence will be required. If applying online or by email and you don't have a scanner, take a clear picture of the required documents and send it to us. 

We recommend you have your electronic copies ready before you start your application. This will make the process easier and quicker.

 Electronic copies must be no more than 5MG in size, and only those with the following file type extensions can be uploaded: .pdf, .png, .jpg, .doc or .docx.

The additional documents are:

  • Photo of yourself. The photo must be clear, in full colour of your face and shoulders, and not include any other people. Ideally, this photo should be like the photos used for passports.
  • Proof of Identity. You can prove your identity with your Passport (a copy of the Photo ID page) or Birth Certificate. Alternatively, you may provide a Certificate of Identity, Voter’s Card or Driver’s Licence with a photo, and then show your Passport or Birth Certificate to APTC staff at Orientation to confirm your identity.
  • Proof of name change. You only need this if your name is different to that on your Proof of Identity document. Proof of name change could be a Marriage Certificate, Court Order, Divorce Decree, etc.
  • Work Experience evidence (relevant to the course you are applying for). The documents could be letters from past or current employers, payslips, a statement listing your duties, etc.
  • Education Qualifications and/or Training (relevant to the course you are applying for). This could include Certificates and Results.

Next Gen Graduate Trainee Program Nestle PNG - Job Opportunity

2022/2023 New graduate png job

This opportunity has closed. However if you want to show your interest, email: with a subject title: Next Gen Graduate program.

We're seeking smart graduates, with a credit average, who share our vision as the leading nutrition, health and wellness company in the world.

We welcome achievers who are excited to take on new challenges and share their ideas. On-the-job training, development and exposure to real projects will give you the opportunity to work with great people while earning a competitive salary and access to industry benefits. 

“Be part of a market leading multi-national of fast moving consumer goods and kick start your career with an employer of choice” 

Our Graduate Trainee program might be perfect for you. It’s developed to recognise young talent, and it’s your chance to get hands-on experience.

These rotational positions present excellent training opportunities, potentially leading to a permanent role after a structured 2-year program, and could result in a longer-term career throughout our global company.

Next Gen Graduate Trainee Program Nestle PNG - Job Opportunity

3 Sales Graduate Trainee 2 Supply Chain

Graduate Trainee Job Requirements:

Relevant tertiary Business qualifications are essential. Of high importance will be your initiative, results-focus and excellent written & oral communication skills, whilst experience using the Microsoft Office suite is also key. Exposure to the fast-moving consumer goods industry will be highly advantageous. 

Nestle will provide you:

  • Exceptional potential for growth
  • On-going training and development
  • Financial support for Salary, housing, transport and medical.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a leading organisation whilst gaining invaluable work experience.


To apply, email: with a subject title: Next Gen Graduate program.

PwC Graduate Development Program - University Graduates Opportunities

PwC - the company 

Across 157 countries, PwC combines business acumen and industry know-how to provide a market-leading array of professional services. We’re not just about technical expertise; our industry teams comprise a broad range of skills and experience to advise and grow businesses both locally and globally and support the community in which we live.

If you're looking for professional development, challenging opportunities, access to inspiring leadership and first-class mentoring and training, then a graduate career at PwC is for you. PwC provides a supportive work environment to help you create a career of value.

Graduate development opportunity 

You’ll enjoy a variety of experiences, develop an enormous range of skills, and build relationships that will stay with you throughout your career. The diversity of our clients’ needs provides opportunities to work on projects which will challenge and excite you.

Join us and you can expect to work with some of the biggest and fastest-growing companies in Papua New Guinea.


Access a vast range of internal and external work and project opportunities, with the option to change your career direction as your experience with PwC evolves. You will be working to world-class standards and methodologies and have access to global resources, expertise and capabilities.

How can my career progress?

At PwC we’re constantly looking to develop and challenge our people. Our review and performance development process is designed to guide you through your career at the pace that works best for you. In addition, you can benefit from some great programmes designed to give you flexibility in your career choices.

The PwC environment is such that coaching managers and partners welcome the opportunity to discuss your career goals. They can then help you find the opportunity that's right for you! 

If you’re interested in overseas opportunities, our exceptional global mobility programme will support you in your application for an overseas secondment to ensure you find an opportunity which suits your development needs.

PJV's Graduate Development Program Bachelor's Degree Opportunities

2022/2023 PNG mining jobs

At the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV), the single most important reason for the operation's success has been its people. We recognize that our people have not only been the major element of PJV's success but are also its future and that future could include you.

PJV's Graduate Development Program is open to individuals in the disciplines of :
  • Engineering: Mining, Geotechnical, Electrical and Mechanical
  • Applied Science/ Chemistry
  • Metallurgy / Mineral Processing
  • Surveying
  • Geology
  • Commercial and Finance

PJV's professional development program COMPASS is Barrick Gold's flagship program for the training and development of new graduates and promotes a sound and professional path in career development.

This program is designed to provide new graduates or employees entering the industry with a development program that provides both a solid foundation of technical and or/professional knowledge and skills coupled with leadership skill development.

The Compass program enables graduates and professionals to learn and acquire necessary skills, knowledge and tools to become experts and business leaders of the future. Employees learn on the job interacting with site experts, global networks and resources. Our employees engaged in the Compass program have progressed to becoming very skilled, resourceful and technical leaders in their fields both in Porgera and elsewhere in the world.

A two-year fixed-term employment contract is offered to successful graduates/employees to PJV with Health and Medical cover, annual leave after 12 months of service and residential Fly-In-Fly-Out status.

PJV offers you an opportunity to work for a reputable organization with a global footprint complemented by a dynamic work environment, experiencing both open pit and underground mining operations.

The minimum qualification requirement into  PJV's graduate program is a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field. The program is targeted to PNG citizens. Those with two years of professional work experience after completing studies can also apply for the PJV graduate program.

Newcrest Graduate Program: Contact, Interest and Opporunity

2022/2023 graduate development program

Applications for our 2020 Graduate Program are now closed and we are working on reviewing these applications. Successful candidates will be contacted regarding the next steps over the next few weeks. If you missed the application date, please review our Vacation Program page to see if this may be of interest to you instead.

If you would like to show your interest for future graduate development programs, contact

The Newcrest Graduate and Vacation application process is your chance to show us that you have what it takes to be a Newcrest employee. The successful completion of every step brings you closer to becoming one of our people. Read below to find out further information about each step.

Step 1: Apply online

Applications will be accepted online via the Newcrest website, Linked In and Seek amongst other channels.

This year, we are only asking you to submit an application form – no CV or cover letter required.

On your application, you’ll need to respond to several questions covering what you’ve studied, why you’re interested in Newcrest’s Graduate Program and of course, provide your personal contact details.

Please use a personal email address (not your University email), and ensure you upload your full up-to-date academic transcript.

Our team will review your application including taking into consideration your academic results, the relevance of your tertiary qualification, previous vacation work experience, your involvement in extracurricular activities including sport, other interests, memberships, community-based activities or work experience, and importantly, your willingness to work in regional/remote locations.

Step 2: Initial video interview

The next stage is a video interview through our Montage System. Montage gives candidates a chance to answer a few questions using an online video interview recording tool. It’s a quick and easy recording on your laptop/computer webcam.

We will give candidates an opportunity to record their answers more than once. This will give us a chance to 'virtually' meet you and understand more about your experiences and what’s important to you.

Step 3: First interview with relevant stakeholders

The first interview will be a behavioural-based interview (usually via phone) with someone from our Talent Acquisition Team, the Newcrest discipline lead (usually based in Head Office), and representatives from our Telfer (WA) and Cadia (NSW) sites.

Step 4: Site Visits

Second round interviews will be conducted on-site at one of either our Cadia (NSW) or Telfer (WA) operations. We'll make all the necessary arrangements and cover the cost for your travel and accommodation if required.

A site interview will involve a site tour and an interview with the department manager of your discipline and a site HR representative.

This stage of the process is designed to ensure that you feel as comfortable with us as we do with you. We provide opportunities for you to meet with our team and, see our working environment and facilities so you can make an assessment of whether the 'fit' is right for you.

Step 5: Job offer
If your application has been successful we'll contact you to make an offer of employment.

After the offer
We will keep in touch with you with relevant business updates and onboarding activities to ensure you are ready to start your new role in January.

You will need to successfully complete a medical and police/background clearance prior to your commencement so we’ll arrange this with you.

You will also need to provide a final copy of your academic transcript before you commence and a copy of your degree when your formally graduate.

Contact us

Before contacting us, check the Q&As section to see if your question is answered there.

For further information or questions regarding our Program, please email

DHL Graduate Development Opportunities and On-the-job training

2022/2023 graduate development jobs

DHL provides students and graduates with various opportunities to join exciting projects, master demanding challenges and assume responsibility - the right way to launch your career.

As part of your professional development, we provide plenty of opportunities to develop your role and gain knowledge and experience. We'll also ensure we reward your hard work at a competitive rate.

Certified is the Group-wide, global initiative focusing on employee engagement and cultural change to drive service excellence and quality. This training will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to delight the Customer.

Furthermore, we provide divisional leadership programs and functional training curricula across all our business units to cater to specific development needs. 

Some of the different training and development opportunities provided cover for example different relevant operational knowledge and skills training, health and safety training, language courses or soft skills training.

On-the-job training, which is important for you to gain skills, knowledge and certification to support you in responding better to the demands of your job, is also provided.

Exciting internships and graduate programs give you the perfect start at DHL and prepare you for these challenges and your future career.



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