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List of Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges 2023

This is an updated list of universities and colleges in Papua New Guinea. Here you'll find the links and a list of all the colleges and universities in Papua New Guinea. Follow the links to get the latest information on how to apply, and the admission info you need as a non-school leaver.

Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges Application Form pdf 2023

PNG Insight provides information for some of the universities and non-universities in the country. If you want the latest info on Acceptance Lists, and Admissions. Programs to study, history of the institutions, etc., you will find the info via the links.

Click on the links to go to the university or college info page.

List of PNG Business Colleges

1.       Goroka Business College   

2.       International Training Institute (ITI)   

3.       Kokopo Business College  

4.       Port Moresby Business College  

List of PNG Technical Colleges

1.       Don Bosco Technological Institute  

2.       Port Moresby Technical College  

3.       Madang Technical College  

4.       Don Bosco Simbu Technical college   

5.       Mt Hagen Technical College  

6.       Goroka Technical College   

7.       Poly Technic Institute of Papua New Guinea

8.       University Of Technology Bulolo Campus (Forestry)  

List of PNG Universities

List of Nursing PNG Nursing Colleges

1.       Arawa School of Nursing

2.       Divine Word University  Health Science   

3.       Enga School Of Nursing   

4.       Highlands Regional School of Nursing   

5.       Kundiawa School of Nursing

6.       Lae School of Nursing   

7.       Madang Lutheran School of Nursing   

8.       Mendi School of Nursing   

9.       Nazerene School of Nursing: Kudjip   

10.   St Benedicts School of Nursing Boram   

11.   St. Barnabas School of Nursing   

12.   St. Marys School of Nursing   

List of PNG Teachers Colleges

1.     Balob Teachers College   

2.      Dauli Teachers College   

3.       DWU OLSH Kabaleo Teachers College   

4.       Enga Teachers College   

5.       Gaulim Teachers College   

6.       Holy Trinity Teachers College   

7.       Katagu Lutheran Teachers College   

8.       Madang Teachers College   

9.       Melanesian Nazarene Teachers Colleges   

10.   PNG Education Institute   

11.   Rev Maru Teachers College   

12.   Sacred Heart Teachers College   

13.   Simbu Teachers College

14.   Sonoma Adventist Teachers College   

15.   Southern Highlands Teachers College

16.   St Benedicts Kaindi  Teachers College  

17.   St Peter Channel College of Secondary Teacher Education

Other colleges

1. Bomana Police College 

Note: If we miss out on any college in your area, please comment below and let us know so that we can also include your institution in this list.

Kokopo Business College Courses and Admission Info

There are two academic departments at the moment. One is the Diploma Studies Department and the other is TTC Business Studies Department. The Diploma Studies Department offers Diploma courses while the TTC Business Studies Department offers certificate courses. Plans are underway for the college to have three to four departments.

Kokopo Business College application form 2023

Kokopo Business College Courses 

Currently, the college offers five full-time Diploma programmes in Business studies, two certificate courses, Diploma foundation studies and a range of short courses. In 2009 the college introduces the National Certificate in Office administration and Tour Guide on a modular basis followed by other courses on a modular basis in 2010. 

The National Certificate is Competency-Based Training from levels one to six that will be conducted parallel to the existing programmes.

5 Recommended Colleges for 2021: 

Diploma and certificate courses

The Diploma Studies Department offers a Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting), a Diploma in Business Studies (Office Administration) and Diploma in Business Studies (Computing), a Diploma in Business Studies (Management), and Diploma in Hospitality Management.

The duration of the course is two years for all diploma level courses. Students complete four stages in order to be awarded a Diploma in Business Studies. 

A Certificate in Higher Technical Education in Business Studies is conveyed to students who successfully pass stage two of the course.

Jobs and Training offered at Kokopo Business College

The courses offered here are targeting the middle levels jobs in the public and private sector. After completing these courses students are employed. The new employees are placed on the job as a starter undergoing training on the job and later they can be placed on high-level positions. 

Some examples of starter’s job categories that our courses are focusing on include the following:

  • Accounting Courses — Accounts Clerks, junior Accountants, Account Payable clerk, Cash Book Clerk,      Payroll Officer, Inventory Controllers, creditors/debtors clerks etc...
  • Management — Marketing & sales executives or representatives, warehouse house clerks, Logistics officers, procurement officers, Human Resources officers, Recruitment officers, supervisors, trainee Managers and other broad job categories.
  • Office Administration – Receptionist, executives secretaries, Sales & Marketing Representatives,      Purchasing Officers, Warehouse clerks, Production Planners, Human Resource Personals, etc...
  • Business Computing — Software techniques, Computer software consultants, junior computer programmers, data entry clerks, business analysts etc.
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Tour Guides, Travel Agents, Air Steward and Hostess, Waitress, Cooks, Hostel attendees, supervisor, trainee managers, airline ticket officers etc.

Contact Kokopo Business College

P.O.Box 504
East New Britain Province

Phone: 982 8556
Fax: 983 8557

How to get a  Kokopo Business College application form?

Contact the student admin directly and ask for the form to be sent to you, If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get an application form.

  • Ask a friend/family in Kokopo to go to KCB and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of KBC on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or employee of KBC to help you out.
  • Visit  Kokopo Business College and get an application form.
You must use the official application form to apply. Make sure that the form has the recent date and year, college stamp, PNG Education Department Emblem and College Emblem.

General info for school leavers and non-school leavers

Some of this information (contact details, eligibility, attachments, etc) is provided on the application form, but here are five things that you should know. So, ask your Guidance teachers or the college registrar prior to applying to KBC these 5 questions.

  • What is the CUT-OFF GPA for this year?
  • Can I submit my college Application Online too?
  • Who can I contact to know my 2022 Kokopo Business College Collection Selection list/status?
  • From your experience, when will the Kokopo Business College 2022 Non-school Leavers selection list come out?
  • What can I do if I am not selected?
These a questions that will help you to secure a place to study at  Kokopo Business College.

Please comment and let us know if you need help.