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List of Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges | Apply for 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to universities and colleges in Papua New Guinea! If you're looking for the latest information on higher education institutions in PNG, you've come to the right place. 

In this article, we'll provide you with a curated list of universities and colleges, along with direct links to informational pages where you can get information on:

  • application forms and admission,
  • program offers,
  • non-school leavers and school leavers' GPAs,
  • institution contact details, and 
  • more.
(Click here to get the latest on the 2024 GPA for Teachers and Colleges in PNG)

The Grade 12 School Leavers ONLINE Selection started in 2018. It is the best thing that happens. The online selection helps DHERST, the government and stakeholders know exactly how many Grade 12 students are selected for universities and colleges. 

In a recent media statement, DHERST resorted to also bringing the NON-SCHOOL LEAVERS Selection ONLINE. Universities and colleges are not going to make the selections. So, what does that mean for you as a non-school leaver applicant? Find out here

Whether you're a prospective student or a non-school leaver seeking admission details, we've got you covered. Join us as we explore the exciting educational opportunities available in Papua New Guinea and discover how to make your dreams a reality. Click on the links to get more information on GPA, the application process and admission.

PNG university and College application form 2024

PNG Insight provides information for some of the universities and non-universities in the country. If you want the latest info on Acceptance Lists and Admissions. Programs to study, history of the institutions, etc., you will find the info via the links.

Click on the links to go to the university or college info page.

List of PNG Business Colleges

List of PNG Technical Colleges

List of PNG Universities

List of PNG Nursing Colleges

Want to work in the Health Sector? Click on the link to find out how to become a health worker in Papua New Guinea. Alternatively, check out the college info via the links below.

PNG Nursing College Application form 2024 download

List of PNG Teachers Colleges

Want to become a teacher or education officer in PNG? The best pathway is through one of PNG's Teachers' Colleges, but you must have a GPA above the required threshold. Find out here.

Also, click on the blue links to go to the info page where you can get vital information on the Application, Selection and Acceptance list and College Admission.


Note that there are some unregistered teachers' colleges operating in PNG. Non-school leavers should be careful when applying to unregistered colleges as they are NOT recognised by the DHERST.

PNG Nursing College application form download

Other colleges

PNG Insight has curated this extensive compilation of Papua New Guinea colleges and universities here, but we need your help to make it even better. 

If we've left out on any college in your vicinity (or need to update your university/college info), we invite you to share your insights by leaving a comment below. This will help us create a definitive resource for all the institutions in the country.

How to Apply to Goroka Technical College | Grade 12 School Leaver and Non-school Leaver

Goroka Technical College, previously known as Goroka Business College, is located in North Goroka, in close proximity to the campus of the University of Goroka. Goroka Technical College offers two main courses. 

In this article, we will provide you with information about the courses available and guide you on how to apply to Goroka Technical College as a Grade 12 school leaver and also as a non-school leaver

Courses at Goroka Technical College:

Goroka Technical College admits 200 Grade 12 school leavers annually through the DHERST national online application system (NOAS). Also, if you are a former Grade 12 student or have completed studies through FODE, you can also apply as a non-school leaver to the college. 

The courses offered at the college include:

1. Diploma in Business Studies

2. TTC Vehicle Trade

There are 150 spaces available for the Diploma in Business Studies program and 50 spaces for the TTC Vehicle Trade program. These figures are based on the recently released Grade 12 School Leavers Intake list by DHERST. 

If you are a non-school leaver, please visit Goroka Technical College or contact (see contact details below) the institution directly to obtain the application form and find out more about the application process for non-school leavers.

To get more information on Technical and Business Colleges in PNG, click here


Goroka Technical College application form PDF 2024

How to Apply to Goroka Technical College

For Grade 12 students, the application process involves using the DHERST National Online Application System (NOAS). It is important to discuss your interest in studying at Goroka Technical College with your school's deputy principal (Academic). 

The deputy principal will provide guidance as you complete the online school leavers form. 

Remember, you have the opportunity to select five choices, so be sure to include Goroka Technical College as one of your choices.

As for the non-school leavers, you will need to apply directly to the institution. Therefore, we recommend contacting the school to obtain an application form and additional information on how to apply to Goroka Technical College.

Contact Goroka Technical College

If you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please feel free to get in touch with Goroka Technical College using the contact details provided below:

  • Phone: +675 532 1039
  • Mobile: +675 72483051
  • Email:

Course details

1. Diploma in Business Studies:

This course equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a dynamic business environment. Throughout the program, students will learn fundamental principles of business, including management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.

By enrolling in the Diploma in Business Studies program, students can develop essential skills such as:

  • effective communication, 
  • critical thinking, 
  • problem-solving, and 
  • decision-making. 

These skills are highly valued in the business sector and can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities. 

Graduates of this program can pursue careers in business administration, marketing, human resources, finance, and other related fields. 

The graduates can also continue to universities in PNG to study business-related courses.

2. TTC Vehicle Trade:

The TTC Vehicle Trade program offered at Goroka Technical College is designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry. This program focuses on developing practical skills and theoretical knowledge related to vehicle maintenance, repair, and servicing.

Students enrolled in the TTC Vehicle Trade program will gain hands-on experience in areas such as:

  • engine diagnostics, 
  • electrical systems, 
  • brake systems, 
  • suspension, and 
  • general vehicle maintenance. 
The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including automotive technology, workshop safety, vehicle inspection, and customer service.

Upon completion of the TTC Vehicle Trade program, graduates will have the necessary skills to work as automotive technicians, mechanics, or service advisors in automotive repair shops, car dealerships, or other related industries. 

This program provides students with a solid foundation for a successful career in the automotive sector.

Note: For more detailed information about the specific courses, including course duration, admission requirements, and curriculum, please contact Goroka Technical College directly using the provided contact details.

Study at Goroka Technical College 

Whether you are a Grade 12 school leaver or a non-school leaver, the college offers courses that can help you build a successful career. 

Take the necessary steps to apply and seize the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and knowledge at Goroka Technical College.

How to earn a business degree online from an Australian university

Earning a business degree online from an Australian university can be a great way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world while also balancing other commitments, such as work or family.

 However, the process of finding the right program and navigating the online learning experience can be confusing. In this article, we will discuss the steps you should take to earn a business degree online in Australia.

How to earn a business degree online from an Australian University

Step 1: Research Different Programs

The first step in earning a business degree online from an Australian university is to research different programs. 

There are many universities and colleges that offer online business degrees, and each program will have its own unique set of requirements, course offerings, and accreditation. 

It is important to investigate different programs and find one that aligns with your career goals and learning style.

Step 2: Check for Accreditation

When researching different programs, it is important to check for accreditation. Accreditation is a process in which an independent body evaluates the quality of a program, and it is essential for a degree to be recognized by employers and other educational institutions. 

Make sure the program you are considering is accredited by a reputable organization, such as the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Step 3: Consider the Format

Another important factor to consider when earning a business degree online in Australia is the format. 

Some programs may be entirely online, while others may require some on-campus attendance. 

Be sure to investigate the format of the program and make sure it is compatible with your schedule and lifestyle.

Step 4: Review the Curriculum

After you have narrowed down your options, review the curriculum of the programs that you are considering. 

Make sure that the curriculum is relevant to your career goals and that the course offerings align with your interests. 

Also, check the duration of the program and if it has any specialization options.

Step 5: Apply and Enroll

Once you have found a program that meets your needs and preferences, you can proceed with the application and enrollment process. 

This process will vary depending on the program, but it will typically involve submitting an application, providing transcripts, and paying any application or enrollment fees.

Earn a business degree online from an Australian university 

Earning a business degree online can be a great way to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the business world while also balancing other commitments. 

The process of finding the right program and navigating the online learning experience can be confusing. 

By researching different programs, checking for accreditation, considering the format, reviewing the curriculum and applying and enrolling, you will be well on your way to earning a business degree online in Australia.

Check out the highlights on GPA and top Australian universities, here.

Kokopo Business College Selection List 2023 PDF

The Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) released the FULL list of School Leavers for all the tertiary institutions in the country on the 23rd of December 2022.

Kokopo Business College Selection List 2023

Here is the Kokopo Business College selections list 2022 for 2023 academic year. 

Download the PDF files and check your selection status. (If you want to find your name quickly, see below how to use to SLF number to do that)

DOWNLOAD Kokopo Business College SELECTION LIST 2023

How to download Kokopo Business College Selection List 2023

Tips for checking your NSL selection status:
  • 1) Download the PDF file
  • 2) In the 'Find' bar (smartphones) or 'Search bar (PC/Mac)m enter your SLF number
  • 3) Hit 'Enter' to check your selection status. 

If your SLF number does not appear, it means that you are not being selected to Kokopo Business College 

Kokopo Business College TESAS- HECAS/AES

Kokopo Business College will also release its final NSL list for the new academic year on its website. On the list, you'll be able to see your TESAS (HECAS & AES) status, registrations and orientation dates and fees.

Therefore, check with the institution for the 2023 selections lists which usually come out in January.

Here is what DHERST said about this year's selections...

All the selected students are advised to seek your Admission or Acceptance Letter with the tertiary institution that has selected you. now, most institutions should be posting or emailing you your Admission or Acceptance Letters.

As for the School Leavers selections for 2023, here is what DHERST said...

Post-selection is still in progress through the National Admission Pool. Eligible students who did not secure a space on the selection launching day should check your NOAS account on a regular basis to see whether or not you have been sent an offer by an institution. Should you find an offer in your NOAS account, kindly accept or decline the offer by clicking on the relevant button.


Here is what DHESRT said about the PNG government scholarships, TESAS and HELP...

The TESAS list will be published on the 3rd week of January 2023 and the TESAS Scholarship Offer Letter will be provided to the TESAS awardees by DHERST through your respective NOAS account. If you find your name under a TESAS scholarship (AES or HECAS) category, make sure to access your NOAS account to accept the terms and conditions of your TESAS scholarship.

The Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) is available to all students regardless of whether you are on TESAS or not. To be eligible for the loan, interested applicants must become registered students by complying with the tertiary institutions' admission or registration policies.

For more information about the selections, HELP or TESAS, please do not hesitate to contact our office via email,; call 301 2000; or visit the office in person at the NSLS Haus, DHERST Ground Floor Office.

Disclaimer: The list was published by DHERST, you can see the original file on the higher education website. PNG Insight makes the file available in PDF for ease of viewing on mobile devices here. If you have any questions, contact DHERST. See the original file here - DHERST website.

PNG Business College Acceptance Lists 2024

There are four business colleges in Papua New Guinea catering to Grade 12 school leavers, non-school leavers, and matriculation students. This article sheds light on the 2024 Acceptance Lists for both School Leavers and Non-School Leavers at these institutions.

For your convenience, the 2024 Acceptance Lists for each college can be downloaded as a PDF via the link below.

Important: Note that the selection list for all higher institutions in the country will come out the the 23rd of December 2023. That means that you can only download the 2024 selection lists on this page on or after the date.

PNG Business College Acceptance Lists 2024

How many Business Colleges are in PNG?

There are four government-run business colleges (or institutions) in PNG, you can check the acceptance lists of each college via this link:
Each institution offers courses in certificates and diplomas in business, management, human resources, computing, etc. 

Check out the complete list of colleges in PNG. There is a lot of information for Grade 12 and non-school leavers who are looking for study opportunities.

2024 Acceptance List for Business Colleges

The 2024 acceptance lists for Goroka Business College, Kokopo Business College, Port Moresby Business College and International Training Institute usually come out at the earliest in January or latest in February every year.

If you are a non-school leaver, you'll have to check with the college. As for the Grade 12 school leavers, you must check the DHERST acceptance list 2024. 

Business Colleges School Leavers and Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2024

DHERST acceptance list 2024 will have the names of the 2022 Grade 12 students who apply through the National Online Application System (NOAS). 

The Grade 12 students who applied to one of the business colleges in PNG must check their names on the PDF list that DHERST releases.

As for the non-school leavers and students from FODE and Open Colleges, you'll have to check with the college. The original Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2024 will be available at the college.

The college selects the non-school leavers and gives the names to DHERST. The final TESAS Awards list often comes out at the end of January or early February.

DHERST School Leavers and Non-school Leaves Acceptance List 2024

The acceptance list is the final PDF list of school leavers' and non-school leavers' names. On this list, you'll see the TESAS scholarship status of students selected to study at a business college in PNG.

The list shows the students' names and indicates whether the students are sponsored or self-sponsored. 

If you are a sponsored student, you come under TESAS (either as AES or HECAS). 

The students who are not under TESAS are considered self-sponsored students. That means that you'll have to pay the fees before admission. Pay early to secure your spot early. 

William and Mary MBA Online Program Information You Should Know

The William & Mary MBA Online program is a rigorous and challenging program that is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in today's dynamic business environment. 

The program is offered entirely online, making it a convenient and flexible option for working professionals and busy individuals who want to advance their careers.

William and Mary MBA Online Program

William and Mary MBA Online Course Structure

This MBA Online program is designed to be completed in just two years, with classes held on a part-time basis. It allows students to balance their academic and professional responsibilities while still making progress towards their degree. The curriculum is designed to be highly engaging and interactive, with a focus on real-world applications and case studies.

The program is divided into three main components: 

  • core courses, 
  • elective courses, and 
  • a capstone project. 

Core courses 

The core courses provide students with a strong foundation in the key business disciplines, including finance, accounting, marketing, and operations management. 

These courses are designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful business leader.

Elective courses

Elective courses allow students to specialize in a particular area of interest, such as entrepreneurship, international business, or sustainability. 

These courses are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of a specific topic and to prepare them for leadership roles in that area.

Capstone project

The capstone project is the final component of the program and is designed to be a comprehensive and challenging experience that integrates the skills and knowledge learned throughout the program. 

The project is typically completed in the second year of the program and is supervised by a faculty member who acts as a mentor.

 Faculty of the online MBA program

The faculty of the William & Mary MBA Online program is made up of accomplished professionals and experts in their fields. They are committed to providing students with a high-quality education and to supporting their academic and professional development

The faculty is available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer feedback on assignments and projects.

The William & Mary MBA Online program is designed to be highly flexible, allowing students to complete their degree at their own pace and on their own schedule.

Who is this MBA program for?

The William & Mary MBA Online program is a great option for working professionals and busy individuals who want to advance their careers and gain the skills and knowledge needed to be successful business leaders. 

The program is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for students to attend classes and complete assignments while balancing work, family, and other commitments.

The program also provides students with a number of resources to help them succeed, including career services, academic support, and networking opportunities. These resources are designed to help students achieve their career goals and to provide them with the tools they need to be successful in the business world.

Also, is challenging and rigorous, but also flexible and accessible, making it a great choice for anyone looking to take the next step in their career.

How much does the Willian & Marry online MBA cost?

Tuition for the Online MBA program is calculated per credit hour at a current rate of $1,300 per hour. 

Additional program fees will apply and may include a one-time, nonrefundable graduation fee only after you have filed a "Notice of Candidacy for Graduation"—as well as a $600 flat fee for the mandatory residency course.

Tuition rates can vary and it is best to check with the school directly or on their website for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

William and Mary MBA Online program

The W&M MBA Online program provides students with the opportunity to earn a high-quality MBA degree from a prestigious institution while still being able to balance their professional and personal responsibilities. 

The program's curriculum is designed to be highly engaging and interactive, and the faculty is made up of accomplished professionals and experts in their fields. 

Furthermore, the program provides students with a number of resources to help them succeed, such as career services, academic support, and networking opportunities. All of these factors make the William & Mary MBA Online program an excellent choice for anyone looking to advance their career.

How to do a business degree online classes in Australia while working

Pursuing a business degree online while working can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Online classes provide the flexibility to attend classes at any time, making it possible to work and study simultaneously. 

In Australia, there are many universities and colleges that offer online business degrees, making it easy to find a program that suits your needs. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, challenges, and tips for studying for a business degree online while working in Australia.

business degree online classes

Benefits of studying for a business degree online

One of the main benefits of studying for a business degree online is the flexibility it provides. With online classes, you can attend classes at any time, which means you can schedule your classes around your work schedule. 

This is particularly beneficial for working professionals who may not have the time to attend traditional classes during the day. Additionally, studying online also allows you to study from anywhere, which means you can continue to work and study even if you need to relocate.

Another benefit of studying for a business degree online is the cost. Online classes are typically more affordable than traditional classes, making it a more cost-effective option for working professionals. 

Also, online classes usually have fewer overhead costs, which means universities can pass on the savings to students.

Challenges of doing a business degree online while working

Studying for a business degree online while working also poses some challenges. One of the main challenges is balancing work and study. It can be difficult to find the time to attend classes and complete assignments while working full-time. 

Also, studying online can be isolating, as you may not have the same social interactions as you would in a traditional classroom setting.

To overcome these challenges, it is important to set realistic goals and create a schedule that works for you. Prioritizing your time and managing your workload is crucial to ensuring that you can successfully balance work and study. It is also important to stay organized and keep track of deadlines and assignments to ensure that you do not fall behind.

Another important aspect of studying a business degree online is staying motivated. Online classes can be self-paced, which means you need to be self-motivated to complete your coursework. 

To stay motivated, set specific goals for yourself, and reward yourself when you achieve them. Additionally, it's important to stay connected with other students and your professors, as this can help keep you engaged and motivated.

10 universities offering business degree online classes in Australia in 2023

  1. Monash University
  2. University of Queensland
  3. Deakin University
  4. University of South Australia
  5. RMIT University
  6. Curtin University
  7. University of New South Wales
  8. Swinburne University of Technology
  9. The University of Technology Sydney
  10. Griffith University

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there are many other universities in Australia that offer online business degrees as well. 

Some universities may have different names for their online business courses, but they offer the same curriculum and degree as traditional on-campus classes. It is always recommended to check the universities' websites or contact the universities to confirm the availability of the online business degree.

Do a business degree online classes in Australia while working

In conclusion, studying for a business degree online while working in Australia can be challenging but also rewarding. With the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of online classes, it is a great option for working professionals. 

By setting realistic goals, creating a schedule, and staying motivated, you can successfully balance work and study and achieve your degree.

Kokopo Business College Courses, Application Form and Admission Info

There are two academic departments at the moment. One is the Diploma Studies Department and the other is TTC Business Studies Department. The Diploma Studies Department offers Diploma courses while the TTC Business Studies Department offers certificate courses. Fi you want to study at Kokopo Business College, this article gives information on the Courses, Application Form and Admission.

Kokopo Business College Application Form PDF 2024

Kokopo Business College Courses 

Currently, the college offers five full-time Diploma programmes in Business Studies, two certificate courses, Diploma foundation studies and a range of short courses. 

In 2009 the college introduces the National Certificate in Office Administration and Tour Guide on a modular basis followed by other courses on a modular basis in 2010. 

The National Certificate is Competency-Based Training from levels one to six that will be conducted parallel to the existing programmes.

5 Recommended Colleges: 

Diploma and certificate courses

The Diploma Studies Department offers a Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting), a Diploma in Business Studies (Office Administration) and Diploma in Business Studies (Computing), a Diploma in Business Studies (Management), and Diploma in Hospitality Management.

The duration of the course is two years for all diploma-level courses. Students complete four stages in order to be awarded a Diploma in Business Studies. 

A Certificate in Higher Technical Education in Business Studies is conveyed to students who successfully pass stage two of the course.

Jobs and Training offered at Kokopo Business College

The courses offered here are targeting middle levels jobs in the public and private sectors. After completing these courses students are employed. The new employees are placed on the job as a starter undergoing training on the job and later they can be placed in high-level positions. 

Some examples of starter’s job categories that our courses are focusing on include the following:

  • Accounting Courses — Accounts Clerks, junior Accountants, Account Payable clerks, Cash Book Clerks,      Payroll Officers, Inventory Controllers, creditors/debtors clerks etc...
  • Management — Marketing & sales executives or representatives, warehouse house clerks, Logistics officers, procurement officers, Human Resources officers, Recruitment officers, supervisors, trainee Managers and other broad job categories.
  • Office Administration – Receptionists, executives secretaries, Sales & Marketing Representatives,      Purchasing Officers, Warehouse clerks, Production Planners, Human Resource Personals, etc...
  • Business Computing — Software techniques, Computer software consultants, junior computer programmers, data entry clerks, business analysts etc.
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Tour Guides, Travel Agents, Air Stewards and Hostesses, Waitress, Cooks, Hostel attendees, supervisors, trainee managers, airline ticket officers etc.

Kokopo Business College Acceptance List

The acceptance list for Holy Trinity Teachers College for non-school leavers and school leavers will come out before the academic year starts. 

  • The non-school leavers who applied straight to Kokopo Business College will have to check the college for the non-school leaver's acceptance list 2024.
  • As for the Grade 12 school leavers who applied through the National Online Application System (NOAS), check the higher education website for the DHERST Acceptance List 2024.

If you have any questions, check out this link for information on select dates and acceptance lists for tertiary institutions in PNG.

Contact Kokopo Business College

P.O.Box 504
East New Britain Province

Phone: 982 8556
Fax: 983 8557

How to get a  Kokopo Business College Application Form 2024?

Contact the student admin directly and ask for the application form to be sent to you. If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get an application form.

  • Ask a friend/family in Kokopo to go to KCB and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of KBC on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or employee of KBC to help you out.
  • Visit  Kokopo Business College and get an application form.
You must use the official application form to apply. Make sure that the form has the recent date and year, college stamp, PNG Education Department Emblem and College Emblem.

General info for school leavers and non-school leavers

Some of this information (contact details, eligibility, attachments, etc) is provided on the application form, but here are five things that you should know. So, ask your Guidance teachers or the college registrar prior to applying to KBC these 5 questions.

  • What is the CUT-OFF GPA for this year?
  • Can I submit my college Application Online too?
  • Who can I contact to know my Kokopo Business College Collection Selection list/status?
  • From your experience, when will the Kokopo Business College 2024 Non-school Leavers selection list come out?
  • What can I do if I am not selected?
These a questions that will help you to secure a place to study at  Kokopo Business College.

Please comment and let us know if you need help.



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